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08-04-2014 11:04 am

Hi members

I will be taking a break for few draws....
(a) Breakthru getting a new lead in narrow down on 3D very accurately. Now mapping out for the month of April 2014. Only SGPools.

(b) With the new 3D, I will be able to pinpoint which draw date that particular 3D may hit top 3.

Members still can used the existing Pandora 4D system. As for 2D and 3D, would urge members to post their findings on the coming draws in this forum..

Good luck in coming draws..
(Master Sifu)
Msg #162
08-04-2014 08:59 pm

Hello Members,
It's been quite awhile since I last predicted for Magnum and Damacai counters....
Here are my predictions for tomorrow (Wednesday)
Must cover MBox
Play the combination that has your lucky number/s in it...
Best of luck to all.....
Msg #163
08-04-2014 09:40 pm

Hi members

RESULTS For Pandora 4D @ Special draw on 08th April, 2014

Magnum 4D: 1st - 8570,2nd-4405, 3rd - 1649. Home Run!!!!!
Sportstoto 4D: 3rd - 4645
DaMaCai 4D: 2nd - 1986, 3rd - 5061
SaBah 88 4D: 1st - 8240
STC 4D: No hit.

Congratulation to all winning members...
Msg #164
08-04-2014 09:54 pm

Where can i buy sabah 4d in semenanjung?
Msg #165
08-04-2014 10:17 pm

Hi members

Magnum 4D: 1st - 8570 2nd - 4405 3rd - 1649. Home Run!!!!!
Sportstoto 4D: 3rd - 4645
DaMaCai 4D: 2nd - 1986 3rd - 5061
SaBah 88 4D: 1st - 8240
STC 4D: No hit.

Magnum 2D:
93 - Spec 9623
77 - Con 7573
44 - 2nd 4405 con 4418
13 - Spec 5316 3514
05 - 1st 8570 2nd 4405 Spec 0599

Magnum 3D:
068 - Spec 6804 Con 6082

04 - 1st 8240 Lucky 2480 Con 4709
39 - Con 3459
11 - Lucky 2101 Con 1714
37 - Lucky 2723

049 - Con 4709
015 - Con 5106

79 - 1st 8179 Spec 4790 Con 9734
44 - 3rd 4645
49 - Spec 4790 Con 9734 0497
06 - Spec 6280 0365 6890
88 - Spec 8839 Con 0488

028 - Spec 6280

Msg #166
08-04-2014 11:01 pm

Hello giugno128 and all members

Best of luck for tomorrow's draw.

To Best4, thanks for your prediction. Seems like i gotta do the 'homework' for the numbers.

Hope you all in good health.

Msg #167
09-04-2014 02:53 am

Good day sifu

Friday is my good day
Friday is my birthday
Have good birthday gift for me?
Today and Saturday draw
Number from my birth date 11 04 1977
Any luck on that?
Thanks in advance to all sifu here
Best of luck and health ahead and always do.....
(Master Sifu)
Msg #168
09-04-2014 07:48 am

Hello akuadam,
Your lucky reading is ready...please proceed to topic "It helps to know your lucky days and lucky periods" look for message#2103..
Thank you
Msg #169
09-04-2014 09:40 am

hi giugno128(Sifu),
i'm refering at your msg #161..it is true that the 2ds number can be predicted...at first i gather all podium numbers at every race(before i know you do it too)..because i only target podium numbers..after 5 races, the trend and pattern is becoming clear..between 5 to 9 race..i can easily trace 2d number pattern..the first 2 weeks i try to predict, i almost hit the first podium when i buy 8675 and it came out 8674..

your pandora is useful..but the numbers are mixed and not followed sequence..so i have asked my friend of mine and he teach me how to make a triangle chart(just like ur pandora)..seems hard at first because the numbers contains 66 digits..but inside the triangle pandora, at least 4-5 4ds number can be found up to 9 to 10 numbers( sometimes direct 4d number)..but it is not easy to choose the patterns..

3d and 4d are tricky...for example yesterday special race 08/04(magnum)..i try to predict 3ds 8,7,5...and i really came out as 8570 at first podium..bought 8 number 4d's for RM8.00..4 of those numbers came out my 3ds prediction inside ..although they are mixed..it's a good progress..thanks to your last number podium pattern...(i read it in March msg#80)

some of our frens in here like to guess the numbers..but they dont like to study the pattern...i prefer to discuss the pattern technically(just like u did)....rather than asking SIFU about a prediction number..how's my number this and that..without even trying to think where's the numbers came from..

if u had any tactical prediction, hope that u can share it with me..not the numbers..the tach..hope that i can gather the source and knowledge as many as i can..tq sifu for ur time..
Msg #170
09-04-2014 10:32 am

Hi KenMatsumoto76
It nice to heard that you are not number chasing. What 1D and 2D are predicted using the results, these method using the closest or nearest podium numbers...as you had noticed (I am happy). These trend or pattern happened within 3 to 6 draws or race as you called.

3D is more tricky. The method is like looking at a wider or larger trend or pattern. Some of the predictors called cycle.. First when you listed all the 3Ds, should be 220 numbers of them, you plotted them on a tabulated or spreadsheet using the past results.... All these takes time, I am plotting my 3D from now back wards to year 1986 where it is still available in web (For SGPools only). Next will have to spot the potential 3D looking at their pattern or trend. Once shortlisted them, the next step is 4D. Definitely, there will be a few numbers of 4D and will need to undergo another search for the number /monthly/weekly or daily trend... unless we are only buy our numbers in permutations, we still can look into direct numbers...(so far this method still very new, I only achieved 20% to 40% accuracy for some draws but the arrangement are quiet true when the results are out)....
Predictions for 3D and 4D still need to follow trend pattern but looking at months or yearly data instead of daily data.

Direct numbers is no longer a trend method... so far, it's numerology method I can spotted but very very tricky....

Pandora 4D are all system numbers (about 90%), it is not designed to put direct numbers in a 4 x 4 matrix. Panodra 4D also using the number's monthly/yearly trends, a shortcut of all the hardwork manually put but as a guide is a very good tool.

So far, my database only can used SGPools data. Other counters still not fully in operation yet..Now concentrating on getting a straight direct numbers of less than 20 per draw... if can achieve it is a big breaktrhu in methods... Now for the past 3 draws, at least I hit one to two numbers so far... some consolation and a few podiums (all box). Small gain (few hundreds) but a good start.

Good Luck in your coming draw.
Msg #171
09-04-2014 11:21 am

Hi bro (sifu),

Juz a quick drop by here to see wats the latest happening around here.

"...3D is more tricky. The method is like looking at a wider or larger trend or pattern. Some of the predictors called cycle.. First when you listed all the 3Ds, should be 220 numbers of them, you plotted them on a tabulated or spreadsheet using the past results.... All these takes time, I am plotting my 3D from now back wards to year 1986 where it is still available in web (For SGPools only)...."

Yes, u got that rite. We are looking at a larger and wider trend or pattern when we talk abt 3DTPs. The pattern actually is VERY clear (well, at least to me that is).

Sorry to say this bro, but the TP123 NG value in that file is still not correct. Nvm. Thks for the effort anyway, mate.

Maybe explanations through writings are not easy to understand. Not many ppl get it anyway when I tried explaining online. If I can show u in person with a few examples, I am sure you too will be able to see the trend/cycles of 3DTPs in an instant, given the 4d analytical skill that you already have now.

Well.....nvm then, u do what u are good at k, while I focus on what I have here.

I'm quite curious though abt your new method in trying to pinpoint which draw date a particular 3d will appear in podium prizes. I can't do that yet (and frankly speaking, cant think of any way that it can be done.)

All I can do now is to pinpoint the 3d TP Gaps in which it will appear in Top3 prizes, NOT the draw date in itself. Keep me updated abt this, ok ? Perhaps the angle that we are looking at the data has diverged abit now but thats not necessarily a bad thing. Another view is sometimes good for us to move forward in our 4d prediction skill. Let me take a look see when u have finalized your new method.

PS - With Sun result, 456 is right smack on its all-time high TP Gap of 34 now. Have never gone beyond that in the last 28 years history record of SG 4D. Anytime now bro........dun missed it k.

G'luck !~
Msg #172
09-04-2014 11:31 am


Juz saw the result of Sport Toto 4D for yest. Take a look at the 3rd prize. Hah ! That 3DTP mentioned had appeared there already.....sometimes the M'sian draw results are inter-related with the SG ones. Its a good sign. :)
Msg #173
09-04-2014 11:52 am

Hi bro luc
Oh you are back.
Pls check your e mail as I had forward you the jpg snapped shots...

SG 4567 & 4569 hit consolation on last Sun...
For 3D, 456 hits 1st on both 18 Sep & 21 Sep 2013 and is NextGap is 34 according to the jpg snapped shot.

Check your e mail, i past the snapped shot to you...
I do understand your concept... Is my database has too much info that sometimes it is difficult where to look for. But I had scale down and know where to look for the info as mentioned by mate.

Good Luck
Msg #174
09-04-2014 12:09 pm

Hye sifu.. can u check what lucky number for me??
Msg #175
09-04-2014 12:13 pm

Hi azmerclick07
If you are asking about your lucky cycle and numbers, that will be carried by Master Sifu Best 4 and he needs your Date of Birth

Good luck
Msg #176
09-04-2014 12:24 pm

Hi giugno 128 (sifu),

I'm sorry about this story..

Hi Master sifu best 4,

My birtday 28.07.1992

Can advice??
Msg #177
09-04-2014 04:05 pm

Hi bro,

Am not back yet. Checking my mails from overseas. Back in a couple of days. I got both sys 4567 and 4569 last Sun.

Seen the snapshots but did not quite understand the format shown. TP NG 34 is correct but where does it shows that in the snapshot ?

Yes 456 hit TP twice in Sep '13. The 2nd time ( 21/9/13) was a zero TP Gap hit. Thats considered an ultra short gap of course. Thats why after that it went into the current ultra long gap of Gap 34 now, which makes it "due" for T3 again anytime soon.

This deduction is based on its short, medium and long T3 Gaps cycle since 1986. Gap 34 only happened once since then and it is a fair bet to say that that will be the max.benchmark ( + and - a few gaps) that a long gap for this 3d will goes, before hitting T3 again.

All I need to know, to identify potential 3DTPs, is the current TP123 NGs for all 3Ds. Thats the 1st step to this method......havent found a software that can do that for me yet. Can only do it manually at present moment, which even though is still feasible, but it is not so ideal as it is time consuming.

Will look more at those snapshots again later. Tks for that, bro.

PS - we may probably see 356 later for this SG draw. Thats the second in line after 456. Hope 456 clears fast, coz the third in line is coming soon too.
Msg #178
09-04-2014 04:13 pm

hello sifu giugno128 how about magnum 4860 for today's draw?
thanks in advance.
Msg #179
09-04-2014 04:20 pm

Hey bro, maybe someday I will scan that piece of paper that I had used to work out the TP Gaps for 456 and email it to you. Perhaps then you will be able to see what I am looking for, as far as the 3DTP method is concerned.

Yes, it is a bit 'primitive' way of jotting down ideas that I have in my 4d prediction, I know, as all I need is just a pencil and a piece of paper. LOL.

But oh well....so long as it gets me what I want, which is going after the podium prizes of course, who cares how we derived our analysis from eh ? Its the results that count, as can be seen from the consistent T3s that I had every month. ;)
Msg #180
09-04-2014 04:53 pm

Hi bro luc
Thank you.
I will explained to you about the snapped shot...
When you are back, you will understand the plotted actually shows the same info but it represents it in its own way....
Have a nice and wonderful trip.
Good Luck
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