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30-01-2014 04:43 pm

Mr. Guigno,
I hd backtested in stc some xperiment and the result is quite impressive...I try to pick 2D from previous 1st prze only to predict podium no for nxt draw and the result is up to 70% meaning at least 7 hit in 10 draws....example 1st prze number is abcd so my nxt draw 2d podium prdction is ab/ac/ad/bc/bd/cd...to find 3d shld refer mr. cupin method of +1111,+2222+3333,+4444,+5555..for all podium prize...after got the 3d..minimise nos of 4d sets to bet using your pandora...but ths technique need some time&work...
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30-01-2014 04:48 pm

Hi System7
At least you had figured out to find the 2D first then u made used of cupin to get 3D or 4d and look up in Pandora to finalize your 4D. That is good news so far I have been waiting.

Good work System7....

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30-01-2014 08:10 pm

Hi Sifu,

I are there any post# where i can read how this "method of +1111,+2222+3333,+4444,+5555.." works since i cant locate it here. Is it an old posting. Anyone have the posting number.

If the base number is 8799... then it will be
+1111 = 9910
+2222 = ????

Just a bit confused there
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30-01-2014 08:30 pm

Hi arrows
The method is called cupin method, is posted in different threads.
Is ABCD + 1111, +2222, +3333, + .... +9999. There will be nine system numbers added for the original ABCD. Hope u can understand, it is not just adding only, other methods involved. Hope u understand.

Good Luck
(Master Sifu)
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31-01-2014 12:33 am

Hello Members,
As the SNAKE makes a hasty exit, the sounds of hoofs approaching ushers in the year of the Wooden HORSE...
May all of you be blessed with good health,good fortune and good luck throughout the year....
May all the hardworking "fisherman" be rewarded with "podium catches" throughout the year....
In numerology, snake and horse can be expressed as "1429"
Goodluck and "gong xi fa cai" to all....
Take care and have a wonderful New Year...
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31-01-2014 05:57 pm

Good afternoon

For coming draw 1 Feb 2014
Magnum 2D: 28 - 22- 21 - 26
Magnum 3D: 228 - 128 - 268 - 027

SGpools 2D: 05 - 99 - 0 - 86
SGpools 3D: 058 - 589 - 169 - 379

Good Luck
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31-01-2014 05:58 pm

Previous post, should be
SGPools 2D: 05 - 99 - 08 - 86

Good Luck
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31-01-2014 07:27 pm

hi giugno...can I have the latest pandora box?
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31-01-2014 08:57 pm

Can u get it now?

Mr. Guigno
After running my all method/technique.. among ur 3d I prefer 128...tq.
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31-01-2014 09:24 pm

To all members

Created topic for February 2014 Prediction....
Pls continue from there

Thank you
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