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03-02-2011 09:56 am

What do you know about lottery? Most people only know that it is about luck to win lottery. For a person who is not trust on luck like me, to win a lottery really need a hard job. It is not a easy money. Start from study the rules and law then tracking the winning numbers. How to win? Basically, there a more than hundred method to play and win lottery ticket. But I'm only stick with one method and filtering style. This is because I have set a limit when playing lottery.

I'm always seen people don't have patient and just only throw some money and hope for instant win cash prize. They will blame the system that they purchase somewhere on internet. My advice for this people is, stop playing lottery and invest your money in fixed deposit. Personally, I'm will win several small prize and 1 or 2 big prize and it's proven! The winning money from the prizes is not that huge, but it will supplement my monthly income. The rules in any gambling is, to win big we must play big but it's to risk for people like me.

So how to win lottery? It's simple, what you need is patient. Trust yourself.
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03-02-2011 10:58 pm

you are right but sometimes, i think, timing and luck also play an important part.
i;ll share a story of a friend. bought a new car..he bought really big like 200 to 300 rgt big and small on the nbr. he bought for 2-3 draws. then he didn't go buy the number because of heavy rain. that night, number was 1st prize!!
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05-02-2011 03:01 am

Yeah it happen to me also last time. Buying the number for 14 times but miss at the 15 and it drawn as 1st prize. I know how the feeling :) that's why in my prediction tool, you must buy the number at least 9 time
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27-03-2014 01:12 pm

Hi cupin,

If u r still around, I wanna ask where can I take a look see at your prediction tool pls ?
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