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07-01-2014 06:48 pm

Toto is 9703
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07-01-2014 06:49 pm

Bro Giugno 128

Thanks so much for your very detail explaination. Now i understand better . Thanks again bro

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07-01-2014 06:49 pm

Toto is 9702
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07-01-2014 06:56 pm

bro giugno128
Msg #195
For Wed's draw - SGPools, pls take notes of 079, there are few 079x are hot in the Month of Jan some due to none hit in Dec 12.
As for the Pandora, pls used back the same one... still strong.

B - 0
C - 9
D - 7
A - 3469

So it is 0793, 0794, 0796 and 0799, right ???
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07-01-2014 06:58 pm

Hi guys

I'm just arrived at my home from working place.. Quite busy as well, tonight having part time job at tuition centre.. Good Luck or today draws!

Dear Giugno

About your Sequential method, i understood which part is confusing you.. Me too also confuse at that part, same with your mention.. If i get any idea, i will inform you..
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07-01-2014 07:27 pm

Dear fellows members,

I want to share another method today.. I called this method as "Cincai method/No idea method".. So if you like this method, can try .. If you dont like, please ignore.. I will use this method when tired thinking/tired because of work.. Its also helps me to win some money for at least 2D nos or 3D nos at illegal place.. By luck, 4D nos also appears in this method.. Very simple + easy to understand.. But the rules for using this method is :

1) Generate 4D nos from the past result using the same 3D nos..
2) Understand clearly about number pattern.. This method perform when the repeating number appears continuosly in the draw..
3) Understand what time to use this method..

How to create this method? Also put in the chart, but simple + easy chart.. Choose number had same 3D nos, sometime 2D nos + 3D nos also can.. For example nos 1023 and 1234.. So the same 3D nos was 123.. Lets look how this method work out in the past result in the example below :

Example 1 :

Magnum second prize on 18.12.2013 = 4676
Magnum second prize on 04.01.2014 = 4566
The same 3D nos was 466.. Put in the chart like this :

4 6 7 6
4 5 6 6

So how the result come out? 7566 for magnum starter prize on 05.01.2014

Example 2 :

Magnum third prize on 31.12.2014 = 9833
Magnum second prize on 01.01.2014 = 8633
The same nos was 833.. Put like this :

9 8 3 3
8 6 3 3

How the result come out? 6398 magnum first prize on 04.01.2014

Example 3 :

Magnum second prize on 21.12.2013 = 0318
Magnum second prize on 25.12.2013 = 6081
The same nos was 081.. Put in the chart like this :

0 3 1 8
6 0 8 1

How the result come out? 6180 on magnum second prize 31.12.2013

Example 4 :

Magnum first prize on 14.12.2013 = 4272
Magnum first prize on 01.01.2014 = 0429
The same nos was 224 and 24 ( 2Ds + 3Ds ).. Put like this :

4 2 7 2
0 4 2 9

How the result come out? 4972 magnum first prize on 05.01.2014..

I never pick any number from consolation or special prize for this method.. So i dont know its work too or not by using the same number that has 3Dnos on consolation/starter prize.. If you have enough time, try do your own research/analysis..
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07-01-2014 08:01 pm

bro Yenzare

Can you please share with me how u get the 3 digits 487 ?

Thanks in advance
Msg #208
07-01-2014 08:03 pm

Sifu 4d

8913 can i bet on toto? i bet for 3 times already on toto counter!
3893 can i bet on toto?
Msg #209
07-01-2014 08:06 pm

Today by using my cincai method, i won $50k at illegal place.. By using the past result :

Magnum third prize on 04.12.2013 = 3109
Magnum third prize on 25.12.2013 = 1790
The same 3D nos was 109.. The chart was :

3 1 0 9
1 7 9 0

Result come out as 1730 magnum second prize today..
Msg #210
07-01-2014 08:38 pm

Bro Moosang..

Congrats... Bro i have small request.. why cant you post your predict for us.. Whether it hits or not... We like your style of prediction. So please post yours for helping some poors. Thanks in advance.

Don't think i am asking like this. This is small and kind request.. Looking for your tomorrow predict...

God Bless
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07-01-2014 08:48 pm


it's need a good maths to calculate number by the system? my maths is very worst
Msg #212
07-01-2014 09:07 pm

Hii all. How r u all... best master sifu.. any predictions for tmr?

Moo sang bro, yaa true. We r not good in the maths. No matter how we still don hit much. More less get permutations rm3-15...
Really hope you will help us all here.
Waiting forward for tomorrow predict from u.
We don't ask much. Juz a small kind request
Even if hit small amount 100 we dont mind than rm5.
Even if the number don come out we wont b mad.

We r here on our own will.. n play at own risk.
Just hope moo sang bro will giv us some prediction for tmr. Pls help us the poor one. Yr kindness will giv us a better life.
Thanks bro... and all.
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07-01-2014 09:17 pm

A) Bro moosang
Yesterday, when trying to find a link between each draw, I re-structure the Sequential formula and discovered that I am going ground & ground, no finishing line.....just like cupin method, when the +1111,+2222,+3333,+4444 so on... where is the ending point..

After reading your "Cincai method/No idea method", it gave me an idea. Just like my university's project, create an imaginary number to capture the forecasting number. This imaginary number, is not grap from the air, it must undergoes certain rules, to show a relationship between the draws. Because of this, I also discovered that the numbers in cupin has a certain pattern that may be useful. Now, based on this concept, I redo the Sequential Method - still with +1111,+2222,+3333 so on but this imaginary number will created trend that may similar trend with the past results, just like your Cincai method/No idea method.
Thank you bro, your Cincai method/No idea method just give me a slap and hopeful this the correct way to finish the Sequential Method.

B) Bro AllisWell
Guess you must have forgotten that BIG BRO could be monitoring this forum, any potential direct numbers given could be distorted at the draw.

We can have a test for Wed's draw, later I will put up some potential numbers. We will see whether the strike numbers distorted or not. I would rather teach you to fish then giving you the fish.

Good Luck
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07-01-2014 09:17 pm

Hi guys

My 3d prediction
X=1, 0, 6, 7

4d prediction

Must cover ibox, play at own risk.
If dont like dont follow. Just sharing. Hope can help out.tq
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07-01-2014 09:21 pm

Hi members
Herewith some number for Magnum on Wednesday

Magnum 3D - 932
Magnum 4D - 9023 - 3429 - 9832

Good Luck
Msg #216
07-01-2014 09:23 pm

Congrats again to our Big Bro here which is Bro Moosang. I will try your bro moosang.

* Bro moto12345 *
Actually I follow Pandora 4D which is Bro guigno128 just teach me in previous comment. First of all , I do mistaken by the 1st side. After Bro guigno128 explain now I understand.

I re-do the past result only in Magnum counter with 5 past draw. After you make 0-9 how much it hits. Then , you pick which is highly out from there.

After you pick , just like "Bro Guigno" says, there is Column A,B,C,D. And you write the 2Ds and the other number you choose randomly. After you follow the step than you will get the answer.
Msg #217
07-01-2014 09:28 pm

Bro Guigno128,

Wow! The number just came out from the message #208 you just shown just now. Very impressive. It's hits 3rd prize at Magnum counter but I didn't take it today. I just wanna see the flow is. And now it's really improving.

Thanks for explanation just now Bro Guigno128.
Msg #218
07-01-2014 09:36 pm

Bro yenzare

the 1st and 2nd digit 48 is from the most hits but i am just curious how you choose no 7 ( 3rd digit) . What makes you choose no 7 ?

thanks bro
Msg #219
07-01-2014 09:37 pm

Hi members

Pandora Result for Tue 07-Jan-2014
HITS: 1ST - 9340 2ND - 1730
SPECIAL: 9440-6043
CONSOL: 4033-6394-5768-1686-9741

Later I will put up the new Pandora for Wed, Sat & Sun.

Congrats to all members who get it correct.
Msg #220
07-01-2014 09:48 pm

New Pandora for Wed, Sat & Sun (It was created on 5-Jan-2014)


Good Luck


Msg#208, I made a mistake when reading the column for digit 7.... hahaha, blind chicken eats the worms...

Good luck
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