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April 2014 4D Prediction

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Msg #361

17-04-2014 12:30 pm

Hi arsnova
For 3D pattern, I would suggest learn the 23 numbers for all prizes first.....it is easy to see the trend...

To learn 3D Top 3, more advance skills and different data set for top3... (I am in the process of doing it) The analysis for 3D top 3 is much difficult compared with 3D...and chances for getting your number based on 3D to hit the board is much higher than compared with 3DTP... A far difficult process to spot the 3DTP.

Take you time to learn
Good Luck


Msg #362

17-04-2014 12:36 pm

Hi arsnova,
Just updating the 3D pattern from top 3 from past result will land you in Pacific Sea Ocean.... you will be lost totally... Because top 3 or podiums numbers uses all 220 3D also. To just use top 3 data to determine podium numbers, it won't be the skill using 3DTP, it will be the skill of numerology... (in which I only mastered 40%, still exploring).

Build up your basic skill first.... a good firm ground will put you in a better position when doing the difficult task.

Good Luck


Msg #363

17-04-2014 02:30 pm

Thanks for your advice sifu and I will learn based on sifu advice.

Note: I live at Indonesia and here used first prize only. But it's ok I will learn based on 23 draws numbers.


Msg #364

17-04-2014 06:12 pm

Hi bro,

I had made some amendments to that 3DTP excel file. Had dropped off some search criteria (eg.,AAA and AAB 3Ds) that are not so relevant to the 3DTP method, in order to make our search and updating simpler and easier.

From the 220 sets, there are now only 119 sets left. Had completed the data for the Last TP Gaps for ALL ABC 3Ds now. Out of that, had shortlisted them down to just 7 sets of 3DTPs. The rest are all in their short and medium-gaps cycles which are not so easy to decipher their window-frame periods for T3s. Thats why only going for the long-gap range ones.

That 3DTP file is now updated as at 16/4 Draw. If your program has an easier way to keep them updated after every draw, that would be great indeed. This one is the real McCoy, bro......its where the Big Ones are.....focus on it and help me keeps it updated k.

There are only 7 sets left now. Soon that will be gone too once they hit their T3s and we would need to turn to the second best options of the short and medium ranges ones, which aint gonna be as easy as these 7. Make hay while the sun shines, my friend.


Msg #365

17-04-2014 06:52 pm

Hi arsnova,

I can give u 1 simple tip in using 3D analysis. There are many ways in which 3D analysis can be used in a 4d prediction exercise.

Your question of "...the 3D pattern is take from 23 numbers each draw right? ...", is technically correct.

Out of the 23 drawn numbers in every draw, generally more than 50% of that will have their 3Ds appeared in the previous draw result. This means that it certainly would help in looking at the last drawn results to see whether the 4d numbers that you are going to buy for the next draw will stand a good chance to come out or not.

So, sometimes if you already have a 4d number in mind, eg. system 2345, you can use its 3ds components to help u determine if the no.is good for the next draw. In this case we use the principle of 3d analysis to confirm a 4d number, instead of the usual way of finding a 3d 1st to get a 4d number.

This is the reverse-engineering way of making use of 3Ds - one of the many uses of 3d predictions.

The 4 sets of 3d components that make up the system number of 2345 are : 3Ds 234, 235, 245 and 345. So, if any of these 4 3Ds were in the results of the previous draws, then your 4d number stand a good 50% chance of coming out in the next draw. Remember, almost in every single draw more than 50% of 3ds (out of 23 numbers in a draw) came from the last draw. We are making use of this phenomenon in the reverse-engineering 3d method here. If none of the 3d components of sys 2345 can be found in the last draw, usually I wouldnt buy that number as its chance of striking will be very low then. Not saying zero chance of it coming out, as there is no such thing as 100% in anything in a 4d game. But just that its winning odds will be that much lower and all punters will know that punting for a number that has lower odds are not a good wager.

This is just one single example of what it means when we talk about learning of 3d skill.

Your the other question of whether by looking at the top3 prizes results we are able to determine whether a 3d is going for podium prizes or not, the short answer is Yes. BUT, like Sifu said, it isnt easy and it is not just by looking at one or two past top3 results. There are only 3 top position numbers out of 23 drawn numbers in every draw. Therefore whatever "Ds" that it may be, whether 1d, 2d or 3d, their occurrences frequency in T3 prizes will definitely be much much lesser than those from ALL prize group. So , if you are looking for 3ds for T3 prizes, you would have to look at the much larger picture than just draw by draw. A much much larger picture indeed. It is know as Cycles or 3DTP cycles that will stretch all the way backs in years and decades. Better for the time being, just focus in trying to hit the general board first. If you can do that long enough u will get to see how trends/cycles develops clearer.



Msg #366

17-04-2014 09:33 pm

Many thanks to luc for the tips about 3D analysis. And I just read your all your posting at March Prediction, fast reading, not so understand but can imagine it. And I'm very interesting with the word you called "CYCLE" I also very sure and believe that the number is cycling but I don't know how and what to do to analyze it. Need more hint and tips. Also don't have complete pass data result to analyze it. But I don't give up. Now everyday I always spend a few time to input pass data result to excel file and analyze 1D and 2D for this year and last year. Hopefully can get another tips again from luc. I also only play and analyze for SGPpools.


Msg #367

17-04-2014 09:52 pm

Thank you bro luc
Just reached home....


Msg #368

17-04-2014 10:01 pm

Hi Luc
Updating the 3D Excel file is not a problem.... I have a system that can automatic convert all the results into 3D file, the same file that I distributed to members..... I just need to transform it to the newly 3DTP file...

Hi arsnova,
Really you need to learn from basic before reaching the top 3 3D...bro luc is an expert in 3DTP analysis and I am sure he will guide us along... But remember, he is using only the SGPools data..
For other counters, members pls bear for a while until a more efficient system can be developed. From there, I may be able to put in other counters later....

Good luck in coming draws


Msg #369

18-04-2014 12:06 am

I will do it as you teach, learn from basic. So the basic just mastering 1D and 2D. Anything else I need to learn? Any hint or tips to learn a basic? Thanks.


Msg #370

18-04-2014 12:09 am

Hi bro,

Great that your system can update automatically after each draw. That take care of the problem in updating 3DTPs then. I was having problems in doing that. Just use that format that I had revised with fewer criteria will do. At the 1st step of the 3DTP method we do need to see too many datas, just that essential few that I had amended. For the individual 3Ds past data, under the various worksheet in that file, your format is fine. Updating them will help us in the 2nd step.

Hi arsnova,

Glad to hear that u are also playing SGPools only, like I do. I do not have any data for other counters.

If u are really keen on 4d prediction, the very first step is for you to find a source online that will provide u with the historical data of SGPools results. That is a MUST as 4d prediction is all about looking back into the past to predict a similar outcome in the future. You cannot just depend on the results of the previous few draws. It is not sufficient enough and will not show you the trend/pattern of 3ds and 4ds.

There are various online website that you can start with in your collection of historical 4d data. I think Bro Giugno128 had mentioned some of them in his previous posts. Look them up and google them, k. The Myfreepost(dot)com is not a bad one for beginners. It provides SG results all the way to the beginning in 1986 and have some rather interesting daily analysis after each draw, eg.Pattern Analysis For The Draw,Digit Count & Sum Of Each Digit For The Draw.

Ok, another tip for you, bro.

In my personal opinion, 1Ds do not need much analysis nor spend too much time on. It is pretty straightforward, if you are observant enough, that is.

In every draw, ALL 1D (fm 0-9) will appear. That is the Golden Rule. It is only a matter of which are the 1ds that will appear less and which are those that will appear more, thats all. Generally it would of course be better to have a 4d number that has its "1ds" appearing on the high side.

Now, the rule of the thumb for 1Ds is like this....

As there are so many 1Ds appearing in any single draw, there are very susceptible (or prone) to the effect of The Law of Averages. What this means is that, over a very short period of time (can be as short as from draw to draw), this Law will averages out the occurrences of these 1Ds. Simply put, if 1d "1" has a low number of appearances in one draw, then it will have a higher number of appearances in the next draw, or sometimes the draw after. Easy enough to understand, right ? Thats why I always said one does not need to spend too much time or effort in collecting data and analyzing 1Ds. Just a quick glance in the previous draw or the draw before that, will give you an idea which will be the "hot" 1D for the next coming draw. This simple 'method' also applies to the 1DTP - that is, 1D appearing in the Top3 prizes. Don't believe me ? Easy. Just take a look back at the last 3 result draws of SGPools and work it out for yrself. I can tell you right now, without any need to do any detailed analysis, that 1d "5" has a VERY high probability chance that it will appear Top3 on this Sat. draw (19/4). At worst, if it doesnt appear by then (very highly unlikely though), then it definitely will appear in Sun draw. So, there you are. Thats 1d analysis for you. Nothing to it really. Better spend your time and effort more on the 2ds (to a certain extent, that is) and the all-important 3Ds.

In a nutshell, when a certain "Ds" becomes less and less frequent in appearing in every result draw, that would be the "Ds" to focus on.

So lets take a look at all the various D's, k.

1Ds - all of them , from 0-9, will appear in every draw. Low appearances of any 1d per draw is in the range of 4 -5, while those who are in play at that moment can have a high appearance as many as 10 - 12. Bottomline is, every single one will appear in that draw, which makes them (the 1Ds) not so crucial for prediction. So lesser focus needed for them.

2Ds - Not all 2Ds will appear in every draw, BUT majority of them WILL. Out of so many sets of 2Ds in a 4d game, there will only be a handful of them that do not appear in those 23 numbers drawn per draw. (Usually 2Ds that have a "0" in them will be the culprit of those 2Ds that do not show up in a draw). Low frequency of occurrences for 2ds can be from 1 -2 sets per draw, while hot-running ones can be as many as 5 sets in a single draw. So, as the frequency of appearances for 2Ds is much lower than that of 1ds, a certain amount of analyzing on them will be a good thing to do in your 4d prediction. From my own observation over the years, for 2ds you need only to look back 2-3 mths of their past records, thats all. This means that in your data collection of 2ds, have a record of ,say 3 mths, of all the 2ds performances. The Law of Averages is also working very prominently for the 2ds - which is a good thing, as it makes prediction for them that much easier. The low and high appearances for 2ds are almost (generally, that is) alternating from one draw to the next, and from month to month too. Thats why having 3 mths records to see their recent past performances is a useful thing.

3Ds - of all the D's, 3Ds will be the one that has the least appearances in any given draw. They can have a no-show stretch of up to 3 draws or even more. Therefore, like what I had said earlier, being the one that have much lesser appearances than 1ds or 2ds, 3Ds then would be the priority for us to really master if we are going to be any good in our 4d prediction at all. Get that reasonably right and you can do a lot of stuffs with it in your prediction tactics, eg. straightforward predicting for a 4d numbers (which is what most people are only aware of), reverse-engineering prediction to double confirm a 4d number already analyzed (had explained this one just now), and last but not least......using them (the 3ds) as a means to identified the possibility of which prize group (conso, starter or even Top3) that they will probably hit in their next appearances. But that will be in the "advanced stage". You will only get yrself confused and tangled up if you jump the gun too early, as for beginner just to hit the general board would already be a tedious task in itself.


Msg #371

18-04-2014 07:45 am

Hi.I'm new at here.I don't no what number should I buy.can u teach me how to choose the number and what counter should I buy it.thanks.


Msg #372

18-04-2014 09:57 am

Welcome estheranni
You did not state which counter you keen to look at and normally we cannot advise... some of us just playing SGpools like me, bro luc etc. Some like Magnum and some like Sportstoto.

Master Sifu Best4 had mentioned some lucky digits/numbers that you can follows...

By Master Sifu Best4
Msg #6 01-04-2014 17:30:52

Hello Members,
It's encouraging to note that members are slowly mastering the skills of picking 1D,2D and 3D....all these thanks to Sifu guigno128 mentoring and other ideas contributed by members ....
Here are some lucky numbers for 2014 for all the Astrological signs which you can use to match your 2D and 3D predictions...

Based on month/date of birth
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19).............2,3,7,9
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)...........1,3,6,8,9
Gemini (May 21 - Jun 2)..........2,4,7,9
Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22) ..........5,6,8,19
Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)..............1,3,6,8,9
Virgo ( Aug 23 - Sep 22 )............2,3,11,12
Libra ( Sep 23 - Oct 22 )............1,5,7,9
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21 ).........4,9,10,14
Sagittarius ( Nov 22 - Dec 21 )......3,10,15,21
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19).......1,3,7,8
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18 ).........1,6,12,18
Pisces ( Feb 19 - Mar 20 )............1,4,5,16

Have fun matching them with your 2D or 3D predictions or Pandora 4D....
Good luck


Msg #373

18-04-2014 10:11 am

Hi members

Pandora System for Sat 19 Apr 2014
Pandora 4D (Every draws there always some hits....) Forming your System 4D numbers as follows:

a) Choose only ONE digit in EACH Column to form 4Ds.
b) 4Ds formed are system numbers.

Choose Column W: 4 Column X: 4 Column Y: 5 Column Z: 0 to form 4450
Choose Column W: 1 Column X: 7 Column Y:5 Column Z: 7 to form 1757


Magnum 2D: 46 - 02 - 49 - 23 - 56 - 27
Magnum 3D: 257 - 147 - 178 - 249 - 346

SportsToto 2D: 15 - 89 - 58 - 34 - 49
SportsToto 3D: 467 - 068 - 045 - 025 - 378

Sabah 2D: 04 - 15 - 01 - 29 - 55 - 34
Sabah 3D: 348 - 128 - 459 - 138 - 247

SGPools 2D: 05 - 55 - 47 - 44 - 94 - 17
SGPools 3D: 258 - 257 - 018 - 037 - 005

Good Luck


Msg #374

18-04-2014 10:24 am

Thanks sifu for your advise.I try my best to learn it.where can I get the pandora 4d.


Msg #375

18-04-2014 10:40 am

Hi estheranni

Pls visit March 2014 4D prediction Msg#5 and Msg #80 to understand basic method of getting 1D (1 Digit) and 2D (2 Digits) and using the Pandora 4D system to select your own 4D.

Pandora 4D is in above Msg#393

Good Luck


Msg #376

18-04-2014 11:32 am

Gd day to all,

Below are my 3d prediction for this saturday draw at magnum. Aiming for more fishes tmrw :-) Gd luck to all.

1) 035
2) 137
3) 356
4) 134
5) 267
6) 027
7) 047


Msg #377

18-04-2014 11:33 am

Below are my 3d prediction for this saturday draw at magnum. Aiming for more fishes tmrw :-) Gd luck to all.

1) 035
2) 137
3) 356
4) 134
5) 267
6) 027
7) 047


Msg #378

18-04-2014 02:36 pm

00, 8, 91
-01, 8, 95
-02, 8, 99
-03, 7, 90
-04, 8, 94
-05, 8, 98
-06, 7, 89
-07, 8, 93
-08, 8, 97
-09, 7, 88
-10, 8, 92
-11, 8, 96
-12, 7, 87
The pattern above is quite simply the number of times 13 can go into 100 before hitting 100, and what number it stops at before the cycle continues/restarts for the next iteration. 0 is counted as a number. (Iteration, Total, LastNumber).


Msg #379

18-04-2014 02:58 pm

Hi arsnova
First of all, do not understand what are you trying to put...
Are you trying to determine a number's starting cycle?
If so, you are totally lost, you cannot set 100 as your reference because every numbers does not follows such rules...it has it's own....

(Master Sifu)

Msg #380

18-04-2014 03:12 pm

Hello Members,
A Happy Holiday to all of you.....
I fully support the views of Bro.Luc on the subject of "LUCK" (message #335)..
The same applies to superstitions....I have my own superstition and will share wiyh you all (It worked for me) Nothing to be ashamed of, even professional sportsman like Rafael Nadal (World no. 1 tennis player)has his own superstition. Have you observed how he arranges his watre bottles in every tournament...
Here are some of my superstitions:
1.... Whenever I am queueing to buy my 4D tickets, I always make it a point to observe the facial expressions of the counter people.I will avoid those with grumpy face and bad attitude. Lookout for those cheerful and smiling type
2.... I always patronize outlets that are located in my lucky direction (All of us have our own lucky directions)
3.... Outlets whose address have my lucky number/s
4.... If I do not strike after 3 consecutive draws,I will look for new outlets somewhere. (I have all the time, as yours truly is retired)
5.... When paying money for my bets,I use my left hand(I am a right hander)cause it will be slower(dont lose so fast) and when collecting my winnings, I will use my right hand (Collect faster)
Will continue in my next post due to time constraints....

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