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Msg #201
05-03-2014 07:38 pm

Hi all, hope all of you are laughing tonight!!
Giugno128 sifu, Pandora blackhole not effective tonight saved you some money :D haha.

I missed my magnum number by a digit again! look forward to Saturday's draw

Good luck guys!
Msg #202
05-03-2014 07:45 pm

SABAH 4D: 2nd – 1963
STC 4D: 1st - 0837 2nd 5497 3rd - 2184
MAGNUM: 1st – 6845 2nd – 9647 3rd 4250
DAMACAI 1+3D: 2nd – 0215
TOTO 4D: 2nd – 3105
CASHSWEEP: 1st – 7273 3rd – 5227

Congrats to members
Msg #203
05-03-2014 07:46 pm

For Pandora 3D for Wed 05 Mar 2014
Magnum 3D: 413-853-248-069
Sabah 3D: 920(spe – 0291)-744(spe – 4742)-125-103
Toto 3D: 521-742(con - 2647)-821(spe - 6128)-426(spe – 4266, spe – 2647)
SGPools 3D: 459(3rd – 9475)-750-530-982
Msg #204
05-03-2014 07:58 pm

hi sifu giugno....best lah your Pandora 3D....kena abit ibet 3rd price sgpools....laugh la i Sifu tonite....Thank you Sifu Giugno thank you Sifu Best4...love you all la...Huat huat heng heng :)
Msg #205
05-03-2014 08:41 pm

Ok... seems like most members are happy...
Later tonite we will see whether the current trend for Magnum suits which methods, 1D, 2D or 3D (other counters, members can follows the discussion, just used your own counter's data).

Congrats to those who get it correct.
Happy for members really learn.
Hope to see more happy faces....
Msg #206
05-03-2014 11:02 pm

Hit a bit today. 9194 n 2690. I plan to reduce counters. Been trying the method bro giugno ( thanks bro! ) posted in the first page. Sadly ,I derive the number come out in other counter. Based on data in Sabah88 I get 3105 but the no. Come out in Toto. Must try harder!
Msg #207
05-03-2014 11:59 pm

hi sifu giugno128, how to make pandora 3d and 4d? I know 1d and 2d only. Can email me the method if u put it on excel?
my email sims_gj at yahoo dot com.
Msg #208
06-03-2014 12:43 am

Giugno(sifu) & koilip
What Pandora 4ds used for this month?
Msg #209
06-03-2014 01:09 am

Hi joeNoel
Still the same Pandora 4D....

Good nite
Msg #210
06-03-2014 01:09 am

SG people got one counter only..i wish Malaysia also got one counter..today Magnum Toto & DMC open almost the same number at podium..4025 3rd Magnum 3015 2nd Toto 0215 2nd DMC..ppl who reading ticket coding sure die..haha like me..
Msg #211
06-03-2014 10:16 am

Good morning Sims
1D & 2D can performed or computed by excel, these are few methods that I find high accuracy. As for 3D and 4D, the best is getting the correct numbers from the past results...
Since you already know how the 1D and 2D (in this forum), you can get the 3D & 4D from the numbers trends...

Kindly let me know which counter you are playing....
The 3D need to be updated with every drawn results....
From it, hope that you can figure out or spotted the next coming 3Ds.

Good Luck
Msg #212
06-03-2014 11:42 am

Hi deepblue
Every operators has their own SOP (Standard Operating Proceedure), even for their top programmers etc. Their jobs is to have HUGE reveanue and less payout if possible...

SGPools operates differently compared with other Malaysian counters.... and same, you have Magnum, SportTOTO etc because there are East/West Malaysia, the areas are too big.

What I want members to understand, prediction for SGPools is much more difficuit because the SG operator's has many tricks to twists numbers put in public. For my kaiki, we tried about 4 rounds in end of Feb and the last two draws in Mar. Even our potential 3Ds for yesterday's draw also been hold up....also, you can check, for may be two months draws, may be only one or two of our "forum" numbers hit the top. The reason is simple, they also do not want to Wipeout our numbers, they still want to "keep us alive" so that ppl still follows our numbers.....

You can read SG forums, some senior expert sifus there no longer putting up their numbers in the forum because they knew it very well. Only their own kaiki have their prediction numbers.

Why Pandora 4D system running well for months, becuase it contains max 256 systems numbers, sometimes a few repeated. Even Pandora 4D system is not perfrect, the one put in forum can hit 8 to 15 numbers every draw incl. podiums.

3Ds is much accurate and definitely easy to "spot" every month depending on their trend. Some members starting the 3D now, and I believe just matter of times, their skill will improve and can consider EXPERT in 3Ds. 4D, still need luck and more research on trends. For DIRECT or permutation numbers, this part is the most difficult and so far, I have not seen any good system that can give very accurate numbers. Even 4D softwares can give up to 8 to 10 direct numbers without a hit.

Therefore, asking members to concentrate on one or max two counters to play your numbers, may be you have spotted which counters are easy to hit rather than playing many counters HOPING that the numbers will come out...(definetly you have to spend more.... more risk of having no hit).

So, same old saying.....Play Safe and Play well.

Good Luck

Msg #213
06-03-2014 11:56 am

hi sifu giugno,
if I may have a copy of ur excel..my email nong737 at gmail dot com..thanks
Msg #214
06-03-2014 12:30 pm

Hi nong737
Pls tell me which method you have known... give example.
Which counter you are playing..?
From there, I will know whether the 3D is useful to you. If not, you will not understand a single bit of it. Waste of time and energy as you will asking me lots of unnecessary questions later.

Msg #215
06-03-2014 02:47 pm

Hi All members & Sifu giugno128,

I have stopped buying numbers for last2-3 weeks because too much of guessing and stabbing in the dark :) so thought i should pause a while and come back to the study table to do some learning first.

As much as possible i try to read all posting and see if there are messages in them.
I started reading this forum from somewhere early Jan so i did know Best4 Master Sifu however he seems to be a highly regarded member so wishing him a speedy recovery, hope all those help u made to people would come back to you as good karma :)

Sifu, your 1D & 2D methods are pretty clear and understandable so here are my findings for my counter - MAGNUM (submitting homework)

From last draw (Draw No: 249)

Strongest 4 Digits are: 8/9/6/5
Weakest 3 Digits are: 2/3/0

So 1D for next draw (Draw No: 250) should then be:

Hot 1D should be: 2/3/0

Further to this, i also noticed a trend where Digit '2' has been the coldest in the last 4 draws, so perhaps it may come up hot for next round

Next, the 2D methods as shared so from the last draw, 2D we are looking at: 57/50/70

Hopefully i have done my homeworks ok. I always feel unsure of asking other to share their hardwork but in this 4D game, sharing at times may also mean more sets of eyes checking the methods and from there give input or feedback which may enhance it further.
If it is not too much to ask Sifu, could you share the excel which uses previous draw result to derive 3D as per your posting #164. my em@il is "gunnerzmy(at)gmail(.)com"


Msg #216
06-03-2014 02:51 pm

Afternoon members

Most of the times, our selected numbers only hit 3 digits, missed by 1D. Well there are no quick fix for this problem because 4D results are dynamic. Means, it may follows certain trend,or random or computer programs setting which we will never know.

3D is easy to predict...
But how to select the 4th digits?

Many ways... Some methods been discussed
1). Using Pandora 4D system
2). Using 2 sets of 3Ds eg 123 & 923 forms 9123
3) look into trends of 3D, search digits 0 to 9 & see which 4Ds will have higher chance.

Some members r using the above (1) & (2).
Hopefully some of u can spotted how the counter's op functions & manage to workout a system for yourself.

Last but not least, feedback to me, in this forum or e mail. So that I understand n fine tune or come up new methods.

Good luck in coming draws.
Msg #217
06-03-2014 02:57 pm

Hi arrows
No worry. I am happy that u r doing your 1D n 2Ds. 3D is just using trend. I hv only few counter files as I cannot update all by myself. The 3D nothing magic but tabulated all 3D hits when results r out. U can update everytimes after the result. Look into it n feedback.
Good luck.
Msg #218
06-03-2014 03:13 pm

Hi arrows
Sometime weakest 1D may not b the strongest on the next draw. When u looks into past 10 draws or 50 draws, u will see a pattern. Sometimes the digit may having a breaks especially the podiums. If u do the same digit break down for podiums.

Now most important is get the correct 4D numbers.
Msg #219
06-03-2014 03:34 pm

sifu this number 5096,4195,4821, magnum ok or not...
Msg #220
06-03-2014 04:41 pm

hello...new member...
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