Msg #41
07-06-2015 05:49 pm

Dear Sifus...

Happy Birthday to sifu G128! may god bless you. I know i've been very silent these days. Haven't been on here for a long time.
I heard of this new Striker's Podium 3Ds? Is it accessible? I've requested to join the group via email but have yet to receive good news. Hope this would be a great opportunity?

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #42
08-06-2015 04:30 am

Good morning cruizer

The Striker's 3D being doing well, giving all podium/top3 3D, sometimes 4Ds.....and is not release to the public...Sorry, currently we are strict in getting new members becos had bad experiences in the forum before....do not want to spoil it as Sifu is trying his ultimate method on trial..... means a method using podium numbers to produce next podium numbers - direct some more...(i have seen it, when is working, is very zhun..digit to digit transformations)..Thrrefore, do not wish anyone to disturb our forum for the time being...

Well you still pop in here, try to give your work or predictions here.. being silence won't bring you further cos to undersrand other's methods, questions need to be asked and understood...that's is how Sifu picked up his skills from scratch....same for those are still learning including me..

Good luck
Msg #43
08-06-2015 07:01 am

bro dragon,

does it mean I need to provide those 1d-2d prediction for coming draw until certain period, then only got chance to join the group??

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #44
08-06-2015 07:31 am

Hi pallmall8

Know how to predict is one thing... that will save lots of time to explain because in the forum, we are not longer putting up the 1D or 2D, everyone in there already know it... We are concentrating more advance method rather repeating all the basic ones... waste of time...

Another is the correct mind and characters... This is most important. Even you are very good in prediction but not the correct mind, Sifu won't bother to select anyone without positive thinking and minds... We had once a few very good predictors, but at the end, spoil the whole soup... later all bad mouth of the group especially Sifu....were banned later (They did not enjoy the juice at the end....)

So, be positive, unable to join the group is not end of prediction work.... keep on trying... like sis alcyd and sis Mena... they are happily striking numbers almost every draw with their own method after some pointers in the forum...

Good luck

Msg #45
08-06-2015 11:51 am

Hi master g128,

I see ur pandora table very powerfull but do u have pandora table specially made for magnum?

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #46
08-06-2015 12:22 pm

Hi frog

Used the Malaysia's Pandora... it OK..
The simple thing you need to remember, when there is a all PODIUM strikes on the same draw, chances of the next draw, the PODIUM won't be from the same Pandora.

Good Luck.
Msg #47
08-06-2015 01:06 pm

Hi dragon,

Thanks for quick respond. Ok i will the pandora table. Just to ask ur opinion on this no.
1420 on magnum.
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #48
08-06-2015 01:43 pm

Hi frog

Just looking at the yearly/monthly table for Magnum 1420
June should be the best month for this number.. but I believe won't be the coming draw because of the last 1st and 3rd 3DTP 420.

Good luck
Msg #49
08-06-2015 02:36 pm

Hi dragon,
Thank u so much for the advise
Msg #50
08-06-2015 03:19 pm

Bro Dragon. Pandora for msia: last sunday 4 podium from ST/DMC /Mag in d pandora.does this means that it will not work anymore based on your msg 52?
Any reason why digit 8 is not in the pandora ?
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #51
08-06-2015 04:17 pm

From Msg#52

The Pandora will still work, but if there is a 1st, 2nd & 3rd Strikes numbers in the Pandora for ONE COUNTER only, then for that particular COUNTER, the next draw, the 1st, 2nd or 3rd will more likely out of the Pandora box.

There is no particular reason digit 8 was not in there.. More likely will be the least to appear compared with the rests of the digits.... Let's see how the performances of this June Pandora for 2 weeks...

Good luck
Msg #52
09-06-2015 12:24 am

hi dragon,

when i saw past result from magnum podium for june compare with that pandora june i saw many strike but not in the position but that ok for me. the question is do i still can use the pandora table for the next draw? can i still rely on it seems u said it will more likely out of the pandora box.
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #53
09-06-2015 01:42 am

Good morning

From the last Magnum results

1st 8420 2nd 1971 3rd 6402

0369 0634 0969 1394 2389
4638 5110 5228 6838 7096

0204 2199 3062 5531 5587
5643 5809 6942 6984 9303

Malaysia (All Counters) Monthly Pandora for the month of June 2015


1st 8420 (Not in Pandora)
2nd 1971 (In Pandora)
3rd 6402 (In Pandora)

0369 (In Pandora)
0634 (Not in Pandora)
0969 (Not in Pandora)
1394 (In Pandora)
2389 (Not in Pandora)
4638 (Not In Pandora)
5110 (In Pandora)
5228 (Not In Pandora)
6838 (Not In Pandora)
7096 (In Pandora)

0204 (Not In Pandora)
2199 (In Pandora)
3062 (In Pandora)
5531 (Not In Pandora)
5587 (Not In Pandora)
5643 (In Pandora)
5809 (Not In Pandora)
6942 (Not in Pandora)
6984 (Not In Pandora)
9303 (In Pandora)

A total of 10 Hits incl two Podium.
This Pandora still good, more likely will see some hit in PODIUM for Wed.... because only 2 hits in podium. If there are 3 hits in PODIUM, the next draw will have more non-podium hits... and some will have NO PODIUM hit (But only 3Ds PODIUM hits). This is how most of the Pandora will behave.

How this is clear enough...
Is all up to you, whether you still need this Monthly Pandora or not.. For me, no longer using it.

Good luck
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #54
09-06-2015 01:49 am

Further, the numbers in Pandora are not direct. All system numbers .. Pls take note.
Msg #55
09-06-2015 04:02 am

Thank u so much dragon..thanks for the advise.
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #56
09-06-2015 04:07 am

Bro frog

Seems like you are buying a lots of numbers from two posting here !!
Pls reduce, you won't gain much at the end of the day...

Good luck
Msg #57
09-06-2015 04:30 am

hi master dragon,

do have email? i want to email u some number for advise.
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #58
09-06-2015 05:36 am

kekeke... sorry, can not give in open public... cannot handle lots of queries...

You have to go to 4dpredict or 4d2u or myfreepost to do the checking of the numbers you are asking... try to read the pattern of hits... yearly or monthly. That should give you a rough idea when the numbers will be out as non-podium or podium.

Good luck
Msg #59
09-06-2015 06:59 am

Buddy dragon are so busy 1, he early early morning have to press ON and OFF button. kekekeke
Msg #60
09-06-2015 07:33 am

Hi everyone who playing the SGP Counter, here is the confirmed 3D three nine seven for staters prize on wed draw.

Good Luck everyone.
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