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04-01-2014 06:47 pm

Dear All here is my prediction number for Magnum, Toto and Damacai today and tomorrow: 3761, 3874 and 3985
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04-01-2014 06:59 pm

Hi Luckytwin13
Pandora is calculated using Excel created by myself. Based on past data's.
I believe another person that understands is bro moosang.
use it as a tool
Good luck
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04-01-2014 07:39 pm

Pandora created based on past data's, you have to make your own choice which numbers to choose.
(a) choose any 4D number in column A B C & D, try the Luck
(b) used your own method to find 2D or 3D. then counter check the Pandora to check for additional digit.
Past records proved the Pandora can strikes 10+ numbers each draw, incl. top 3.
It is a good tool as guide.
Good luck
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04-01-2014 08:27 pm

Dear Yoyo

Do you know who i am in that website? I am one of the predictors in that website for magnum.. We have more than 10 people running that website + make some prediction there based on what counter we are good with..
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04-01-2014 09:03 pm

Bravo bro moosang,
Need to learn more from u.
Msg #86
04-01-2014 09:17 pm

wow !!! somebody i know must have struck the Mag 4D JP today with 6398 & 1975 worth $15 plus M
Msg #87
04-01-2014 09:22 pm

hey , the 2nd JP also swept away
Msg #88
04-01-2014 10:23 pm

Master Moosang and Master guigno and Master 4D
Any number(s) for tomorrow? Sorry ya I keep asking for numbers without putting in effort >.
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04-01-2014 10:38 pm

yoyo, wake up. do you notice that now moosang is not using broken English anymore.
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04-01-2014 10:53 pm


A friend of mine today bought 4656 + 1975 for magnum jackpot.. Unlucky he didnt won too because 4656 turn out as 4566.. I just met him a moment ago at kedai kopi after coming back from my own futsal centre..

Dear giugno

Lets learn together for the sake of each other.. Good Luck!
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04-01-2014 11:08 pm

Bro moosang
Earlier today, someone mentioned about using Magnum 2nd prize to predict SGPools tops. I remembered i read about 3D stuff in Chinese, taking about how to get power digit. Today I used the same method on Magnum 2nd prize, x a simple factor x.xxx and did a backtest. In the whole december, only 4 hits on SGPools top 3. In Nov, none. Therefore, not very effective at all. But from there, I noticed a certain digit pattern and now trying to figure out.

For the past few days, I copied all counters on the Wed's draw (one draw), thinking Pandora can reduced to total numbers of choice to just 102.... 1st testing on today's draw... have not finalize it. Will let you know more likely next week.

Currently, my systems has Magnum data from 1-Oct-2011 up to now and same for SGPools. I think is enough for me to study further. Do not want to involved in other counters but surprisingly Pandora involved in other counter's numbers. These due to the links between counters and only one or two repeats occurred. Also noticed that some special/consolations in past 10 draws, it will appeared in SGPools too.

Will hope I am on the right track, fine tuning, and looking into direct numbers also (which I believe u r good at).

Well, have to stop here.
Have a nice weekend bro.
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05-01-2014 12:11 am

MAGNUM ( 8 HITS) SAT 04-JAN-2013
HITS: 1ST - 6398 2ND - 4566
SPECIAL: 4081 5438
CONSOL: 7349 7494 0713 2503

HITS: 2ND - 9756
CONSOL: 6344 6985 6201 8443

It appears that this Pandora is slightly weak on today's draw...
Let see tomorrow, if no improvement, more likely a trend shift or trend change.
Msg #93
05-01-2014 12:30 am

Bro Giugno

I'm glad because you also trying your hardest to find the right digit pattern/digit trend.. For me, i describe the digit trend as hot and cold number.. I used that ways a long ago up until nowdays to predict, you also know very well about that method.. That why some people here says my method is similiar with cupin method..

I do agree with you, each counter has link between them especially for magnum + sgpool.. But your pandora was a very unique creation i have seen so far.. It was more easier comparing to forecast chart.. I think why your pandora can predict powerfully for each counters, because the nos in your pandora was very hot/trend digit for each counter.. For example, for column A, the nos was hot for sgpool, for columns B, the nos was hot for toto, column C for damacai and column D for magnum.. Meaning here is, the hot nos/digit trend for each counter was same/just different a little bit..

I do not know how to teach people here how to predict direct although i won every week for direct number.. For example last week i won on sunday,tuesday and wednesday.. Believed me, every draw i bought my number without permutation.. My style to play 4D is, bet with small amount only at counter and bet higher at illegal place for the same number.. For example bet $1 at magnum counter and bet $10 at illegal place for the same nos.. I like to play at illegal place because they pays more expensive money as a prize except for jackpot.. To play at illegal place, must bet for direct number only (at my place).. I think the best way to predict direct is we must know very well bout hot nos/digit trend.. I always used that formula to predict direct.. After that, i always look at the past result to search the right positioning for that nos.. For example, i found 3356 in my method, so it was double digit.. Then from the past result, i only pays attention on double digit nos, searching the best positioning.. Let say i found the majority of positioning for double digit always come out was BCAC ( C is nos for double digit ), so i will put my 3356 as 6353 or 5363.. Then decide which one i want to choose between 6353 and 5363.. Honestly, it was very very very hard to predict direct because Big Bro always change their strategies.. It took me around 5 years to be able to predict direct number with high confident level, i think my confident level now was around 75% comparing to my old time, around 20% .. But i believe if we train hard + experience + lucky enough, the confident level to predict direct also increase, i think more than 85%..

So from my method, magnum only, i found nos 579 was hot/digit trend for sunday draw.. Its doesnt mean this nos will appears for sunday draw, but i got some hint from this nos.. By judging this nos, i think the pattern number for sunday draw was multiple digit.. Perhaps more than half from 23 set of number will be draw, it was multiple digit.. I always says from the last month forum, after digit 0 appears at podium, the next trend was double digit.. Look at the last week result until today result (saturday), it was double digit in the podium right? So if you managed to find your trend nos, try compare with my 579 nos, then look at your pandora.. Like i says, perhaps trend nos for every counter was similiar/just different only a little bit.. Your pandora has the answer..
Msg #94
05-01-2014 01:19 am

Dear bro moosang what is multiple digit explain me pl.. Pl...pl....
Msg #95
05-01-2014 03:23 am

Dear riya9041

I will explain the digit very properly for each group of digit.. I classify the digit by group.. I dont know how the others people classify their digit with their method/style.. So i will explain the digit based on my classification..

A) Multiple digit = any digit in 4D nos did not come/repeat in the same 4D nos.. For example, 1975, 6398, 4321 and many more.. Your number 9041 was multiple digit too.. Any digit did not come/repeat in the same 4D nos was called multiple digit..

B) Double digit = any digit in 4D nos come/repeat twice in the same 4D nos but in different position.. For example 4566, 6962, 6642, 9833, 8633, 8184, 9498 and many more.. From this example, digit 6 come/repeat twice to be 66 in 4D nos to became 4566.. Same goes with another example above, any digit come/repeat twice in the same 4D nos, it was called double digit..

C) Triple digit = any digit in 4D nos come/repeat triple in the same 4D nos but in different position.. For example 1110, 2022, 0999, 8878 and many more.. So from this example, digit 1 come/repeat triple in the same 4D nos to became 1110.. Same goes with another example above, any digit come/repeat triple in the same 4D nos, it was called triple digit..

D) No permutation digit = any digit in 4D nos come/repeat fourth time in the same 4D nos and in the same position.. For example 0000, 1111, 2222 and many more.. So from this example, digit 0 come/repeat fourth time in the same 4D nos to became 0000.. Same goes with another example above, so any digit repeat fourth time in the same 4D nos, it was called no permutation digit..

E) Super/ Extra double digit = any two digit in 4D nos come/ repeat twice in the same 4D nos but in different position.. For example 9229, 8877, 4343 and many more.. From this example, two digit repeat twice was digit 2 and 9 in the same 4D nos to became 9229.. Same goes with another example above.. So any two digit in the same 4D nos had repeat twice, it was called super/extra double digit..

Hopefully my explanation helps you.. Good luck

Msg #96
05-01-2014 06:10 am

Good Morning members,

Today i wanna share my tips/method for the next 5 years draw.. I'm using this tips/method from 2011 until now without changing anything and the result was impressive to predict podium number.. From this method, i won consistently every week except for wednesday draw, because it was my bad luck day.. From this method, i won big money at illegal place although i didnt won jackpot at magnum counter yet.. But from my winning money, i have my own futsal centre and planning to open my chicken farm within incoming 1-2 month later this year.. I pays my car + my house without using my salary, only using my winning money that i've won on every week.. I put my monthly salary on fixed deposit and life using my winning money that i've won on every week..

My tips/method is based on hot and cold number, also known as the trend digit/trend pattern.. I will explain later how to use this method/tips.. Its was similiar with Giugno128 pandora + similiar with forecast chart.. The difference is, i put all the hot number and cold number/ trend digit in that chart.. Okay, below was my method/tips :


How to use this chart? Choose any number NEAR each other.. Dont understand? Lets look magnum podium number result on 25.12.13.. The first prize was 0846, second prize was 6081, third prize was 1790.. Look the podium number in this chart, the positioning number for all podium prize was near each other right?

Still dont understand? Let look for yesterday result ( saturday 4.1.14 magnum).. The first prize was 6398, second prize was 4566, third prize was 1975.. Look in the chart, all podium number was near each other right?

Here is the second tips to find the right nos in this chart, you need to know what digit will come out ( multiple digit or double digit or triple digit or more).. For example, if you know double digit will come out, choose your double digit in this chart to become your 4D nos.. For example, look in this chart, find the nos 683.. It was in this chart right? Magnum result second prize on 1.1.14 was 8633.. So if you know the trend was double digit, perhaps by some luck, you pick 6833 in this chart.. But if you choose 6683, you miss 1D nos only for 1.1.14 draw..

If you are hardworking enough, try check the previous magnum result (podium number only) from Julai 2013 until yesterday draw, then look at this chart, the nos was in there or not? If you are too hardworking, check magnum podium result from 2011 until yesterday draw.. Look yourself the nos was in this chart or not.. I am too lazy to check this chart with another counter 4D, so i dont know its can be use for another counter or not.. If you are hardworking, check it by yourself..

Good Luck!
Msg #97
05-01-2014 06:17 am

Aiyookk, the positioning on the chart above was wrong.. Very hard to type some chart in this forum.. The right positioning was below :

# 4#1#0#2
# 1#9#6#5#7#6
# 8#7#8#5#4#3
# 8#0#7#3#9#1
# 2#5#4#2
Msg #98
05-01-2014 06:23 am

Still wrong.. Its hard using notepad to put some chart here.. I will try my best to put the right positioning chart here..


Msg #99
05-01-2014 06:25 am

Orait, the positioning was true in my comment above (refer Msg#105)
Msg #100
05-01-2014 07:50 am

Thank you bro moosang.
As you may had read last month about my new Sequential Method. First section was using cupin, 9 4D numbers listed a series. Second section, get a link between current draw and previous draw and break into 4 sets of 2D. By using two draws and cupin series, plot out the cupin series that has the same 2D. Then I will have 8 different colours in the cupin series. I did that for past 30 draws, this shows a trend also. For prediction, I need to 'GUESS" the next possible colours on the new cupin series, and because of the unique arrangement of the 2Ds, I may physically joined to form 4D. so far, the hardest part is to GUESS which plotted colours will appear.... trend analysis agin.

My method is somewhat similar to yours... after reading yours posts, i think the Seuqential methods - should also plot the position chart....

About Pandora, you are absolutely right about it. It is a powerful tool without positioning. As long as we have a strong 2D and 3D, the fourth digit can pick from it. The restriction of Pandora is confine to 4 x 4 matrices.

Certainly learn a lot here with bro moosang, very much appreciates your effort put. Salute you bro.
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