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16-04-2014 06:45 pm

Hi arsnova
Your work is OK
To shortcut your 1D, you can used most of prediction web sites such as 4dpredict or myfreepost etc. They do list out the 1D every draw...

Try to understand which 1D will be out when every draw is out. Not necessary all must be strongest or weakest, is a combination.. try a few draw and you will understand.

Your 2D is ok....
Good luck
Msg #342
16-04-2014 06:57 pm

Drop the line too early.... bought 4112 last Sun but not today....
Msg #343
16-04-2014 07:55 pm

Ok sifu giugno128, thanks for ur advice. So after derivy 1D and 2D may I request for 3D excel file, so I have something to learn more... Thanks before. I have a question about trend. How is the way to see the trend? From the draws number or from the digit or anything else, can we determine the trend just started or the trend is over ?
Msg #344
16-04-2014 11:03 pm

Hi arsnova
First, I need your e mail to send the file to you.
The trend for 4D is on going for years, even we are communicating, the trend is still moving from one draw to another. Like the old times, sine waves, cosine waves with variable time interval. i.e. keep on changing, from low frequencies to high frequencies.

luckily we have results way back to 1980+. Just take example 1D, when you collected all the 1D let said 5 draws, you compared them, studies their pattern or frequency, trying to figure out the next digit. These patter or frequency, is trend. There is no stop or starting point, just whether the current is low frequency or high frequency.... If you get the correct concept, it applies to all numbers, whether is 1D, 2D, 3D or 4Ds.... It also applied to top3 as what you have noticed that we all talks about 3DTP..... etc.

Try to capture these pattern or frequency or trend of the numbers, past records are must, to compare or to MATCH as close as possible, then the numbers or digits you are trying to determine for the next draw is there.....Sound complicated? Actually is not so, just too many numbers to track with different trend/frequencies etc.

You may understand or not understand the above, why I keep repeating members to look into digit/numbers trend, from 1D to 2D, it just to train your mind, your eyes to capture all these trends starting from 1D or 2D.... once you understand the concept, it can applied to 3D or even 4D....

Take your time.....
Msg #345
17-04-2014 12:37 am

RESULTS: 16 Apr 2014
CASHSEEP 4D: 1ST 1367 3RD 1647
MAGNUM 4D: 1ST 9697 2ND 0116
STC 4D: 3RD 0458
SGPOOLS 4D: 2ND 3086 3RD 2617

Magnum 2D:
81 – Con 9180 1885
51 - Spec 3551 Con 1885
83 – Spec 3385 6383 2328
67 - 1st 9697 Spec 9756 Con 6743 3726
37 – Con 3726 6743
66 – 3rd 1166

Magnum 3D:
016 – 2nd 0116
158 – Con 1855

SportsToto 2D:
08 – Spec 0987 Con 9108
68 - 1st 2618 Spec 6871
37 – Con 7306 0731
00 – Con 0092
34 – Spec 4534 3324 Con 4803
11 – Con 1419

SportsToto 3D:
018 – Con 9108
013 – 2nd 3310 Con 0731
235 – Spec 5382

Sabah 2D:
37 – 1st 3762 Lucky 1735 Con 8337 7236
08 – Lucky 8350
01 – 3rd 1075 Lucky 3106 Con 0701 1640
28 – Lucky 2989 Con 2816
02 – Lucky 0026 Con 9402

Sabah 3D:
299 – Lucky 2989
058 – Lucky 8350

SGPools 2D:
17 – 3rd 2617 Starter 7816
55 – Starter 1545
86 – 2nd 3086
74 – Starter 4720 Con 2774
05 – Con 9150 2540 0152
03 – 2nd 3086 Starter 6306 Con 3208

SGPools 3D:
136 – Starter 6193
962 – Starter 5926 Con 5269

Congrats to members
Msg #346
17-04-2014 07:48 am

hi si fu,

only strike 2 consolation yest. small amount. but feel happy tat I have finally learnt to pick 2ds & 3ds. will try to work hard for the next draw. lets huat together :)
Msg #347
17-04-2014 08:39 am

Hi shimis27
Happy for you.
Slowly master the 2D & 3D first....

So far, i am concentrating on SGPools only. Partial on Magnum and none on other counters... because I do not have so much time...
Continue the learning path, if I can spot any good members concentrating in ONE Counter, and doing well, later may teach more.
Trying to build a pool of Predictors concentrating on system such that ONE Predictor ONE Counter.....

Good Luck in coming draw..
Msg #348
17-04-2014 08:44 am

Dear sifu giugno128, here is my email tonohuang (@) gmail (.) Com. If u don't mind can I request sgp4d data result from 1980 until now in excel file. Not because I'm lazy to input from website but I don't use a computer, I only use my blackberry phone, paper and pencil to calculate the number:D. So it's very difficult and need a long time to input data. Apologize me if my request too many.

The trend hav no starting and stop point, that's mean the trend always moving and then jumping from one pattern to another pattern. Let's take example 1 year got 12 month and each month got 4 pattern. So we hav about 48 pattern. Then the trend moving take january pattern then jump to another month pattern or maybe another year pattern. That's why we need to record pass data result n see all the pattern then match it can I assumed like that?

If I'm wrong maybe sifu giugno128 can give a few example about a pattern and repeating pattern. When I see a pass data result I got a feeling this is repeating number/pattern but I cannot see how is the way it repeating or sometimes I see a same pattern/something but it's no repeating. I think that I missing something simple important thing to get the answer.
Msg #349
17-04-2014 08:53 am

Hi arsnova
I do not have past results 4D all in Excel....
I search the past results same as other, using the web...
Unless you have other 4D software that can download the data from its respective maker...
Cannot help in these areas.
Msg #350
17-04-2014 09:00 am

Hi arsnova
Using smartphone or pen and paper require to simply your data to show types of pattern of individual numbers... Past record results are there, it just that how we analyisze the information. Sometimes, we change to display outlook to suit our need or easy for vision.
I used computer, to re-create my format.... (it may not suit anyone)....
Past data results is too huge for smartphone.... no way you can edit using Excel even if I forward the small 3D file to you. I can foresee you will have problems updating the file using smartphone.. for 4D past records, you have to find way to download into your smartphone... I have no idea at all unless you have special software to do so that I am not aware off.

Anyway good luck
Msg #351
17-04-2014 09:15 am

Hi arsnova
Trend has no fixed time/draw interval, just like frequency. High frequency means (like sine or cosine wave) one full cycle may takes 10 draws, low frequency means one full cycle may takes 60 draws....

For those 4d prediction web sites, they represents the information in their own way but all the same... depending how you see the data... some may used number of days as based interval, some may used numbers of draws as based interval.... depending on the reference units.... still all the same at the end of the day..

Good luck
Msg #352
17-04-2014 09:23 am

Hi arsnova
Let say just one number 5678, in year 2000 there may be 2 full cycles and in year 2001, it may be 1 1/2 full cycle, in year 2002 it may be 4 cycles. So it does not have a fixed based interval... changing always... dynamic... that is why, you have example 5678, 3 hits in Jan 14, none in Feb 14, etc.... some months high, some months low, and some month none... just like when you are walking, your pulse is 60 beats per min, when you walk faster, it is 70 beats per min, when you are running, is 90 beats per min....

Now we are trying to capture the pattern of ALL 4D numbers... to see whether 5678 is walking, walking faster or running... same applied to all 4D numbers...... when you managed to capture the pattern of a number (either 3D or 4D), then it is easy to forecast the next draw.

Good luck
Msg #353
17-04-2014 09:37 am

No worries about 4D past result data, I will spend a few time everyday to input it. Thanks for ur replying. Anyway sifu, can you just send me the 3D excel file I will find the way to open it. I ald work hard from october until now to learn and understanding it even until now I'm not so understand it but I'm not give up. I'm also copy all posting to word file from october till now and repeating reading it. I'm very sure that someday I will mastered it. All of us are same, when we born we have nothing skill and knowledge. If sifu giugno128 can do it, off course i also can do it, all of us can do it. It just matter of different time and different way to mastered it. And actually I have a notebook but for some reason I cannot used it now. But I will try my best and find a way to open and learn it. Thank's before sifu giugno128 for your help.
Msg #354
17-04-2014 10:03 am

morning all/morning sifu giungo128,

miss last digit again, my 3d 920, i put last digit 6, if 7 i will strike cons..much to learn, especialy 3d pattern.
can i ask if any previousn message on this forum talking about the 3d excel file?
need to master it more.
and if not trouble you sifu, can you elaborate on how u come out with the magnum 3d like yesterday, 449,889,016 etc?
Msg #355
17-04-2014 10:16 am

sorry, not cons but starter magnum 9207
Msg #356
17-04-2014 10:21 am

Hi caieast
I have the same 3D excel file as you.
For Magnum, I only work out the 2D and 3D...
By looking the past 3D and the TREND of the 3D, I selected 449, 889, 016.

There are many ways to look at it. example 016, it remains at 2 hits in the last two draws, also March 13 and Apr 13 shows 8 hits and 5 hits respectively. Thinking the 016 will have another few more hits in April 14. That is why I choose 016.

Same, 3D, 110. There are no hit in April 14. Past record shows April 13, has 5 hits....

Same 1146, April 13 has 3 hits and in April 14, shows 2.

When you put the 3 sets of 3D, it forms 1160, the 2nd prize 0116.

That is one way of getting your 4D based on 3 sets of 3Ds..

Good Luck
Msg #357
17-04-2014 10:22 am

Sorry, not 1146, is 116
Msg #358
17-04-2014 11:06 am

Dear sifu giugno128, I ald received ur 3D excel file. And I can opened it and edit it with my phone. Thanks a lot sifu giugno128. But still don't know how to used it. What I see From the file it show most frequent 3D number draws every month. So how is the way we compared it? We compared it month to month? April 2014 compared with april 2013? How about april 2012 2011 2010 ......
Msg #359
17-04-2014 11:19 am

Hi arsnova
I cannot update and doing this 3D for years... you have to update yourself whether from now or past years...
Yes, all depending on the 3D itself, you have to compare current few months,same month different years etc. See how the 3D hits pattern..... It's been explained in above #376. Now is all up to you to read....and understand...

If you are very beginer and still do not understand 1D or 2D. Then I suggest you drop the 3D file first.... go backwards to 1D and 2D.... read the past records on 1D and 2D. Get the feel of the 1D and 2D trend.....these are short trend..

For 3D and 4D, it can be short and long trend......
Good luck
Msg #360
17-04-2014 12:03 pm

No worries sifu about update past result, I will updated it my self. I just asked if we need to compared it with another year result. Maybe sifu are right about 1D and 2D. I need to learn it again and see more result to get the feel of 1D and 2D trend. So From sifu explanation above I will repeat read it and try to understand it. Give me a few days maybe a few weeks then I will show the result of what I get from sifu. Not promises but I will not wasted what sifu ald gave to me. I will try my best to understand it. Thanks again sifu.

Need to asked 1 question again, the 3D pattern is take from 23 numbers each draw right? If I'm looking just top 3 result, can I just update the 3D pattern from top 3 result to forecast the next draw?
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