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Msg #141
05-01-2014 10:57 pm

Bro Guigno

Thanks so much for your full detail explanation . really appreciated .
I will do as what you say and will get back to you if any question

Thanks again bro
Msg #142
05-01-2014 11:06 pm

Bro moto12345
If you still cannot see the pattern, try 10 to 20 draws.... or the whole month if necessary. I did for at least 3 months, certain digits eg. 4 did not have a break for the complete month in Nov (for SGPools), then it did have a few draws breaks...

Study the pattern or trend..
Msg #143
05-01-2014 11:08 pm

Congrats giugno and moosang.wishing you continiously helping member to generete 4d number
Msg #144
05-01-2014 11:11 pm

Hii bro Moosang. ..
Congrats on yr big winning. . Happy for u.. =)

Bro I hav a request if u don mind helping us.
Still confused what number to buy.
Too many numbers can b created. Money lose more than money come in.
Can we request.
If bro don't mind..
Example. Created few 4 digit number for us so that we can buy n try... than always lose more.
I hope u can help us for this Tuesday and Wednesday. Please bro.

Msg #145
05-01-2014 11:18 pm

Dear moosang and giugno128

Can you guys teach us what is the effective ways to find the 3Ds? Since it is hard to predict the 3Ds as well.

Both of the hex chart and pandora 4d are awesome methods and i can say that i almost strike for all podium number start from wed after i used the pandora 4d but unfortunately i always get one number different.
Besides, i already understand the hex chart and i will use both methods wisely in the upcoming drawing~~~ ^^
Msg #146
05-01-2014 11:24 pm

Bro yee2991
Try method describe in Msg#150.
You have to do some prediction for 1D, 2D at least.
Good Luck.
Msg #147
06-01-2014 12:21 am

wow thanks bro moosang and bro giugno128, i did not win anything yet, but i learn a lot from you guys. and thanks a lot for sharing the precious pandora and hex a chart, they are awesome, now i finally believe that i can win in magnum. having some financial problem now, but can see some hope here.
Msg #148
06-01-2014 12:33 am

bro moosang or giugno128, is it possible to get 3d or 2d from the L code or G code of the ticket? facebook there i see many people sharing thier ticket that have 3d or 2d, and a few people in my area also looking at those codes, really no idea how they read it,do you guys have any clue on this?
Msg #149
06-01-2014 12:43 am

moosang, so sorry, not just you lost a girl friend, but the world lost a genius. Younger days in American company they tested our IQs. I was 110+. Already very happy cos can cari makan, enough. But to have 190 is hard to come by in this world. I read half way your msg on how she helped you I thought very good, maybe she was one of the greatest scientist. But came to the part that says she has passed on, I was very sad, still am. Aiyah I hope she had left some thing behind for her love ones to remember her ... What a great loss
Msg #150
06-01-2014 12:49 am

Sorry, code readings... not for me.
Msg #151
06-01-2014 12:51 am

ok bro giugno128, i will follow you.
Msg #152
06-01-2014 12:54 am

Regarding learning 2D or 3Ds, please prefer to December post Msg #101, bro moosang did explain his method.... learn from it.
Good Luck
Msg #153
06-01-2014 02:37 am

Dear moosang i pray god 4 ur long healthy happy life how to find 3d nos 4 incoming draw
Msg #154
06-01-2014 02:42 am

And 3d nos 201 was appear 1st row in up side ur chart but why u choose bottom side kindly guide poor one
Msg #155
06-01-2014 06:26 am

Good Morning fellow members..

I woke up early because wanna go to school, teach my student there..So today i dont know what journey awaiting me for a whole day.. Perhaps today, didnt have time to put some comment here.. So i will use this time to put some important/interesting news/idea/hint/hope for fellow members here..

Dear Riya9041

I'm sorry to put such a bad guide as example.. But deep in my heart, i'm really glad because you managed to understand the chart.. Good Luck!

Dear Polo88

I will email you as soon as possible to discuss your method and look if i could improve your method or not.. But at this moment, i think you managed to find your own 2D nos / 3D nos a quite well.. So by using your nos, look into bro giugno pandora box and hex chart to get some hint how your nos will become in 4D.. I did not put some prediction 4D nos here because it will become distort ( wrong position/ miss 1D nos ).. People will loss more money if my number become distort.. They best way is, teach people how to predict 4D nos because after you guys manage to predict well, you can use the method for the rest of your life.. I like to teach people how to catch fish instead give some fish to them..

Dear Latindancer

I dont know a single things about coding code.. Try to learn from some people in your area, then after you manage to find any good 2D nos / 3D nos, try comparing that nos with pandora and hex chart.. It will give you more idea how that nos will turn out, this only my opinion (its doesnt mean my opinion was right)..

Bro Giugno

I respect / salute you bro.. Because you managed to create your own pandora yourself.. Difference with my hex chart, the trend nos was from me but the chart was created by my passed away girlfriend.. If she refuse to help me, i think the hex chart still not exist yet because all positioning digit in the chart was from her genius IQ..

Back to your Sequantial method, i think can also plot in the chart, but i dont know how to plot the positioning digit in the chart, so cant give you any idea about the chart positioning.. But i have one idea for you to consider, try create the chart using 3D nos.. So you have two sequantial method (using 2D nos and using 3D nos).. Then do not share yet anywhere because i think its better for you to check the result yourself in your home.. Use 3 month period to check the result using both sequantial.. Then look which sequantial perform well within 3 month period.. In that period, you also can learn how the digit in the chart perform each other, perhaps there is a way to predict the next draw using the digit performance in the chart.. I believe you can train & learn a lots from the chart within 3 month period.. Perhaps you get some idea too how to predict straight/ how to know the pattern number for next draw, multiple digit or double digit or something else..
Dear Fellow members

Please give me some time to analysis all counter using my hex chart.. Perhaps there was a way how to tackle damacai, toto, sgpool, cashweep because the chart was created by a genius girl.. I dont know for another counter, the ways to predict was same with magnum or not because i didnt try to analysis yet.. For magnum, ways to tackle using tye chart is, the podium number was near each other.. I believe the chart can predict all counter including toto 5D, toto 6D, supreme toto,mega toto,damacai 3D jackpot.. I won 1st prize toto 0476 using the chart (plan to put bet on toto because i wanna look how the chart perform for another counter).. There must be a way in the chart to predict because a genius girl already created the chart, so its depending to us how to find a way.. So to find a way + analysis all counter, i need some time to do all the stuff myself without any helping from others people.. I need to put extra effort to find a way.. Trust me, if my girlfriend did not passed away yet, i will ask her to helps me.. Perhaps Europe lotteries + USA lotteries, she also able to create a method.. Imagine yourself, i give her all trend nos from 1985 result until 2010 result, thousand of nos to consider to plot in the chart.. But she managed to choose from thousand of nos, took around 10 minutes, the chart was created and very impressive.. So do not put more hope yet because i need some time to analysis.. I will tell you guy here if i manage to find a way for another counter..
Msg #156
06-01-2014 07:01 am

Good morning bro moosang
Very much appreciates your kindness in helping every one especially me. Not worry. Sequential method is just very new, it can derived lots of 2Ds sometimes 6 2Ds that the end digits of each 2D is related to the front digits of the other 2D. The problem is that which 2D is the correct one. Currently, using the best frequency hit for 1D and 2Ds to plot the trend and put it in %. Very accurate. This will help in shortlisted in Sequential method. The methods i used can be apply to all counters in future. The trend 2Ds is plotted in the cupin +1111,+2222,+3333 generated numbers in which had the same 2Ds. The problem of cupin, strike number or forecast numbers can have 9 numbers series. When plotted, reverse back the sequent to get the strike/forecast numbers.
Thank you dear friend. Once the method proved it effectiveness, surely will share with you.
Have a nice day in school.
Msg #157
06-01-2014 08:30 am

thanks bro moo sang.. hope to hear from u soon,,GBU

HOPE our brothers can give some numbers for tomorow & wednesday....

hope i can help my grandma in her op... hope to strike.
pay not increasing..haihh
Msg #158
06-01-2014 10:07 am

Dear Bro Guigno

I manage to understand and work out the 4 number as per your guidance step by step . But after having the 4 numbers , so how to arrange them into direct nos? your 4 nos example as below :

4D numbers would be 8979-8971-8975-8973.

Thanks in advance
Msg #159
06-01-2014 11:00 am

Bro moto12345
That's good, happy that u understand.
Until here, I myself still looking into the matter, in fact, my new Sequential Method will be solving all the problems of which position. Sorry, have to put you on hold at the moment cos I am still trying to get 2Ds, 3Ds and positioning.....
Stick to what you have at the moment.

Further, which counter you are playing...? SGPools or Magnum?

Good Luck
Msg #160
06-01-2014 11:06 am

Bro Guigno

Thanks so much for your effort to guide me .

I am playing magnum as what you guide us.

Thanks again
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