Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #21

04-06-2015 04:24 pm

Good day alang

Master Sifu Best 4, is doing fine. Seldom giving lucky cycle/days but still a joyful, happy go lucky person.

As for 3D 788, seems a bit too early to invest because only 3 gaps for 3DTP... for 3DTP 335, as it is not a very active 3Ds, it may hit TOP3 within 2 months or so...

Good luck


Msg #22

04-06-2015 06:19 pm

What the number this satuday


Msg #23

04-06-2015 06:20 pm

Give me number


Msg #24

05-06-2015 07:44 am

Hi Maxley, u can learn how to predict number more reliable rather than just asking number, cheers. There are many useful information and teaching in this forum by sifu giugno. You can search it and study from there. good luck

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #25

05-06-2015 07:50 am

Hi Buddy

I answered your HI THERE!!
Yet you disappear again .... why playing disappearing acts so often...trying to play difficult to catch like tour 1D....hehe..
One method of getting 1D is there...Sifu hints...5 elements transformations....16 can transform to either 38 or 27...the chart given lah...kekeke

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #26

05-06-2015 10:55 am


Where are you ?
Pls go back to our forum and read the posting...
Very fast and effective way to get PODIUM numbers ... hahaha as Sifu mentioned in his signature...

Winning forces are in OUR CONTROL... hahahaha..


Msg #27

05-06-2015 03:44 pm

Hi Sifu g128 and Dragon

Is the Pandora Box for May applicable for this month?

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #28

05-06-2015 06:41 pm

Hi alang
Is Monthly issue.. May is for May.

Currently, we are very busy with the new Striker's Podium 3D, no time to produce the Monthly Pandora for June 2015... you have to wait a few days later when Sifu is free...

Good luck

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #29

05-06-2015 06:42 pm

But you still can prefer to the May's Pandora... slowly will loose it's effectiveness if the trends changes...

Good luck


Msg #30

06-06-2015 08:05 am

hi dragon..
i m new..and i wish to learn more from all the sifu here..i play singapore counter...pls share some info...

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #31

06-06-2015 09:19 am

Hi tuD
Have you learned from previous posts (start reading from 2014 till now), how to get 1D or 2D?

Else, how to teach as I do not know your skills?

Good luck


Msg #32

06-06-2015 01:32 pm

Hi Dragon

Noted and thanks. Today all the Podium Number in the Pandora Box for May. 3789-7654-0182.

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #33

06-06-2015 03:21 pm

Did you won Alang?

For my group, we strikes SG 2nd and 3rd... most of us... kekeke
For Magnum, our predictions hit 1st and 2nd... hahaha.

Congrats to all winners...


Msg #34

06-06-2015 04:17 pm

Nope I stop using the Pandora Box for May. Anyway, congrats to you and your group for striking 2nd and 3rd prize.

(Pandora Master)

Msg #35

07-06-2015 02:47 am

SG Monthly Pandora for the month of June 2015

SGPools Pandora 4D (Every draws there always some hits....) Forming your System 4D numbers as follows:

a) Choose only ONE digit in EACH Column to form 4Ds.
b) 4Ds formed are system numbers.

Choose Column W: 2 Column X: 9 Column Y: 7 Column Z: 9 to form 6979

Choose Column W: 0 Column X: 3 Column Y: 1 Column Z: 9 to form 0319


May the winning forces be with you all always !!

(Pandora Master)

Msg #36

07-06-2015 02:49 am

Malaysia (All Counters) Monthly Pandora for the month of June 2015

Malaysia Pandora 4D (Every draws there always some hits....) Forming your System 4D numbers as follows:

a) Choose only ONE digit in EACH Column to form 4Ds.
b) 4Ds formed are system numbers.

Choose Column W: 2 Column X: 2 Column Y: 0 Column Z: 6 to form 2206

Choose Column W: 1 Column X: 4 Column Y: 3 Column Z: 9 to form 1439


May the winning forces be with you all always !!


Msg #37

07-06-2015 03:28 am

Hi, Dragon.. to what i unserstood is the 1D which is commonly refer to the missing no. of top3,
then 2d, normally i used LD & FD method to get it...
i.e.. singapore pools 6/6/2015 prediction
missing no. 6, 8
LD : 51, 13, 53
THEREFORE 516, 518,136,138,536,538

Month of May pandora :


so will this 516, 518,136,138,536,538, how am i apply to the pandora ?

(Pandora Master)

Msg #38

07-06-2015 04:18 am

Hi tuD

You have your 3D sets...516-518-136-138-536-538

Now look at the May pandora. taking 516 first
The column W Y & Z, having digits 516. The only column that is still available is column X = 4-8-7-3
So the matching for 516 would be 5164-5168-5167-5163 4 sets of 4Ds.

With 5164-5168-5167-5163, you still need to check whether is a good number to invest for coming draw or draws. Goto 4D2U, Myfreepost, keyin your 4D number and study the trends.... The more you practice, the more FEEL you will have for better selections of numbers.

Good luck


Msg #39

07-06-2015 04:26 am

thank you sifu..


Msg #40

07-06-2015 07:10 am

hi, sifu g128..
today prediction dun hv 1D,..what should i take?...aiming for the hot..cold no.... from that i manage to get 3D 249...and looking at the pandora...i perfer 1 or 5, by checking 4d2u, seems 1 has more chances coz its gap was lapse....

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