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19-01-2013 01:06 pm

Dear All 4D Warriors,
IF "ME" can generate some STRONG & STRAIGHT 2D for you all to choose, would you be interested?
Beside, How about sharing MORE FREE script or tactic behind this method??
But why "ME"!?
"ME" is derived from 2 words â..Mirrorâ. & â..Effectâ., which under itself finding/method, 9,999 set of No or even 10,000 can be simplified or categorized into 9 set of No ONLY. (From 1 to 9), this thing wonâ..t come easily after from BL self-invented/discover/research all this while, there are 5 element behind this method :
1) See No Differently (Change Them to Big & Small; Odd & Even; Etc.; Etc.)
2) Arrange By Sequence ( From Small To Big )
3) Category The No (Put Them Back Where They Belong.)
4) Standing Position (Let Them STAND-UP!)
5) Finding The Missing No (How Excited When You Know What Answer Is Coming Out NEXT!! )
WOW ! Answer Man !! Do You All Just Want It Straight Away ??? Before we all get the answer, ever think about this the soccer/football match why not they just kick penalty to decide who WIN & lose, still rather go through 90 or maybe 120 minute hard time for just chasing around the ball so to say send it to the net !? Because this is a GAME been created to involved lots of party & eventually become an economy circle. Nevertheless BL believe through some game or exercise, indirectly we built our strength, skill & even USE our brain on HOW to tackle & overcome the entire obstacle. So it drops back the same theory to this 4D game & yet is drop back HOW you see a thing.
Cut It short, why BL talk all about this?! BL donâ..t see self-success unless every 1 achieve the same as . If there are some good & serious members here are looking the way out to strike the 4D, why canâ..t BL share the BEST experience which he gone through.
So, Are You Ready To Follow "ME"?!

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21-01-2013 11:46 am

Thank's for share your method
can you show me an example for this method with number

Thank you in advance
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