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06-03-2014 04:58 pm

hi sifu giugno,
so far I'm following your advice and method from disember and up until now..I'm playing at toto counter and got hit few times for iperm..before reading and practising your method, I use to practise this kind of method that I found on youtube..eg:

4025 draw number
4 date of draw 4
3 month + 3
2014 year * * * 7 total
6046 total = 16 = 7 = 5(b) +2014
2021=5 total (b)
* expected 3D number tu come out next draw 675....result toto 2nd 5576..need sharp eyes to look the 1d and found your 1d, 2d and 3d pandora quite interesting to try out.. narrow down my number predictions..
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06-03-2014 05:14 pm

Hi sifu, thanks for the reply in Msg #203 and # 204. Cupin and master sifu Best4 I cannot found any recent post on them anymore.

I have one more question, the Pandora 4D. Study few old post about that but still cannot really understand it.

Pandora 4D for March 2014
Pandora 4D (Every draws there always some hits....)
Forming your System 4D numbers as follows:
a) Choose only ONE digit in each Column to form 4Ds.
b) 4Ds formed are system numbers.
Choose Column W: 2 Column X: 5 Column Y: 5 Column Z: 0 to form 2550
Choose Column W: 1 Column X: 7 Column Y:5 Column Z: 7 to form 1757


May I know how to get the row number such as 2....9...6....4 ? How you get the Pandora 4D ?
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06-03-2014 05:42 pm

Hi chk
Have u read the other post "How to make Pandora 4D"?
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06-03-2014 06:01 pm

Hi Nong737

Your listing looked interesting but i couldnt understand a few things u mentioned so hoping u could explain:
4025 draw number
4 date of draw 4
3 month + 3
2014 year * * * 7 total
6046 total = 16 = 7 = 5(b) +2014
2021=5 total (b)
* expected 3D number tu come out next draw 675....result toto 2nd 5576..need sharp eyes to look the 1d and found your 1d, 2d and 3d pandora quite interesting to try out.. narrow down my number predictions.."

From you above example, i could see 7 (as total) & 5 (as total b).
And u were expecting 3D to be 675 so Where did u get the 6 (in that 675) from
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06-03-2014 06:20 pm

Hi. Arrows
Stick to your own learning first. His method I knew it long ago....may oray not applicable on Magnum still not know because I hv nit tested.
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06-03-2014 08:16 pm

Hi giugno128 (Sifu),

I did not receive the email you were sending out to the members. Could you kindly email to me as well to peterbriankingston(at)gmail(dot)com

thank you.
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06-03-2014 08:41 pm

hi giugno128(sifu)
could u share ur copy excel to me
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06-03-2014 09:15 pm

Sifu Giugno128, please email me a copy of your hard work in excel. Thank you very much. Best4 (master sifu) said my lucky counter are magnum, Damacai & toto (many counters like very prosperous, hehe). So maybe just give me magnum or whichever counter . I have not been doing well for a while. Counting your excel to enRICH my gaming life ! Thank you again, Giugno128(sifu).
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06-03-2014 09:23 pm

hi sifu giugno,

the number 7 derived from the total 16 = 1 + 6 =7 = 5..
somehow the 6 7 5 will come out on next draw and the 1D number I need to lookout the trend through myfreepost web what number less appear..if my analysis is right I may hit the number...
but when I saw your 2d and 3d pandora prediction I try to combine the formula just to see the number trend..but still dont dare to buy direct number since still doing my calculations on the gap like you do..so just buy iperm and win some money..since this formula doesn't strike for 1 2 3 spot
my predictions for 3d next coming draw 3 4 9 but when I look at 2d formula..5 6 @ 6 4 might appear...so I would like to try 6439 at toto this saturday..sifu advise?
Msg #230
06-03-2014 09:34 pm

Hi cruiser, nobi89, lucky93,
First of all, I need to know the counter you are playing, which I only have Magnum, sportoto, Sabah & SG.
The Excel file as mentioned before require members to under 1D & 2D been discussed, or else, the file is no use at all. That's the reason I always ask those request for the file to explain to me how did they derii 1D & 2D. If members fail to understand, it a waste of time & energy afterwhich I do not want to answer unnecessary questions.

The 3D Excel is complies the 3D trends of the said counters. No formula nor prediction in there. Those who received the file requires to update the data themselves when the draw results are out.

I do not courage members to have all files. Only will send one request counter only.

If u do not understand 1D & 2D methods, do not waste time on it.
Further I have rights not to give the file also.
Good luck.
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06-03-2014 09:37 pm

Giugno128(sifu) thousand apology left out my em adress. It is skclw at yahoo dot com. Thank you .
Msg #232
06-03-2014 09:44 pm

Hi nong737,
U r confusing yourself with so many counters to keep track. U r loosing focus....
Try on one counter first...
1D & 2D gives u an idea what r the possible digits may hit especially the 2D, can carry forward for few draws before appear in the draw results. Use a different highlights , u will understand what I am talking about.

3D is another method used to determine which 4D number to choose.
So far all methods discussed are system numbers. Direct numbers, I have no confirm method yet....

Good luck
Msg #233
06-03-2014 11:15 pm

Thanks Giugno128 for your explanations and replied on Msg #220.
I play toto and damacai. Since you don't have damacai data. Then can send me the toto excel data. I will focus on toto only.
My email is: sims_gj at yahoo dot com.

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07-03-2014 12:17 am

Msg #235
07-03-2014 05:58 pm

hi giugno128(sifu)
i play mgnum toto n sgpool..
thanks for sharing..
Msg #236
07-03-2014 08:54 pm

im sorry, just magnum only..
Msg #237
07-03-2014 10:38 pm

sifu any pandora3d for tomorrow?
Msg #238
07-03-2014 10:52 pm

This week, 3D will be from members themselves...
To see whether their hardwork on predictions work for the coming Sat & Sun's draws...

Good Luck
Msg #239
07-03-2014 11:06 pm

Hi members
Sat early morning, I will be in Pulau Ubin to attend some important matters..., consider I am taking time off in this forum.

Therefore, I won't be available for all the queries on 4D for Sat.
Good Luck in your coming draws.

(Master Sifu)
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08-03-2014 08:35 am

Hello Members,
I was looking at the calendar and something caught my eyes....today is the 8th of March and also the 8th day of the lunar 2nd month...which means a "double 8 day"....a sign of double prosperity...
Anyway here are my predictions for this auspicious day (Saturday)
Must cover a bit on Box
Singapore Pools
Must cover IBet
Play the combination that has your lucky number in them...
Good luck and have a wonderful and prosperous weekend
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