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05-12-2016 10:23 am

Good morning


The reasons of using this open forum are:


a) For some members especially new members, predictions for 4D is possible and although is not 100% but so far it can get podium 3D/4D almost every draw... this will put the accuracy as high as above 90% (It is possible to get the strikes podium 4D if all methods combined.. which so far been achieved)


b) Not only doing predictions for 4D, in the process, enable one to understand why 4D numbers are repeating from period to period and the common methods or studies used will be cycle, either 1D, 2D, 3D or 4D.  Trends/freuqncies/number performances are the most common ways used.


c) In the process, also one will understand why one cannot bet RM1000 big or small in one number... because lottery are managed by human or organisation namely Operators or Big Brothers.  They too has their policies or rules which one very common one will be they must not loss $$ in operations. Therefore, numbers that most of use face "sold out" becos of Quota given to each number.  So far, may be this numbers of Quota is not fix as times to times, only particular HOT numbers may have lesser Quota compared to some COLD numbers.


d) Aiming of predictions, commonly is to win constantly very draw and hopefully podium or top3 numbers.


e) Most Operators has a betting cut out time, normally half an hour or more before the drawing time.  During such half an hour interval, special delicated operator's computer will compute the statistic of plunters betting numbers/digits, and their computer will give which ball sets to be selected from a series of it.  Some operator especically SGPools, will have their drawing machines change very often.  All these measurements taken by the Operators or BB is to prevent more linear type of predictions carried out by the predictors. 


f)  The main reason that Some matters or methods or charts that did not put on open forum is to prevent been di-code, reverse engineering or cracked and counter what has been done.  Whatever methods that I used, are not easily derived, is thru hardwork, time cosumming, and consistency developing thru out the years in order to reach the current stage of skills.  Surely do not want it to be destroyed easily. 


That is why, I have to take certain measurement in selecting members, selecting loyalties to be in my various groups.  Definitely, rules are set to prevent destructions of prediction and constantly aiming for strikes for everydraw.  Also, rules may also remind members to not to overplay.  Most close members already know that Pandora Systems (moer than one) will be given, and one must have some knowledge in simple predicting method to work together with the Pandroa System... I often will give hints mostly 3D and sometimes 4D and most of the times, will discuss what to be BEWARE of certain 2D or 3D etc


My aim is simple, like everyone else, to win but also do not wish Panodra to be destroyed.  To be frank, there are about few fellow members (very seniors one) that know the core secret of Pandora and it is not what most been said in the forum that Pandora is only known to myself only.  Definietly, Pandora System is like most package, will have different versions as the times goes by. I strongly believe, no matter what mehtod one has developed, pls continue improve on it or try to find other methods that can work with the current one.  As always said, All Roads lead to Rome. 


I have many followers, most in different types of closed groups (all depending on the level of skills to avoid mis-communications or mis-understanding). But some times sadly, some shows the true self or shows their true intentions to join my group.  All these, already common to me, that is also why, I am very particular about selecting close group members. 


There are many types of rumers or gossips about Pandora or giugno128, which, none bother me at all.  I only have one aim, to predict, to win and to be happy and at the same time, to teach fellow members to make their own tools to fish rather all depending on Pandora System which some members now are very good in catching podium numbers (some much better than me .,.. hahah... is true).


So, my advise to new comers, if you are keen to learn, keep learning.  If you are sincere to learn, do not bother about whether you are in my close group or not.  I have eyes to see.  As long as you keep on communicate in here.  When time come or I have enough similar skill level's members, may be... yes... may be will form another close group.  


So, cheers and be happy.


Oh... negative mindset wont get you to where you want to be... this is very important.


Good luck guys

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05-12-2016 01:05 pm

Good afternoon sifu

Thanks for opening new thread for Dec. Your advice given to me last month has helped me a lot (looking at 3D hit total of the same month for every year). After 2 draws this month, I registered 2 hits. It may sound like I'm gloating about my achievement, but the truth is I'm not. I'm just relating the outcome of the help you have provided to me so far.

I, for one, do not even dare to ask your permission to join your special groups. I'm still at an early learning stage and don't have much to offer to your group. I just hope that you don't mind giving me further advice with my method here at the open forum.

Several things I've adjusted this month.

a) Limit my betting to just 3 numbers - by doing this, I need to be more focus when selecting my 3D.

b) If the selected 3D can only produce 1 or 2 suitable 4D, another 3D will be choosen.

c) ABCD numbers must have 7 or 8 hits in December (from 2006 onwards). Anything bigger will be ignored (my 2 hits came from this criteria)

An area that I need to learn more is how to define cycle or what is sifu's definition for cycle. I could not use cycle in my method since I don't have proper understanding of it except for it's english definition. I hope sifu can help.

If sifu feel that my presence here at the forum is such a nuisance, please tell it straight to me. I won't mind if sifu is being direct with me. It will be better for both of us and also for those reading this thread.

As always, my best wishes for sifu.

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05-12-2016 01:20 pm

Good Morning Sifu g128, very surprise you still active in this forum and giving guides in 4d prediction. I found this site few years back when sifu moosang still active. Before that i have no idea how to predict 4d and haven hit any for 4 years. Now average hit is 2 to 3 hits per month, though is still low but at list still have hit right. i still struggling in finding the 1d for podium and i have use all method that i can think of but still fail. Can i discuss thru e-mail with you. my email

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05-12-2016 01:26 pm

Hi bro BullsEye

Long time did not see you... and you surprised me !! hahaha

In here, I do not mind start all over again for new comers... and happy to see you if you join in.


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05-12-2016 01:31 pm

Hi tykosam

Don't feel that you are nuisance, to me, those keen to learn and may be a professional in future.. 
Everyone learns to crawl, walk then run... only a few can fly (fly a plane of course)...hahaha

Just try to communicate more as a starts will do here.


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05-12-2016 01:37 pm

Today's Osaka 4D Results

OK.. some of you guys may ask.. Why Osaka 4D postings?

Well, very simple, I will use Osaka 4D for discussions and also becos Osaka 4D is everydraw draws at time 1pm (Malaysia/Spore time).

Also, Osaka method of prediction is the same for all Malaysian counters (Except SGPools).  Any methods works for Osaka will work for Malaysian's counters.


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05-12-2016 02:22 pm

You still remember me sifu g? hahah still no luck getting podium. How can predict Osaka 4d without 3d data sifu g?

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05-12-2016 02:36 pm

Hi bro BullsEye

Yes, that is the fun... I also do not have full data for Osaka 4D.

But you can get the Osaka 4D from http://osaka4d.com/result-en.php

As this is a open forum, you can use magnum data to discuss if you wish.


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05-12-2016 02:46 pm

i only play sportstoto cos im from sabah, m6 is a little hard to find where i live.

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05-12-2016 02:49 pm

OK... let starts with 1D...

Very common, using previous draw missing podium digit(s)...

Podium missing digit(s) method is the most easy and common system.  As you are see from above Magnum Podium data...
The digits in the grey box are the previous podium missing digits....
Study them,  you just need a few seconds to come up the digits quiet fast.

Another method, using the podium only...

Repeating Digit in each 1st, 2nd and 3rd...

Look properly at 1st prize.... did you notice almost everydraw, there is a at least one repeating digit?
This is also a good clue for you to work on..


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05-12-2016 02:51 pm

Hi bro BullsEye

You can apply your Sabah Sportstoto to the methods discuss here...

Build your own databse...


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05-12-2016 02:54 pm

Bro BullsEye

Here are the Sportstoto Results

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05-12-2016 02:55 pm

sifu g sorry for my snail brain ( english not that good) what the red color digit on grey box stand for?

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05-12-2016 02:58 pm

Actually i already have make the 3d data since i join this forum, i even make 2d data to mark down the podium in color using excel.

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05-12-2016 03:01 pm

i even highlighted which digit appeared in podium every single draw

(Pandora Master)
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05-12-2016 03:01 pm

Hi... the red digits in the grey box are strikes digit(s)

It is good you have your Sportstoto data ready....

Could you briefly explain what do you have  ?  Or what does your system tracking?

If you do not feel comfortable to discuss in this forum, you can e mail me....
same   nickname at Gmail


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05-12-2016 03:10 pm

i just dont get it everytime i predict for podium example, 3d 123 and 1d 4 so 4d 1234 it comes out as 0234 very dissapointed dont know what wrong with my method or mybe i have no luck hitting podium haiz

(Pandora Master)
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05-12-2016 03:15 pm

Oh... missing by 1D..

First of all, this is common to missed by 1D... even happened to me too.

But you must understand, podium 4D ABCD formats consists of 4 sets of podium 3Ds.  You only predict one set of 3D, what happened to the other 3 sets?

If you can capture all 4 sets of 3Ds for ABCD format (3 sets of 3D for AABC format), then you are very safe to hit that podium 4D.

Becos, I too, very do not have much time to do all 4 sets of 3D, that is also why i sometimes missed 1D.

If you want to get podium 4D, you must at least capture more podium 3D instead of 1 podium 3D. 
If you are depending on one podium 3D... eg. 123x... where x is the 1D you need to find,

Then you need to do all 10 sets... 1230,1231,1232,1233 etc to check for number performances.

Studying 4D number performances also set your priority in which 1D to choose from


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05-12-2016 03:20 pm

Hi BullsEye

The above two methods, the podium missing digits and the repeating digit, you can also apply to your selected 3D...
It actually will give better chance to strike if apply to your method

If your method can capture podium 3D, I do see your method is good method.  Pls add a bit more focus, or other methods to capture that 1D


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05-12-2016 03:32 pm

Thanks sifu g for your advice i will try focus more since its last month of the year there is still few 3d under perform hopefully can catch 1 big fish.

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