Msg #181
14-06-2015 02:43 pm

Hi sifu Lucas. We all very happy for today result. Thanks again for the tips and reminder. I also got the 4509 consolation prize. U also not bad, won few k on that. I believe u will gain the cheque on wed draw. Keke Keke. Good luck to u.
Msg #182
15-06-2015 05:33 am

thanks for sifu g128, i have won for saturday m6 7596 mbox and sunday 2310 mbox.
i have my 3d and i found 1d from pandora, again thanks for sifu g128!
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #183
15-06-2015 09:17 am

Oh.... must be declared as 4D REST day ...

Msg #184
15-06-2015 09:41 am

@ Dragon

No rest day for me bro....keke...just finis my "homework".

For the next 2 draws (17/6 & 20/6), tell the guys to watch out for targets fourseveneight and fiversevenniner. Their weekly cycles are approaching. Catch 'em good when they appear, esp. the 1st one.

Bullet heads good for this baby will be evenly spread out betw small and big sum 1Ds, i.e. "0", "2", "3", "6" and "8". The last 3 bullet heads are my heaviest ammos for it !

For the 2nd target, 1d "6" matched with it will be the POWER number for the rest of the month. A MUST BUY ! Double-headed bullets of "7" and "9" are also good to slay this dragon too....oopps, I mean the UFO, not you bro.

Watch these 2.

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #185
15-06-2015 10:07 am

Thank you Sifu Lucas...
Very much appreciates your advise

Good Luck to you too.
Msg #186
15-06-2015 10:55 am

Thanks Sifu lucas for the sharing.
Buddy dragon, my KEKEKE so many ppl like to use already, even sifu lucas also used it, hahahaha.
Msg #187
15-06-2015 02:28 pm

congrat sifu Lucas
thanks for sharing...
i oso grabbed 5249.and thats my fav. number too.
and congrat to all the winner too..
wooo..happy happy..day
Msg #188
15-06-2015 10:49 pm

supporting g128.

430 ~ 876 ~ 953 ~ 974 ~ 744

If go center podium can remember digit '2' for Malaysia

Sharing. Huat huat!!

For Singapore, center podium can consider digit '2' or digit '3' or both.

Sharing. Huat huat!!.

Talking only about center podium.

Sorry SEA games getting to me.
Msg #189
15-06-2015 11:35 pm

Very good morning sifu g128 and other sifu,

I got 2d but i dont know what another 1d to make perdect looking 3d.
33xx 00xx 46xx 77xx
Msg #190
16-06-2015 02:17 am

Good Morning to All the Sifu and Members and to you Frog.

Like you I came into this house a few time but no one around and I went over to next door a number of time. Time and again no one answer the call.

This time is great to see this house come alive again. Is just too great. I look forwards and wish every members have a great time with the unselfish guardian from the expert here.

Oh my the way I am Khiang having problem login and has to create this new account just this morning.

Thank to the one who created this site, all the sifu and members that keep this site alive again.

Huat Ah!

Huat Ah!
Msg #191
16-06-2015 03:14 am

hi khiang is that u??

what happen to our forum next door. where is john?? not active then i ran here.
Msg #192
16-06-2015 03:51 am

Hi ppl,

Good morning to g128,lucas,dragon and all members,

I too post here previously,happy to be here again

I got some 3D worth looking at for coming Wednesday M6 draw and other counter too all prize

Break it into 3 sets

Set A


Set B


Hope sifu g128 can help to check the above 3D for M6 thanks

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #193
16-06-2015 06:12 am

Hi raffle

Too many 3D .. sifu will not check for you..pls goto 4D2U or myfreepost and check it yourself..

He rather do some other most productive work then checkings..

Good luck
(Pandora Master)
Msg #194
16-06-2015 06:31 am

Hi raffle

With due respect and be fair to other Sifu/predictors in other sections. They spent lots of time to predict and give it free here...
Please DO NOT bring their numbers here and ask for advise...
If you choose to believe their work then you should buy. If you hv doubts, do not buy or follows.

You are not giving respect to brother deng's group if you ask my advise on their works...

Msg #195
16-06-2015 07:02 am

Hi g128 and dragon,

I think you got things tangled the word word m6 is not used by Dengs group only its widely use by all kekeke


The number are not taken from anywhere its my own work, if its same as Dengs group then there is a possible winning number kekeke

I did checking on all numbers already just want to compare g128 reading for knowledge and finalizing kekeke

The numbers are good for magnum and other counter.Prepare for podium also with the numbers above

Its a free forum if my request not meet no problem just sharing

Msg #196
16-06-2015 07:13 am

WA, what happen guys, KEKEKE used again, copyright copyright. hahaha.
(Pandora Master)
Msg #197
16-06-2015 07:20 am

Hi raffle

OK.. then good luck
Msg #198
16-06-2015 08:27 am

Hi g128,

Thank you

For any member want use my 3D,do some homework dont choose all 3D only selected one

Good luck all

Msg #199
16-06-2015 12:40 pm

Good luck raffle. Nice 3d u got.
Msg #200
16-06-2015 03:27 pm

Hi! Frog (Ref Msg #196)

That me Khiang. I went there a number of time and to this site too but the house were all empty.

This time I make an attempt to drop by and to my surprise this house is full of live again and that is wonderful.

by the way lead for this coming Wed draw?
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