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19-03-2011 11:14 pm

I spent my time reading some news on the star and one title catch my eyes. Senior old women has been scam by lottery syndicate. A few month ago, I also receive their pamphlet on my letter box at home. After read them, I just throw it out knowing this already a scam. I feel sorry for that women and 16 others and I hope none of you involve in this story. Please remember, there is no easy money in this world. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/3/19/nation/8303034&sec=nation
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20-03-2011 12:18 am

It's very saddening to know that until today there are still many people (young & old, and even intellectual individuals) who fall victims to lottery scams. Despite the many incidences that occurred and the news that exposed these syndicates, people just never learn.

I guess we can say that the power of greed would always be greater than the power of money. A lust that is hard for any human being to suppress.
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20-03-2011 10:53 am

I agree with you guys.Don't be greedy.I to receive this pamplets all the time in my mail box and i will just throw them cos i know its a scam.So people out there please beware of this scam and as what Cupin said, there is no easy money.
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20-03-2011 12:51 pm

On average there are at least 3 similar stories in a year - printed on newspaper. Yet there are still many falling for this scams!
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