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13-04-2014 09:33 pm

Hi members

Cashsweep 4D: 3rd 1749
Magnum 4D: 3rd 1389
DaMaCai 4D: 1st 8719
Sportstoto 4D: 2nd 6729 3rd 9260
STC 4D: 2nd 3992
Sabah 88 4D: 3rd 4751
SGPools 4D: 1st 4199

Magnum 2D:
08 - Spec 1408
13 - 3rd 1389 Spec 3531 5171 2316 1563 Con 5143
15 - Spec 3531 5371 1563 Con 5143
35 - Spec 3531 5371 1563 Con 5143 5739

Magnum 3D:
116 - 2nd 6121
389 - 3rd 1389

SportsToto 2D:
25 - Con 4952 6582
24 - Spec 0427 Con 4952
89 - Spec 9258 Con 8959
47 - Spec 0427 4147
17 - Spec 6157 4147 6719 Con 7515
15 - 1st 9051 Spec 6157 7515 Con 7515

Sabah 2D:
37 - Con 2753
35 - Con 2753 4385 8352
08 - 2nd 0518 Lucky 1098 Con 5088 0708
59 - Lucky 0951 5921
88 - Con 5088
04 - Lucky 4560 0142 Con 4039

Sabah 3D:
034 - Con 4039
458 - Con 4385
019 - Lucky 0951 1098
046 - Lucky 4560

SGPools 2D:
30 - Starter 3091 7390
55 - Con 2557
26 - Starter 6265 Con 2256 4926 7662
41 - 1st 4199 Con 1437
17 - Con 1037
59 - Con 3195 2959

SGPools 3D:
367 - Starter 3678


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13-04-2014 10:11 pm

Tks for the congratz, Best4. Juz bot $10 i-bet only as it was a last min thing.

Congratz to u, Lucky6719. Your name really suit u. haha.
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13-04-2014 10:59 pm

Here's something for our M'sian friends and 4d kakis :

For those who are playing SportsToto, do watch out for 3d 356 for the rest of the mth of April. It is due for T3 prizes anytime now. Dun miss it. (too bad I'm only playing SGPool).
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13-04-2014 11:11 pm

Tq luc,

For those who playing magnum counter, my possible complimentary number consist 1,8,9 came out 3rd place in podium today.if u refer sifu giugno pandora in April..you will see that 4d..

Congrats to winner..
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14-04-2014 04:01 am

Hi members,

Recap Magnum 3D = 810-930-982-731-211

810 = 1408 (spe)
982 = 9281 (cons)
211 = 6121 (2nd)
Msg #306
14-04-2014 06:49 am

Good work guys.
Now is forum is getting interesting...
More positive energies will boost up our luck and more Big Fishes coming our way.

Keep it up

Good luck on Wed
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14-04-2014 08:34 am

hi sifu all,

2 draws consistent derive 3d,but luck not in today as miss 1d for magnum first,second,third place.

just want to share my 2d for next draw - 81,89,19.

sifu giugno 128,
any comment for this number, 8917?

Msg #308
14-04-2014 10:10 am

sifu giugno 128,
can we use same pandora chart for next draw?

Msg #309
14-04-2014 10:20 am

Hi caieast

Result taken from Malaysia Magnum (1789)
Start Date = Thursday, April 25, 1985 End Date = Sunday, April 13, 2014
Total Hits = 291 Average Gap = 16.0 Next Gap = 36
Okay to play from gap 24 to 90 usually means the system number may hit at long gap.
Best Month to Buy October December January June

Good Luck
Msg #310
14-04-2014 12:30 pm

Hi members

The March Msg#80, discuss about how to derive 2D using the podium results (short gap 2D).... and most of the 2D did appeared within 3 to 6 draws...

In this section (using SGPools data), the 2Ds DID NOT appear in the month of April 2014 (in descending order) are:
No.......TP123 NGap.....TP123 AGap
17........13.................... 3.41
26........11.................... 3.25
56........11.................... 3.38
13........ 9..................... 3.28
18........ 9..................... 3.49
01........ 9..................... 3.43
89........ 8..................... 3.41
59........ 8..................... 3.42

Can the above information help us to derive 2D for the coming draw?

Think about it....

Good Luck
Msg #311
14-04-2014 12:47 pm

Nice work caieast and kiolip,
Big fish is coming at your way!
Msg #312
14-04-2014 01:06 pm

Yes lucky indeed, I just buy I box 50 sen didn't win much but still grateful. More budget for my new rod! Congrats to those who strike that yesterday. Thanks all sifus for guidance. I'm glad I managed to help out the members here too .

@ bro Luc congrats on your catch. 6719 means lucky based on magnum 4d dictionary that's why I chose that for my user name. 9231 is number from my dream its not analyzed . I cannot remember which page I posted that dream pg 14 I guess.

@ sifu best,4 the reading u gave for me said 4 9 10 n 14 is my lucky financial no. U r right. Thank you.
Msg #313
14-04-2014 07:17 pm

Hi sifu giugno128.

I've read your comments and other members on this forum for the past 3 weeks or so.It's very interesting to know that we actually can get big fishes if we get the right information and do some analysis.

I used to buy number at Magnum but always missed by one to two digits. I've learnt your 1D and 2D and understand it well.
For example: Magnum 2D Sunday 13/4/14 are 81-89-19 96-91-61

So,it would be great if you can give me the Magnum 3D excel to me hehe.Thanks sifu My email- gglads67@gmail(DOT)com
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14-04-2014 11:24 pm

Hi bro,

"In this section (using SGPools data), the 2Ds DID NOT appear in the month of April 2014 (in descending order) are:

No.......TP123 NGap.....TP123 AGap
17........13.................... 3.41
26........11.................... 3.25
56........11.................... 3.38
13........ 9..................... 3.28
18........ 9..................... 3.49
01........ 9..................... 3.43
89........ 8..................... 3.41
59........ 8..................... 3.42

Can the above information help us to derive 2D for the coming draw?..."

Yes, of coz it can.

Without looking further back in the last few mths performances of these 2Ds, offhand I would go for the top 3 candidates - i.e. 2D 17, 26 and 56. Like the TP123 NGaps that they are showing. Particularly like "56". ;)

(of course its always better to take a look at the past couple mths data for these 2ds, if you have the time to. It will gives a clearer picture of whether they are just under-performing for this mth or that they have become "dead numbers". Underperforming is not a problem at all as they would have to catch up on their mthly quota going by the Law of Averages. But becoming a "dead number" or a cold number, thats another different story altogether, k.)
Msg #315
14-04-2014 11:47 pm

Hi lucky6719,

If 4910 and 14 are your lucky numbers, you sud keep an eye out on sys 1249 for SGPool. Probability for it to come out for the rest of the mth is good.

However, let 3d 149 take a breather for a draw or two and then the chance for sys 1249 would be even higher.

Probably wouldnt be a T3 bagger though. But any hits are good as it keeps the good luck streak going on, bro.
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15-04-2014 12:49 am

Hi all,

Besides having a good 4d prediction skill, let me share with you guys the other aspects of ensuring success in the game of 4d (or in any games of wager at all, for that matter). That is , of course, the matter concerning Luck.

We all know that without the help of Lady Luck, nothing is of any use as our numbers will always miss by one irritating digit here and there.....or the moment u let go of that number it would come out Top prize. We all have days like these.

So, how to entice that elusive Lady to our side and embrace us with luck and wealth ?

Below are some of the ways that can help you in having more luck comes your way :-

1. Always stay positive. The Law of Attractions dictates that positiveness attracts more of its same kind and so too will negativeness. If you think that you can, then you will. If you are bleak in your outlook, you would have already lost half the battle before you even started the war.

2. Try to minimize negative emotions. I know it is not always easy to do so in our daily life but at least be self-aware of any oncoming negativity and stop it before it gets full blown and out of control. Nothing frightens away the fragile Lady Luck more than negative emotions, eg. anger, frustrations, sadness (yes that too, I am afraid), anxiety, worry or depression.

3. Maintain a strong personal aura (or life-force as some would call it). If your aura is strong, nothing can defeat you and you will be able to keep all the bad stuffs in this world at bay from you. Having a strong aura can be compared as the opposite to having a negative attitude in life. Therefore one must always try to be happy in one's life, have a bright & positive outlook in things, do good deeds unto your fellowmen to have a better karma and also to strengthened that life-force that everyone of us have inside us. Helping those less fortunate than ourselves is also a very good way to ensure good karma in our life - if not in this life then it would be in the next. When the situations and conditions are right, all these accumulated good karma will be translated into all things good - good fortune too would, of course, be one of them.

4. Do not gamble when you are sick or unwell. Reason being that when we are sick, naturally our aura will be weakened to a large extent.

5. Everything in this world has cycles. From economic matters to Life and Death. Nothing is of permanence and like the Tide, Luck too will ebb and flood in a cyclical rhythm. Everyone of us will have their own specific lucky periods or windows of opportunities. For this matter, ppl like sifu Best4 would be of great help. Just remember the wise saying that if you are undergoing a dark stretch of period in your life, do not despair neither should you give up. Best you could do then is to lay low and "hatch down" till the storm is over and the sun will be up again. Similarly too, if you are in the throes of a lucky period, do not be too overly cocky or arrogant, as that cycle will too passed as nothing aint gonna be permanent, remember ? Best to do then, is to spread that luck around by helping others if you can and 'deposit' more good karma points for the next cycle.

6. Last but not least - The Power of The Coin.
This one is certainly well tested by yours truly here. Some people in the olden days (esp the Chinese) believe that coins have certain magical power. Well, it definitely works wonder for me. Every time when I found a coin, I will definitely struck 4d, without fail. Yes, serious. Had hit quite a few Big Ones over the years on occasions when I do find them. So, people, as and when you do see a coin on the road, at the bus stop, even on the bus or at crowded malls, dun be shy please.......pick it up ! Similarly though, do not lose any coins of you own k. Its like giving your luck to others, not so much as to the value of the actual coin itself.

Well, like bro Sifu said, lets make this forum an interesting one with a lively atmosphere for all to enjoy. Besides just asking and looking for lucky numbers here all the time, at times it may lighten the mood somewhat and keep everyone relaxed (which is a good thing for luck...haha) by having some casual but informative chats now and then.
Msg #317
15-04-2014 02:36 am

Hi sifus n sifu giugno128,

My apologies for the delay in replying and didn't read your reply on the message requestion which counter. Been thru alot of work and been away from the country. Hope sifu giugno128 would provide the magnum excel file and i sincerely appreciate your kind email.

peterbriankingston at gmail dot com
Msg #318
15-04-2014 10:20 am

Hello giugno128

Any pandora, 2d and 3d for Magnum tomorrow?

Msg #319
15-04-2014 12:17 pm

Hi Sifu giugno128,

2760 and 7981 (magnum)

Can I bet this numbers for tomorrow's draw.

Thanking u in advance.
Msg #320
15-04-2014 12:21 pm

Evening guys..

My possible hot and cold numbers for next magnum game as follows:

Hot number : 2, 3, 6, 7.

Complimentary : 5, 9, 0

Cold number : 1, 4, 8

Play wisely, use sifu giugno's pandora..Good luck guyz!
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