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18-02-2011 12:12 pm

I'm sure your answer is financial problem. Most of us have financial problem. When we talk about money, it never enough
and never ending stories. From research, player that play lottery basically a person who have high education or have good profession. Only small percent of them is low level worker. In logic, when you have enough money to make a living you are safe enough. For this group of people, playing lottery game is just entertainment. But how about that low level worker or people who have financial problem?

The easier way to outcome this problem is by playing lottery. Let me tell you the truth. Lottery is the game about dream. You buy a ticket that you think soon will realize your dream come true. This is expensive dream. You need to buy it! Everybody have a dream, but I wrote my dream on paper and tick them if I reach them. The word "you can make money only if you have money"
is so damn true. If you ask me why I'm playing lottery, my answer is to challenge myself and improve my coding.

So you want to make money by playing lottery? You must have and invest some money! Do you have answer why you play lottery?
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19-02-2011 10:44 pm

I do agree that lottery is a game about dream.

But then again, it should never turn into an addiction. And that's where the danger comes in.

And I too, 100% agree that when it comes to the topic of money, it's never enough for all of us. Lets face it, who doesn't want to earn a fast & quick buck.

Like a majority of people, I play the lottery because I'm looking to win some extra cash to help me with my monthly expenses. And I would be telling the biggest lie if I said I am not interested in winning the jackpot. Who wouldn't want to win that, huh?

But then, I only play to the extent to how much I can afford to lose. I am not ashamed to admit that I was once a hardcore player, but that has caused me a string of problems. So having experienced the darkside of gambling, I have actually learned my lesson and I play much more responsibly now.

It's true that if you wanna win big, then you gotta throw in some investments. But if you got the patience and you're willing to put in the effort - then you're bound to see results sooner or later :)
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20-02-2011 01:32 pm

hahaha jazz1011,

Looks like both of us have same experience "problem with gambling". hahahaha

History of my prediction tool:
One day long ago, when I'm coding some algorithm logic for one shopping cart to generate invoice number I see some of the number has been drawn in 4D result. Based on that algorithm, I tweak them and test. Since then, I'm playing not like before. I know I have advantage in every draw. The mystery of 4D number has been discover by myself. I learn the hard way. :)
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20-02-2011 02:30 pm

I guess we both learn through the hard way when we first started off in gambling. I can even remember during those days, I never cared about how much I had left in my bank account - and simply just went on buying & buying & buying. It was a bitter mistake.

But I guess this is what experience is all about. It teaches us that gambling is not everything - and we should not drown ourselves in it.

Cupin, I do have to thank you too as I've learnt a lot since the day I stumbled upon your site. Now, I'm much more informed and am beginning to play even more responsibly than before.

Lets help keep this forum alive and help others as well.
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20-02-2011 03:24 pm

Hi jazz1011,

No problem. That is forum are all about. Sharing free knowledge. To take this forum live, it really take my time. I'm realize, this forum is not mine anymore now. It's public! Most of my winning money goes back to this forum. Pay the hosting, pay myself for maintaining the code, administrator the server and make sure it's online! But, it's simply make me happy because I like what I'm doing :)
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20-02-2011 04:45 pm

Hi Cupin,

It's good to see that this forum is gaining popularity now. And it's all thanks to you - for without your generosity and willingness to share your system with us, I myself, wouldn't be able to learn so much as of today.

I would like to help you as much as possible in making the members feel at ease when coming into this forum, but sometimes I do hold back on my postings because I am afraid to say the wrong thing or give out wrong information. You are after all, still the rightful owner and administrator of this site.

And having said that, I do look forward to us going one step closer to winning the big one as each day passes by.
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