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18-10-2017 07:55 pm

Result update

Only 248 appear today at consolation. I don't want to talk about the misses. I will just focus on the positif.

2D 08 is in podium. In a way, my prediction for arrangement could be accepted as correct - xx0x.

Reappearance of podium 3D occurs again and in today's case, the 3D are

000 013 015, 035 and 135. For the rest of this month, all those 3D can be strike out as possible podium 3D together with those that I had listed previously.

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18-10-2017 08:18 pm

2D for next Saturday are as below :

02 06 07

12 16 17

52 56 57

** 0 1 and 5 are the starting digits for draw #902 while 2 6 and 7 are the missing digits.

3D prediction will be reveal tomorrow. Need to manually update my data before a prediction can be made. Btw, the number that I dreamnt did hit at STC but with a slightly different arrangement - 1390.

It seems that what ever 3D I listed, they're most likely to hit podium at STC or Sabah88. Maybe this Saturday will give those 2 a look as well.

Another item to note is that double 2D (00 55 77 etc) that has yet hit podium is 11. Personally, I believe that 2D will only hit podium at the last 2 draws for this month.

That's all from me tonight. It is now time for me to sulk for missing 1 mata from 1st prize and continue living as 3Dstriker instead of being a 4Dstriker.

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19-10-2017 01:50 pm

As promised, here are my 3D prediction for Saturday's draw :






Since digit 1 was the lowest digit count for draw #902, I believe it will make a comeback in the next draw. My choice for podium 2D would be 12 16 and/or 17.

(Pandora Master)
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20-10-2017 12:07 am

Good morning eveyone,

Just happened to drop by....

Hmmmm... good 3D posted by 3DStriker... keep up the good work!!

OK, will add additional to this post...
Below are the Direct Positioning Pandora... (Choose one digit under each column)

Example.... if you use 3DStriker's 3D 167....

Your possible 4D (box) will be 1670-1674-1678 etc
For 1670, Possible 4D Directs will be 0167-0761

Cheers and Good Luck

Msg #45
20-10-2017 10:25 am

It is indeed a very good morning!!! The GRAND MASTER g128 had honoured this thread with his presence. For those reading this,  use this opportunity well. Those pandora are real killers. The title "pandora master" was not given just for fun.

Thank you Master  g128 for those pasdora's.  

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20-10-2017 03:07 pm

A slight update on the sets of 3D that I provided previously especially on 3D 189. Bought a TC today - 8119 and the G5 code is 22125. Therefore, it is very likely 1 of these 3Ds will appear in tomorrow's draw with hitting special a very strong chance. So the 3Ds are




By using master g128 pandora, the probable 4D can be found. Take your time and don't rush when making your choice. Be a 4D striker rather than just a mere 3D striker like I am. As for the rest of the 3D sets, there seems to be a lot of promise. But the clues are not as clear as 189 (G5 code 22125). With that, I will not make any further adjustment or addition to them.

(Pandora Master)
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21-10-2017 01:52 am

Good morning,

Below few 4D for you guys to study

Good Luck All

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21-10-2017 12:36 pm

Thanks again master g128.

Before we go further with our prediction on 4D, let's take a step back and look at how to get 3D. There are a million ways to do it actually but since I'm the 1 that posting 3D, we'll take a look at how I did it. There will be flaws in my method but they do provide a rather acceptable result. There will also be mentions of podium but that is not my entire target. The main target is to get at least a hit from my selected 3D.

The things that I always look at are these 2 items -

1. Missing podium digit

2. Starting digit at podium

Using draw#902 as reference, the digits are :

Missing - 2 6 7

Starting - 0 1 5

The next step is to combine both to get the 2D. The result will be :

02 06 07

12 16 17

52 56 57

There are a total 9 sets of 2Ds. Any of these 9 can be the base for 3D selection. In my case, I choose 12, 16, and 17 since digit 1 is the lowest digit count in draw #902. To get my 3D, I will then look at the previous draw - #901. I will look at the 3D that have those 2Ds that I had selected. My choice would always be 3D with ABC format. AAB format seldoms provide a good result. You can check the 3Ds that I had selected are in draw#901.

If you're to check in draw#902, those 3Ds are not there. It's a criteria that I personally set when choosing my 3D. By now you definitely would have noticed that 189 does not fit any of my set criteria when choosing my 3D. As you would recall from my previous msg, I did mentioned about repeating podium 3D and 189 was 1 of the mentioned to have a possibility of repeating again on podium. There are several others that I mentioned but I'm just playing safe and choose 189 due to the presence of digit 1. I just want a hit and if it happens to hit podium, I will be more than happy. For the rest of possible repeating podium 3D, please check my previous msg in page 2. And if you like to use them for today's draw, feel free to do so and fully utilise master g128 pandora to get the final 4D.

***The pattern of repeating podium 3D is ongoing for this month. Last month - September - this pattern did not occurs. It might stop repeating again and change to a different trend. It's a risk that we punters have to face.

***There is no mention of data in my explanation for ways to get 3D. I do have a set of data but it's purpose is to make things easy and faster. Doing it manually maybe seems a bit outdated but it also can give you great benefits. You might stumble upon a trend of 3D movement that could provide you with great result. So do not despair.

Next msg will be focus in getting the correct 4D - box or straight.

Msg #49
21-10-2017 01:06 pm

Msg #50
21-10-2017 01:10 pm

Msg #50 was an attempt to attach a pic but clearly that was a fail. Anyone with knowledge of how to attach a pic please help me. A million thanks in advance.

Msg #51
21-10-2017 02:07 pm

What I wanted to show was the data that I used when I make my 4D selection. It did give me favourable results. It is slightly different from what master g128 had provided for sample no 1189 and 1158. Anyway, that data is easily available if manuaaly check. It is just a collection of data from previous results ( 10 years period).

Here is what my data was all about.

1. It is about a selected 3D for the past 10 years in the MONTH of October only. The sample was about 3D 189

2. The 3D is paired with digits from 0~9 to form a 4D. I will give an example using 189 as 3D and +0 to make a 4D - 1890. The data collected the number of times 1890 occurs from 2007 until today in the month of October only - Oct 2007 + 0ct 2008 ....... Oct 2017. The total is 6 times. 1 in Oct 2009, 1 in Oct 2010, 1 in Oct 2011, 2 in Oct 2012 and 1 in Oct 2014.

3. Using 189 +1 to become 1891, the number of times it hit in Oct only in the period between 2007 until now was 4 times.

4. All the data above can manually be check. Btw, the 4D is counted in its permutation. 0189 = 1809 = 9018 and so forth.

There's suppose to be another pic showing data of a certain 4D that had comes out in draw#902. I'll just describe it here.

1 5954 - Hits was 5 times in Oct from 2007 until .17/10/2017

2. 6825 - Hits was 7 times in Oct from 2007 until 17/10/2017

The purpose to show this is to tie the no of hits it had in Oct before it hit again in draw #902. 5954 was a sample for M12 no and 6825 was for M24. Can we say that if our selected 4D today have the same hit no as the sample above, it will definitely comes out today? NOOOOOOO. What it will give us is a criteria what digit to add to our 3D to make 4D.

In order to make that data really useful, we must take a pool of sample before we come to a conclusion. It's best to take 3 previous draw results and check every M12 and M24 no and find the average hits no. IF M12 average is 4 times in OCT from 2007, than it is safe to say that what ever M12 no we choose today should have the same no of hits. The same goes to M24 no. The average hits will be the criteria we set before we select a possible 4D using our 3D as base.

When checking for average hits, we will stumble on a hit count that never appear. Lets say we check the hit count for M12 nos, none of the M12 nos in the 3 previous draw that we use as pool sample has $D with only 2 hits in it. If our selected 4D today has 2 hits count, it would be best to forget that no for today's draw. But if the hits count is the same as the average or the same with the frequent hits count, there's a chance for that no to hit if our 3D is correct.

Average - 4

Frequent - 3 (frequent = the most hits count)

What was describe above is my way of selecting 4D and it is definitely NOT THE ONLY WAY to select 4D. I'm not a sifu. I'm just explaining my way of doing things.

Msg #52
21-10-2017 02:29 pm

Here are my final 3D and possible 4D. My focus in box no.

127 + 1, 3, 4

167 + 8

189 + 0, 1, 6, 7

118 + 6, 7, 9

Good luck!!

Msg #53
21-10-2017 08:00 pm

Result update :

3D - only 127 hitting consolation today. Sorry.

Repeating podium 3D - there are 2 - 267 and 015 (3rd time this month)

Podium 2D - 2 sets 07 and 08.

Wrong set of 2D led to a weak 3D selection. M6 totally fooled me with it's coding today. There was 1 TC - 6717 that gave indication 3D was there - G5 was 05203. I was too focused on G5 22125 that I took that TC lightly. My mistake.

Msg #54
21-10-2017 08:20 pm

2D for tomorrow's draw.

Missing podium digits - 3 4 and 9

Starting podium digits - 1 6 and 7

Possible podium 2D :

13 14 19

63 64 69

73 74 79

3D (manually searched without data) 





Any changes will be notified later on.

Msg #55
22-10-2017 11:18 am

Need to add 1 more 3D - 378.

Msg #56
22-10-2017 05:44 pm

Previous podium 3D need to be considered are those that has the missing podium digit - 3 4 9. 







Good luck!!!

Msg #57
22-10-2017 08:09 pm

Result update :

2D podium -  

74 1st

73 2nd

3D :

478 1st

129 consolation

378 consolation

I can't access my data for now but I believe 278, 013 and 037 are recurring podium 3D. 1 thing which is pleasing for me is the fact 3D can be selected even without any form of data. Just knowing what criteria to set before making a selection is sufficient enough. It may take longer to find but the main thing is that it is very much possible to do so.

As for myself, I'm way too happy today. I feel like changing my nick to 4D striker and I believe you can guess why. Wink, wink ;)

Msg #58
22-10-2017 10:43 pm

New prediction for Wednesday. Need to forget what happens today as it is in the past and Wednesday is a new day requiring new prediction. I will provide 3 sets of 3D that came from 2 different criteria. 1 will come from the normal way of selection while another 2 will be from a different set of criteria. 

Missing podium digits - 5 6

Starting podium digits - 3 8

Possible podium 2D

35 36

85 86

Possible 3D (normal selection)


***Normal selection is picking 3D from #903. The criteria is it must only exist ONCE in #903 but does not exist in #904. If it exist in both #903 and #904, or it exist more than once in #903, then that 3D could not be considered for selection.

3D from a new criteria



***The new criteria is a reverse from the normal criteria. Select 3D that exist ONCE in #904 but does not exist in #903. Another requirement is that it must come from 4D that starts with the missing podium digit. Example is as below :

367 - base from 2D 36 and comes from 4D 6783 - consolation in #904

678 - base from 2D 86 and comes from 4D 6783 - consolation in #904

***Digit 6 is highlighted to show that it is 1 of the missing podium digit and it is at the beginning of the 4D no.

The so called new criteria could be the next normal criteria. Trend in Magnum does change and since only 1 3D could be selected using the normal criteria, I'm just preparing myself if and when the trend starts to change. Btw, previously when the trend was the same with the new criteria, I was hitting podium from every counter almost for every draw. The record was 3 podium in 1 draw - 2nd magnum, 1st kuda and 3rd Singapore. All 3 had different 3D but selected using this new criteria.

Anyway that was a past achievement. It means nothing if my 3D prediction all goes to longkang.

So for Wednesday, the 3Ds are :




Msg #59
23-10-2017 02:24 am

Just got back from my hometown. Need to update a bit about yesterday's 3D. If using my normal selection, 037 was also qualified. However 3039 would not be detected using my method  - normal or new. 339 did came from #902 - same as 478 and 037. 

The point is that there other criteria to look at that could also give good result. If any of you have the time, track back several draws and see is there are other 3D similar in patern with 339. If there is, you can apply that patern to draw #903 and you might be a consistent winner. I mentioned #903 because podium 3D at present almost always had 3D that came from the previous 2 draws (next draw is #905 so the previous 2 draws will be #903). 

I'm not trying to act smart. Just sharing something that might be useful for the next draw. My present method is nearing it's trending period. There's a strong chance my next 3D will all be rubbish.

Msg #60
23-10-2017 12:05 pm

Sorry. Did not notice there is actually another possible 3D using my normal way of selecting. It's 389. So my final 3D for Wednesday would be :





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