» » The old man that buy 4d lottery ticket and never win for life

(a geek)
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22-06-2010 06:59 am

When we go to buy for 4d ticket at the 4D shop, we always seen few old man that buy ticket with full of hope to win on that day. It's including me. Not sure the age when they start and how long they have been playing this game. I always found this old man every draw day to buy ticket. Every single ticket that he buy not less than RM50 and he play not less than 3 ticket. By math, we know then he will spend around RM150 for one draw day. But, I never seen that old man cash out any prizes even box in consolation prize.(as far as i know).

If he spend that money just for hobby playing 4d gambling thats fine because it's your money, but if to get serious income to me it's a waste. Do you play 4d like the old man?
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