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Msg #121
03-03-2014 10:24 am

Good morning members

Special draw 3D for Tue 04 Mar 2014
Magnum 3D: 640-896-557-898
Sabah 3D: 209-420-190-247
Toto 3D: 620- 526-609-226

Good luck
Msg #122
03-03-2014 11:41 am

Mr. Welliamz,
Any good predicition for magnum counter tue and wed.
Msg #123
03-03-2014 12:13 pm

Hi sifu
Good day
Sorry forgot to say which counyrrs.
1889 Sports toto magnum da ma cai cashsweep
Thanks sifu
Msg #124
03-03-2014 12:15 pm

Hi luckyno1238
TOO MANY.........
Why? Spending that kind of $ and ask yourself, you gain or loss at the end of the month???
Worried for you.
Msg #125
03-03-2014 12:34 pm

Hi sifu
feb months not bad month
Gain more than loss. Won 3 times first 2 time second the rest special n small prizes..
I always studied feng shui book n those newspaper that predict numbers one...very carefully to buy numbers n also studied the numbers frm here.

Msg #126
03-03-2014 12:39 pm

Feng Shiu books are ok.
Many methods.... 5 elements, flying stars, Qiman TJ etc.
Which one you are familiar with?
Msg #127
03-03-2014 12:41 pm

I did not used any of those although I know Qiman TJ and 5 elements for lotteries....
Why don't you put some methods in here?
Msg #128
03-03-2014 12:52 pm

How to use the flying star...
I do read fengshui.. But dont understand the flying star.

i always missed top 3 prize.
Missed by 1 digit all time
ex 7552-6552
7861- 7860
5099- 5399
Msg #129
03-03-2014 12:58 pm

I do not know flying star also.... But I do understand the explanation in the flying star book for house feng shui, not for lotteries.
Msg #130
03-03-2014 01:32 pm

Hi polo88
There are many reasons that you missed that 1D, one main thing you have to do before finalized your numbers is to check the trend. goto 4d prediction web site such as 4D2u there you can check not only 4D, also 3D. Keyin your 3D such that 552 and compared 6552 & 7552, which one is more likely will hit.

I do not think is Feng Shui that is needed for your numbers.
Good Luck
Msg #131
03-03-2014 02:59 pm

Hello giugno128 (sifu)
I want to ask your opinion about my number that I want to bet tomorrow on magnum and toto counter, my number is 9414.
Msg #132
03-03-2014 03:32 pm

My number for sg toto 03.03.2014
Good luck!!
Msg #133
03-03-2014 03:45 pm

Hi members
In order for members to learn rather then depending on me doing all the checking for the numbers, pls go to 4D prediction web site such as 4d2u and keyin your numbers. Look at their hitting date and month, their relationship between the counters.....
All information are there for you to study. If you fail to understand, then I cannot help you any more, just based on your feeling and buy the numbers... LUCK plays an important rule.

Many of the members now know how to derive 1Ds, 2Ds and some even 3Ds. Why, hardwork is the key factors..... For some, I even forward the 3D chart for them to continue updating it....

I even have one Malaysian now in Aust learning all by himself... and I can say, he will get more from me because he is hardworking n learning fast..

For those who still cannot understand, nevermind, just apply what is given in this forum, 2Ds or 3Ds and Pandora, let your LUCK in control and be the master of your striking numbers..

Good Luck.

Msg #134
03-03-2014 04:01 pm

Hi all, for android users, I would like to recommend 4d huat ah app. It helps when doing analysis because in one shot can look at past results for a number n its permutation for all counters including sg.pools, the meaning of the numbers are also included based on magnum's 4d dictionary. I personally use this app n its free. This app just as a helper for analysis n check result. I'm not promoting this app for any personal gain but I hope members can analyze better n play responsibly.
Msg #135
03-03-2014 05:14 pm

Hi sifu, can help to check this number - 5868 on counter magnum , toto and cash sweep? I did noticed the number came out 6588 first prize last Saturday @ sg pools.
Msg #136
03-03-2014 06:22 pm

Hi giugno128(Sifu), Best4 Master Sifu and all sifus...

I have managed to get some top 3 numbers totally based on the lucky picks provided by the respective counters. based on the numbers, i cross check with your magical pandora and derive the numbers. i usually manage to get 1st n 2nd prizes numbers but missed by 1D and permutation of the number. How can you help me solve the 1D or at least the permutation? kindly also share ur knowledge and help to my email: peterbriankingston (at) gmail (dot) com. Sincerely appreciate your kind advise n guidance.

Msg #137
03-03-2014 06:52 pm

Hi cruizer
First of all, I do not know which counter(s) you are playing. As for 1D, pls refer to msg#133. Permutations of the numbers are one areas yet to discover and due to many factors, trends, seasonal, and most important, individual counter's number behaviour. Meaning, Magnum has it own way of producing DIRECT NUMBER, compared with other counters, same vice versa. You have to study one counter and individual number in order to maximize the chances of getting the correct permutations. Me too, in the area still in exploring stage in SGPools. Malaysia counters, so far, I noticed that it tends to repeat itself, different from SGPools.....

My sugguestion, get the correct system number first, play box to safe guard your betting cost.

As I mentioned, Pandora 4D system is not 100% for 4D numbers but has a very high chance in 3Ds of getting the top numbers. You have to check individual numbers in any 4D prediction web site for the number trends.... counters relationship in order to close up your missing 1D. You are not alone by missing the 1D in top 3, many fellow members also faced the same problem. Dig deep, look into trend that is all and repeating I had mentioned again and again....

So far, from what I read, you are pretty good in getting the top numbers, just put a bit more "RESEARCH" into individual number itself and I believe you can spotted the permutations....
The most difficult in 4D is the permutations if one can managed to get the 4 digits of the top numbers.

Good Luck
Msg #138
03-03-2014 06:56 pm

Hi cruizer
You mentioned
"I have managed to get some top 3 numbers totally based on the lucky picks provided by the respective counters."

If I am correct, the lucky picks provided by the respective counters are the lucky numbers generated by the operator's web site if I am correct.

Many of my predictors friends mentioned before, Never trust the lucky numbers generated by the operator's. Although I did not find out whether it is true, but the percentage of hitting the top 3 using the lucky numbers generated by the operator, to my knowledge is ZERO. Many people I know had tried, none of them hit top prizes....

I think you should only believe 3D digits rather than 4D digits from those lucky generated system.

Good Luck

Msg #139
03-03-2014 08:11 pm

i think tmrow top 3 mag must have
double dgit, right sifu?
Msg #140
03-03-2014 09:15 pm

-4173 -1725 -7592 -5641
-3221 -8437 -7322 -5090
-5091 -7012 -7342 -4884
-7372 -4085 -5248 -5801
4173 4058 7322
1725 5801 4884
5641 8437
7012 3221
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