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05-01-2014 04:37 pm

base on giugno128 pandora box i predict 3658.. need to check tonight how..peace
Msg #122
05-01-2014 04:54 pm

hi master sifu,

Can you help me see my luck on? I'm born in " rooster " year..
So any luck for me in year of 2014.
Thanks for the advise,,
Msg #123
05-01-2014 05:40 pm

Dear master sifu i born in pig year how about my luck this year pl...
Msg #124
05-01-2014 06:29 pm

Dear moosang thanks a lot 4 ur kind explain
Msg #125
05-01-2014 06:35 pm

sorry for the mistake in typing...
cant find the winning no. and still confuse even after reading through the december forum...
please guide me brother...im sorry if i am bugging you...
i am ready to learn new method from u moosang and giugno128...
thanks in advance
Msg #126
05-01-2014 08:23 pm

the numbers for SG Pools did not strike
but one of the numbers for Magnum came out 2nd prize as 2694
Msg #127
05-01-2014 08:40 pm

Yesterday is 4566

today is 1488

pandora box is stiLL da man
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05-01-2014 09:13 pm

Hye members

Congrates to all winner here for today.. I also won big today at illegal place.. $70k for magnum 1st prize 4972 and $70k for toto 1st prize 0476..

Seems my Hex chart can predict well for toto too.. Today also prove that chart consistently impressive to predict podium number like i says in my previous comment ( it can predict the podium number for incoming 5 year draw and more ).. The positioning for each podium number also near located, just same with my hint how to use that chart.. Lets look together for today magnum result :


Now look the podium digit in the chart, same goes with my hint or not.. Near located or not..


Msg #129
05-01-2014 09:30 pm

Hi bro moosang congrats on your winning.. I hope i can be a winner as you are..but sadly im not..

I hope i can learn the chart like you mention above..
Just need something good for this month..

Msg #130
05-01-2014 09:37 pm

Hi members


MAGNUM ( 11 HITS) SUN 05-JAN-2013
HITS: 1ST - 4972 3RD - 8426
SPECIAL: 9647 6314 7566 8894
CONSOL: 2450 0657 9620 5767 1488

HITS: 1ST - 0475 2ND - 2694 3RD - 2506 (HOME RUN) smileysmileysmiley
STARTER: 2373 6899 7412 9547 2675
CONSOL: 6230 6925 8763 6497 6694 9682

Well, I think just because of Sat's weak hits, today's is the highest hit so far...

Congrats to those who are laughing to the Bank tomorrow.

Msg #131
05-01-2014 09:47 pm

Congrats bro moosang,
Your chart performs well :)
My 2D predictions are not good, that is why my 4D distorted.....
Must look deeper ...
Msg #132
05-01-2014 09:58 pm

Hii bro Moosang. ..
Congrats on yr big winning. . Happy for u.. =)

Bro I hav a request if u don mind helping us.
Still confused what number to buy.
Too many numbers can b created. Money lose more than money come in.
Can we request.
If bro don't mind..
Example. Created few 4 digit number for us so that we can buy n try... than always lose more.
I hope u can help us for this Tuesday and Wednesday. Please bro.
Msg #133
05-01-2014 10:00 pm

R u in terenganu side bro moosang?
Wish I can speak to u personally.
Or email.
Msg #134
05-01-2014 10:02 pm


a) use a pen and paper, write down moosang's hex chart like this (without the dots)

b) 1st Row, digit 4 in line (vertically) with 2nd Row digit 9
c) 5th Row, digit 2 in line vertically with 4th Row digit 0

Today's 1st prize is 4-9-7-2
Look at 1st Row, find 2 (last digit),
Look at 2nd Row, find 7, 5th digit
Look at 3rd Row, find 4, 5th digit
Look at 4th Row, find 9, 5th digit.

It form 2-7-4-9, noticed it is linked without a break..!!

LoveCat & BlueCat (2 Cats)
Pandora doing well for Magnum & SGPools


(a) Look at column A, 2nd Row, digit 4,
Look at column B, 1st Row, digit 7
Look at column C, 1st Row, digit 9
Look at column D, 1st row, digit 2
Form Magnum 1st prize 4972

(b) Look at column A, 2nd Row, digit 4
Look at column B, 4th row, digit 0
Look at column C, 3rd row, digit 5
Look at column D, 4th row, digit 7
For SGPools 1st prize 0475

These is how you read both Hex Chart and Pandora.
Msg #135
05-01-2014 10:06 pm

My number always jump counter or either miss 1 number. . Always for magnum n toto
Msg #136
05-01-2014 10:20 pm

Bro moosang this is my mail
Ptashmin @ Gmail dot com

I need to ask u abt my method. Hav been trying it but most of the time it is drawn in sg
Msg #137
05-01-2014 10:34 pm

Bro Giugno

Your pandora is very good but i still dont know how to choose the number from column A , column B , column C and column D .

can you please give some hints ?

Thanks Bro
Msg #138
05-01-2014 10:42 pm

Thank you to all sifus for teaching us to fish instead of giving us fish. It has been very informative.
Msg #139
05-01-2014 10:44 pm

Dear Yenzare

That chart was design from 1985 result until 2010 result (magnum).. All 3D nos trend from 1985 until 2010 was in there.. Means here, any repeated trend for the next draw, the nos already in the chart.. Because all counter 4D using the same strategy, they will repeat the nos trend again.. For example, 2005 result, the nos trend was similiar with 1998 result.. 2013 result was similiar with 1987 result.. Its doesnt matter how Big Bro change their strategy, because all trend nos was in the chart.. It doesnt matter if they put 2020 result similiar with 2015 result because the trend nos was same..

I created this chart on March 2011 with my girlfriend.. Before the chart was made, i used my time to find the trend nos, study hard from 1985 result.. Why i choose 1985 instead of 2000 or 2001 or more? Because the concept was "create from the old thing to get a new one".. Example, from the old version of computer, cellphone, people create a new computer with small size, a new cellphone using the same formula they created the old version of computer, cellphone and more things.. I used that concept to created the chart.. So whatever happened, Big Bro 100% will created his strategy using the old result/ trend nos..

My girlfriend was a genius.. She has 190 IQ level.. She can answer mathematic simple question around 5 second without using pen/paper and calculator.. 223333 divide by 44 = ? I'm sure we here take more than 5 second to answer this question.. It was a piece of cake for her.. Because of her intelligence, i gave all 3D trend nos to her to solve the 4D problem, how to win consistently.. She took around 10 minutes to perform that chart.. Most importantly, location digit for podium number was near in the chart.. I tried to perform my own chart but put the same digit in different place, the result was none ( i means location digit for podium number was far away).. I asked her how she was able to put the digit like that? Unfortunately, i didnt understand a single things from her explanation.. 2012, my girlfriend died because of leukemia disease..

I'm using that chart from 2011 until nowdays and won consistently.. That chart was my biggest method for me how to find 4D nos.. But before i'm using the chart, i used my second method to find the right 3D nos for the next draw.. After i found the 3D nos, i saw in the chart, where that 3D nos located in the chart.. If it was located on the left side of the chart, i will pay more attention to the left side only in the chart.. Because the podium number was near and in the left side.. If i found the 3D nos was in the middle of the chart, i will pay attention in that area only..

So if you wanna used this chart, i suggest to you to copy the chart in your paper/diary/book or something else.. Put the digit same with the original chart.. If the chart has 5 column, you need to make 5 column also.. Easy to says, copy 100% the original one i already share here.. Because if someday later i did not come to this forum again, or i already die, nobody dont know this chart was created by a genius girl.. I decided to share the chart here because i want to helps people.. If i'm die, i still helps some people because of the chart..

So you need to find the right 3D nos for incoming draw.. Lets says your 3D nos was 201 and it was the right nos, then look at in the chart, where 201 located in the chart.. Lets says 201 was in the bottom side, so pays attention in the bottom area, the podium number was near.. All three podium number, the location digit was near each other.. Sometime only two podium number located near each other..

Last night, i says in my previous comment when talking with bro Giugno, i says in my method, 3D nos trend was 579 and expected multiple digit appears in magnum podium today.. Yeah, all podium number was multiple digit for magnum.. How i know that? Because nos 579 was in the right side of the chart.. Look in the chart, around 579 nos was multiple digit.. And around 579, all podium number for magnum was in there, near located for each other and also in the right side of the chart..

Hopefully you understand how to use the chart.. This chart can predict by using straight line or curve or zig zag or anything as long as the digit was near located with the right 3D nos..

Good Luck!

Msg #140
05-01-2014 10:47 pm

Bro moto12345
From Msg#143, do u understand?
Choosing number from Pandora is not difficult. The question is which digit to choose from.

First, write down all 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize for the past 5 draws.
You know 4D form using four digits which involved digits 0 to 9. Once you have completed the past 5 draws,
(a) Look at digit 0, how many times its hits top 3 within the 5 draws and how many times it did not appear.
(b) Repeat above (a) for digit 1.
(c) Repeat above (a) for digit 2.
(d) Repeat above (a) for digit 3
(e) Repeat above (a) for all digits 4 to 9
(f) From here, you have to study the possible which digits will come out for the next draw. write them down. Choose the best 3 or 5 digits that you think it may come out. e.g. digits 4, 8, 9 , 0
(g) See whether 1st prize favour which digits. (most frequent hits)
(h) See whether 2nd prize favour which digits.
(i) See whether 3rd prize favour which digits.

With all these info in hand, you will able to form e.g. 1st prize will have digits 89,

Using Pandora, looks for 89....
Column A, 4th row, digit 9
Column B, 2nd row, digit 8
so left column C, digits 9,1,5,3
also column D, digits 2,8,4,7

Unless you able to have one confidence digit lets said digit 7 (also in column D) with 897, the last digit will be 9,1,5,3

Your 4D numbers would be 8979-8971-8975-8973
This is how you use Pandora.
You need other methods to get 2Ds or 3Ds...
Good Luck.
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