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01-04-2014 03:44 pm

Hi Sifu's just created the topis for upcoming draws:
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01-04-2014 04:46 pm

Thank you Jagan.
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01-04-2014 05:02 pm

Hi members

For Special Draw on Wed 2 April 14 used the Same Pandora 4D


For Magnum quick pick:
(1) Set A has any digits 428150
(2) Set B has any digits 252136
(3) Set C has any digits 457458u

Magnum 2D: 68 - 91 - 49 - 57 - 72
Magnum 3D: 589 - 250 - 126 - 267

SABAH 2D: 92 - 22 - 37 - 34 - 74 - 40
SABAH 3D: 018 - 195 - 123 - 890

SPORTSTOTO 2D: 13 - 10 - 15 - 30 - 09
SPORTSTOTO 3D: 872 - 039 - 077 - 661

Good Luck
(Master Sifu)
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01-04-2014 05:30 pm

Hello Members,
It's encouraging to note that members are slowly mastering the skills of picking 1D,2D and 3D....all these thanks to Sifu guigno128 mentoring and other ideas contributed by members ....
Here are some lucky numbers for 2014 for all the Astrological signs which you can use to match your 2D and 3D predictions...
Have fun matching them with your 2D and 3D predictions
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01-04-2014 05:49 pm

Sifu guigno128

Quick pick for magnum, it's mean choose 1 digits from there to match the 2D and 3D for magnum? sorry for don't understanding.
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01-04-2014 06:00 pm

Hi firefly,
Well the method is very new, it can be any 4 digits from the quick pick. When there is double digits, means that number may have AABC format. You can matched with any 2D or 3D or 4D. Method sometimed quite accurate sometimes not.
Good luck

P.s. the best way to predicts are to pickup the best
2D or 3D. As for the 4th digits, need to look into the trends or match with Pandora 4D .

Good luck
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01-04-2014 06:14 pm

Sifu guigno128

Thank you for your replies, sorry, i may have many question will ask Sifu guigno128 , if i see something don't understand, hope Sifu guigno128 will slowly guide me, all the years, i bet much and loose much too. although i has won, but just only special and consolation.
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01-04-2014 09:14 pm

hi sifu Guigno128, i prefer to play mgnum..but if possible,can u send to me the 3D excel file maybe i can compare my 1D with your Pandora 4D system & manage to generate the number..i also dunno how to explain on ''where i get those missed number''..hehe..
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01-04-2014 09:58 pm

thanks giugno128(Sifu) and Best4 (Master Sifu) for sharing.
still will continue to buy my regular numbers.
SGPools, tomorrow is Big Sweep Day, so the 4D is not easy to strike.
huat huat huat and good luck.
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01-04-2014 10:17 pm

Hi yana9985
So far, what I could understand is that you have not learn enough skill of 1D and 2D and now asking for the 3D excel file.... As mentioned before, without proper understanding the first 1D or 2D, the 3D file is no use at all....
The missing 1D, does not come from the 3D excel file. Is all which 4D numbers you are selecting after you had managed to predict the 2D or 3D....

At the present moment, learned the 1D and 2D first, if not, select the numbers in the Pandora 4D....

You still can used the 2D or 3D posted in this forum to match with the Pandora 4D....
Good Luck
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01-04-2014 10:19 pm

Hi BlueCat

You can do a bit more by checking your regular numbers in the number/monthly/yearly trends.... from there, you will know which months your regulars numbers will appear most or which past months your regular numbers may be the podium numbers.... Knowing which best month, you can play a bit higher bet on it...

Good Luck
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01-04-2014 10:31 pm

Hi firefly,
FIrst, as mentioned, for the start, pls play small, safe and box your selected numbers. The numbers selected can be any methods you find comfortable with. It can be picked only from Pandora 4D.... or matching the 1D, 2D or 3D with Pandora 4D.... all just ways of doing...
Take your time to learn, but not to waste too much $, pls play small first. DO NOT HOPE to strike top 3 or podium first. That's the wrong approached....

Just hope that the numbers selected by you can hit the board, either special/lucky/consolations will do... If you number hit the top3, treat it as extra rewards...

Good Luck
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02-04-2014 02:21 am

hi guys.... its me kumar, using diffrent username... coz 4get my username and password.... anyway, teach me from the starting how to pick 1d , 2d or 3d from the pandora calculations set... coz i been trying for a long time but couldnt understand how to start.... coz im using other matter in getting toto 4d, so i always compare and study all type of matter that nesscesary to get 3d....
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02-04-2014 05:35 am

Good morning Sifu Giuogno Sifu Best4 and others Sifu and all members.
Sifu Giugno any 3D for SGpools today?
Sifu Best4 thank you for the lucky no follow our horoscope :)
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02-04-2014 07:22 am

Hi members

SGpools Wed 4D also Bigsweep draw, thinking of using only Wed/Bigsweep data to predict. So not sure what will be the outcome.

Expect Pandora 4D for Wed's draw to have at 1 to 2 top 3 or podium hits, and would expect a total of about 10 hits to night.

SGPools 2Ds: 52 - 88 - 58 - 11 - 17 - 03
SGPools 3Ds: 236 - 237 - 269 - 026

Good Luck...
Pls play small and safe
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02-04-2014 08:24 am

Gud morning sunshine and gud morning to sifu Giugno128.. thanks for your advice and will more concentrate on your 4D pandora given..but just to share with sifu, my number is always came out on the day after ..exp,today choose these number,not appear today, but appear next day(which is i'm not follow)huhu..
#today race i chooce 9173 & 8759 (magnm)..
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02-04-2014 09:06 am

Hi yana9985
What I will do if your situations continue...
Play the same number for 3 draws.... and it's time to change, then change.... Your luck is very important.

Good Luck
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02-04-2014 09:20 am

giugno128 (Sifu),

thanks for your 2D and 3D for SGPools.
combine with that from Best4 (Master Sifu) for the zodiac sign,
this is what I am going to buy,
6293, 2699,2692,0263, 1026 direct and ibet.

good luck to all...huat huat huat !!!
Msg #19
02-04-2014 10:07 am

morning everyone,
here are two sets of 1Ds, 36589240/63924587 and 2Ds for you to
match, 49,69,46,90,63,89,59,79.
Good luck.
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02-04-2014 10:34 am

Hi pom
Nice work. Pls state which counter so that we can feedback..
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