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09-03-2014 12:20 pm

Hi members

Singapore Malaysia 4D Punters, Beware!!


Recently, one of my close friend has been hit by a 4D scam operating in Malaysia. He saw a posting in one of the site and call to find out more about it. This fraudster by the name of Jay claim that he has insider people working in Singapore Pools and that the people in Singapore pools are able to know the top prizes number. To make the story very convincing, he has mentioned that this can only happen when the insider staff is on duty. Also, he justify his claim by giving fake winning ticket with heavy bet of $50 – $200 on direct number over the last 2 years. To make the story very convincing, he will send you the number and give you a guide to place very heavy bets ranging from $200-$500 on it.

When the number didn’t strike, he will give you some excuses that something happen during the draw, and he will coaxes you to cough out more for this membership fee which ranges from $1800 – $4800 even offering a full refund in the process for you to bait the offer if the number does not come up in the next draw.

Anyone who stays in Malaysia or know the higher Malaysia authority / police and can help to trace this fraudster, put him to jail to pay for his crime and help my friend to recover his money.

This fraudster main target is those people who visit 4d prediction sites in Singapore and Malaysia. He will target both Malaysian and Singaporeans.

Please help to spread the word around the 4D fraternity to prevent innocence people from losing their hard earn money.

Details require are:

1. full name
2. i/c no
3. date of birth
4. contact no
5. male/female
6. place to bet

You can be a winner too, just to signed up as members today.

There is two category:–
Starter prize winning :- SGD1800
Top Prizes winning :- SGD4800/3600
Winning is guaranteed in one draw.

Do not get trap....Pls play safe and well..

Good Luck
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09-03-2014 12:45 pm

Recently I had came across numbers like 43 and 922 a few times in a day. So I was thinking it has something to do with luck hmm..
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09-03-2014 12:50 pm

hi sifu giugno128.. thank you for sharing 3d excel..
n thank to warn me n all member about that fraudster.. yesterday i make 1d n try to match with 3d.. but so hard to picked the right 3d.. too many 3d to match with 1d .. i not confident what i did.. if u not busy can u give 3d today.. so i can macth your 3d with my 3d..
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09-03-2014 01:11 pm

Hi nobi89
Well, is both LUCK and your mind....
Do not think of striking 1st prize while you are doing your work.... If not all your results are distorted...... that also some times blamed it on LUCK.... LUCK are not to blame.... LUCK is sometimes it helps to steer towards good things....

To increase your LUCK, you need to be normal, calm to look into the trend... just like bro myellow, he spotted 2D 16... You too, you have learned the 1D and 2D, applied them.... match with the 3D Excel.... Spotted the more likely hit 3D from the excel, you will get it correct...... as more practice, you will hit more 3D... by then, it is time to look into podiums numbers....

Learn how to spot the best 3D for the coming draws....
Good Luck
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09-03-2014 01:28 pm

Hi Sifui Giugno 128, Can you also pls share your excel spreadsheet for Singapore Pools to me. Here is my email address: bembolus at yahoo dot com. Many thanks in advance Sifu Giugno.
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09-03-2014 01:32 pm

Playing my regular numbers for Singapore pools today box/ibet 2108, 2107, 1236 & 1235.
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09-03-2014 01:35 pm


Pandora 3D for Sun 09-Mar 2014

Magnum 3D: 431-903-026-304
SportToTo 3D:896-720-312-188
Sabah 3D: 581-125-124-607
SGPools 3D: 876-310-246-078

Good Luck
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09-03-2014 02:23 pm

Msg #269
09-03-2014 03:04 pm

@bro giugno I just guessing, less question cause ppl more,transfixed on on the missing plane MH 370. my heart aches now. Yesterday totaly no mood to do anything else. As of now still cannot find the plane. Preparing for the worse, too long already still no trace.
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09-03-2014 03:08 pm

@ sifu best. Congrats on your win.
Good luck to all playing tonight.
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09-03-2014 03:20 pm

Hi guys/gals,
Here are 1Ds to match with your 3Ds. 1947632/69823541.
Good luck.
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09-03-2014 03:37 pm

Hi lucky6719
Sad to see such things happen for plane....
One thing I still do not understand...

a) If the plane was happened in mid-air, no matter what it is, lots of thnings would had fallen onto the ground or sea. Why still no trace of debris? Depending on the flying height, the areas of objects fallen onto the sea would be huge and until now, still not trace?

b) If the plane was crashed into the sea, same, still not trace of debris?

If above (a) & (b) is not truth, then two things can happen even there is no SOS from the plane...
1) The plane was forced to fly to other locations, Hijack
2) The plane was captured by who , whom or what (UFO??)

Well, just a two cents contributions.... Nevertheless,
feel very sorry to all the families, friends etc....

Pray to all those on board, hope that some good news about the plane can be heard soon.

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09-03-2014 04:08 pm

No one can confirm. Signal loss last seen on radar near Vietnam. To lose on radar suddenly is mid air explosion that's why no,distress call. Similar to,Taiwan case lost on radar,cause it exploded mid air. But cannot confirm cause no debris. I feel they r looking wrong place....(I'm just average person no specialist knowledge like just speculate.) if get hijack also radar can still find such a big plane and If got commercial/ foreign aircraft stray into other airspace surely military aircraft react and chase after the plane asap so this plane could have been spotted. No country got demand from any hijacker kind of not hijacker behavior. Unless they wanted the plane. Ufo maybe la cause really no trace big like elephant with so many ppl surely got trace. No one knows what's going on no closure no clue.
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09-03-2014 05:02 pm

Today for sg I will buy ( hopefully I will make it)

4843, 2690,4356,4051,9033,9194,3407,8716,3010

4843, 9194,9053, 4051,4307
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09-03-2014 05:10 pm

81/74 EA
89/91 EB
51/31 EC

86/68 EA
81/83 EB
68/01 EC
03/30 EA
43/42 EB
23/25 EC

89/98 EA
61/91 EB
02/04 EC
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09-03-2014 05:15 pm

Yesterday i've win 49 EA 55 ringgit.. I've got RM5335.00.
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09-03-2014 05:17 pm

Hi kaki2angka
I know time to time you posted your findings...
Do you mind share you work over here?
Msg #278
09-03-2014 05:21 pm

Just sharing. Sg pools
I bought 9527,4972,2978,8459.ibet.
my own calculation n a bit of cupin
N guino128 pandora method.good luck
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09-03-2014 05:22 pm

Hi kaki2angka
If I am correct, your methods derive from shifting two previous draws's digits.... am I right?
Good Luck in your coming draw
Msg #280
09-03-2014 05:23 pm

go for 4831 at Mag today
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