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Msg #281
08-01-2014 03:18 pm

today good day to buy 2311 (23 November) does this number ring a bell ?
Msg #282
08-01-2014 03:32 pm

when a well know world leader passed away , evryone went to bet on his age & the date he died. But eventually 7081 struck & he was born on 17 Aug (1708). maybe today can also bet 3112, hehe!

or, buy 3d - 123 ?
Msg #283
08-01-2014 03:34 pm

SG pools 2nd prize 2113 @28 dec 2013
yesterday magnum special. Maybe got chance?
Msg #284
08-01-2014 03:51 pm

bro moosang, may i know how you get 9072,is it start from the 2d 70? cause last draw 70 hit 3 times 1730,0273,8740, and then the 9 and 2 you take from cold number? but why 9 and 2? is it because it match better with 70? i want to ask already yesterday night but dont know how to start asking. if its the match better case the how and what data do i need to start collecting?
Msg #285
08-01-2014 04:11 pm

Dear Latindancer

9072 was come out from cincai method..

Magnum second prize on 26.11.2013 = 7029
Magnum first prize on 11.12.2013 = 7091
The same 3D nos was 709.. Put in the chart like this :

7 0 2 9
7 0 9 1

So i got 9072.. If this number become distort, i think from this chart, 9021 also can be consider too because its appears on toto first/second prize last week if i'm not mistaken..Maybe toto number past result come to magnum, who now... But 2190 also appears in the magnum podium last year, i think on september/october.. You can check the past result to get a right information.. If this number became distort, i think only 3D nos was right between 9072 or 9021.. Do not put high hope because i'm not too sure for wednesday draw due to my personal record on wednesday draw..
Msg #286
08-01-2014 04:32 pm

Hey guys, i am new here. Do you got any good magnum no to buy today?
Msg #287
08-01-2014 04:35 pm

Hi Best4 Master Sifu, moosang and giugno128..
Sorry dont have much time to predict 4d and running my system.
First of all, moosang, still stick here and do not out from here. you together with giugno had done much helping to our member to be a fisherman 4d.
From my reading, I like yo the cai method from moosang. When try to analysis, it seem much easier. So from this method, when come out with 4d, then refer to giugno method to double cheak nos will hit or not. Try to do that all my fellow friends...

And from moosang method cai, I come out with this...

7029 * 9340
7091 * 0429

From that I see nos 9*9*2*0 was in that set. Maybe this nos 9920 will hit? Please advise/comment moosang and giugno128 or anyone else..
(Moosang, I cant running my system to test this nos due I dont have much free time : bz bz bz bz alyways)

Msg #288
08-01-2014 04:52 pm


For TOTO, I have strong 3d nos. which are 027, 029 , 125 n 358.

What's the best no. to complete them?

Any help?
Msg #289
08-01-2014 05:10 pm

I wanna apologize if my words hurt anyone. I just wanna put common sense into everything

then again guess the truth hurts

2970 it is then
Msg #290
08-01-2014 05:11 pm

bro moosang

The cincai method , i thought we are to use the latest result against previous result . But your 9702 was taken from previous result against previous result , Why like that ? Why u never use the latest result ?

I am confuss , pls advise

Thank bro
Msg #291
08-01-2014 05:17 pm

thank you bro moosang for the explanation, so now i know that i don't have to get the cincai method with the latest draw podium, i can also get from any previous draw podium.
Msg #292
08-01-2014 05:19 pm

I have a true story here. One fella is very lucky ( or very pandai calculating ) . He can win 2 out of 3 draws in a week. His winning is small. Like maybe RM2500 or max RM5000 per draw .

This keeps on for 3 months . The following month he went missing without a trace. What happened to him is anyone guessing .

Dear Bro Moosang .

Msg #293
08-01-2014 05:22 pm

If you are really leaving , that be a loss to this forum.

Then again , who knows a better would appear,

also please bear in mind I have nothing personal against you. I dont even know you. Or should I? Unless you are someone really famous ?

With that good luck to everyone here for todays draw.
Msg #294
08-01-2014 05:26 pm

What number is good to buy for magnum today?
Msg #295
08-01-2014 06:38 pm

Hello everybody.. Today

Try4luck TOTO- 3484
@-Dn't 4get 2ibet
Msg #296
08-01-2014 06:41 pm

Dear Moto12345

The reason why using the past result to create incoming draw result was because magnum always create their draw number using the past result.. It was called as a trend number/trend nos/hot number..

For example, yesterday i missed jackpot 1 magnum but won second prize at illegal place.. For the first prize, i missed 1D nos yesterday.. I will show you how i got that number using cincai method :

Magnum first prize on 1.1.2014 = 0429
Magnum first prize on 5.1.2014 = 4972
This was set of number that has same 3D nos (429)..The chart was :

0 4 2 9
4 9 7 2

So i got 9240..

Magnum third prize on 4.12.2013 = 3109
Magnum third prize on 25.12.2013 = 1790
Same 3D nos was 390..The chart was :

3 1 0 9
1 7 9 0

I got 1730 and won second prize yesterday.. But for jackpot, i bought 9240 and 1730.. The result come out as 9340 and 1730..

I already says, to use this method, has its own rules.. Without having understand clearly about the rules, could end up pick the wrong past result to pairs.. When that happened, you will got the wrong 4D nos but that 4D nos may appear in the incoming draw ( maybe one month later)... You can also also use the newest result (yesterday).. Search the past result to find any number that has the same 3D nos for pairing with yesterday result.. Instead of pairing the newest one, i choose to pairing with the oldest one for today because i'm expecting 5.1.2014 result magnum first prize 4972 appear again as 9072.. Magnum style always like that, the repeating number appears.. Because the trend for repeating number was short.. Example is 9833 third prize 31.12.2013 appears as 8633 second prize on 1.1.2014 and appears again as 6398 first prize on 4.1.2014... If you create from the newest result also can get a same 9072.. The chart was like this..

Magnum 1.1.2014 first prize = 0429
Magnum 5.1.2014 first prize = 4972
Same nos was 429, the chart is :

0 4 2 9
4 9 7 2

9072 also can get from this chart.. I just one to show you the link between using the newest result and using the old result.. Its clearly give some view how the past result and the newest result produce a link between them..

Msg #297
08-01-2014 06:49 pm

Dear Sifu4D

9920 also a good number.. Because zero digit appear yesterday on podium.. When the zero digit appear, the double digit may appear for today draw on podium or will appear on saturday draw.. 9920 also had double digit (99).. But if you wanna bet this number, can try.. I just give some opinion.. Depends to you now because i still searching for the right answer why i always lose on wednesday draw..

Msg #298
08-01-2014 06:52 pm

Bro moosang,

How to get direct number at cincai method that you mention above?
Is it need to count or just randomly pick?

Msg #299
08-01-2014 06:56 pm

Hi Guys
Today spreadsheet shows direct 4326 & 5346 for SGPools. Check with hexchart and Pandora, all in..
Check with past counter's results show:

- Sportotot 4d Special 04-Jan - 6453
- Saba88 4D Special 28-Dec - 3564
- SGPools 1st - 28 Sep - 6453

- 3D+1 Consol 5-Jan - 4623
- Magnum Consol 31-Dec -4326
- SGPools - Consol 28-Dec -4362

These numbers are the imaginary numbers ...
Let see how the result today later.

Msg #300
08-01-2014 07:41 pm

Oh pandora box kene bomb . Then again you cant expect to really win week in week out ya .

so bro moonsan , hoe many tens of thousands you wins today? I hope you are feeling better oledi

to the rest of us ... worry not. There is always tomorrow .
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