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Msg #61
24-10-2017 12:16 am

389 was a mistake. Did not have sufficient sleep. That 3D may have come from#903 but it definitely don't have any of the missing podium digit. I need to be more careful when posting my prediction. That 3D is officially off from my final 3D.  

2 things might happen in Wednesday's draw

1. My normal method is reaching the trending period or

2. Digit 6 will be missing from podium again. 

I will still be buying numbers with 3D 367 and 678 just in case my normal method is no longer in trend. 

(Pandora Master)
Msg #62
24-10-2017 08:50 am

Good morning...

Continue from Msg #62

Hope can help members here which to pick...

Good Luck

Msg #63
24-10-2017 01:34 pm

Good afternoon to those reading this especially to master g128. A millian thanks for those helpful data above. It's it up to us to "read" those figures shown in the data.

A strong reminder to everyone!!!! This in the assumption that the 3D that I predicted will be among the hits tomorrow. A few success does not indicate anything. A consistent success is what we're after. Let's now try to find ways to read master g128 datas.

1. Sample 4D 3679 - 3D 367

a. From 1/1/2007 until today total hits stands at 110 times. In almost 11 years time, it average at 10 hits/year. Current year reading is 12 hits - 2 above the average count.

b. Question??? - will it go any higher or will it stop making anymore appearance this year?.

c. 2014 - only 6 times. 2015 6 times. 2016 is 17 times.

d. What goes down will come up and what goes up will come down.

e. If 3679 is to come down, it won't be a sharp fall - it already has 12 hits this year.

f. If it is in its downward trend from the previous year, what will be the gap from last year. 2010 had 9 hits and 2011 only 4 = 5 hits different. 2013 had 12 hits but 2014 only had 6 = 6 hits difference.

g. If 5 or 6 is the hits difference and it is ecpected 3679 is in its downward trend compare to last year, 3679 is not expected to appear again this year.

h. Is there any similar occurance when 3679 did not appear from Oct until Dec? In 2010 it did.

Let's leave it there for now. We go to a different viewing point. We look at this year performance.

a From January - September, consistent hits. Every month has at least 1 hit.

b. Question??? - will it continue with consistent hit for every month or will it stop?

c. Is there any similar occurance where 3679 consistently hit every month in a sigle year? No. Even last year there were 2 months where it did not appear although its hits total was a huge 17 times.

Btw, that's the way I read those data. There might be other way to do it. It's up to each indivudual to give their own interpretation to those data. Will I buy 3679 for tomorrow? No.

I will provide my own data in the next msg which will be base on performance according to individual month.

Msg #64
24-10-2017 03:04 pm

This is my own data that I always use when choosing 4D (after I had identified what is/are the 3D). This sample is an assumption that 3D 367 will hit tomorrow. So what is written is 3D (367) + 1 more digit to make a 4D no. It tracks the history of that particular 4D in Oct only, beginning from Oct 2007 until this Oct.

3670 - 10 hits including the one this month

3671 - 7 hits. No hit yet this month

3672 - 10 hits including the one this month

3673 - 3 hits. No hit yet this month

3674 - 6 hits including the one this month

3675 - 5 hits. No hit yet this month

3676 - 3 hits. No hit yet this month

3677 - 3 hits including the one this month

3678 - 9 hits including the two times this month

3679 - 6 hits. No hit yet this month

All those above are data about the performace of each 4D that was base from 3D 367 in Oct only. In general, 3D 367 had already have 6 hits this month.

367+0 = 1

367+2 = 1

367+4 = 1

367+6 = 1

367+8 = 2

How to read or use this data? I will list all the m24 and m12 no that appeared in draw #904 and its hits count in OCT from 2007 until 21/10/2017 (#904 was drawn in 22/10/2017).

M24 nos.

8472 - 11 hits

3170 - 9 hits

2634 - 7 hits

9471 - 5 hits

9145 - 7 hits

6431 - 7 hits

4829 - 6 hits

9036 - 8 hits

9382 - 11 hits

2169 - 6 hits

2058 - 6 hits

1476 - 13 hits

6783 - 8 hits

8405 - 10 hits

2970 - 7 hits

Total m24 4D in #904 = 15

Lowest OCT hit count = 5

Highest OCT hit count = 13

Average OCT hit count = 121/15 = 8 hits

Frequent hits = 7 (4 times)

Base from this and applied to my data above, we need to chose 4D that had a total hit of between 7 and 8 times. And in the case of 3D 367 the possible 4D is 3671. BUT to use only 1 draw as sample proof is not suitable. Sample from 3 draws is normally acceptable. This mean that all m24 nos from draw #902, #903 and #904 must be collected before we come to a conclusion. Normally I will use the average hit and the frequent hit as the benchmark to choose my 4D.

Is this the right way and the only way to select 4D? No. This is the patern or trend that I rely on to get my 4D. That's why the data is collected is such a way. What are my success rate? Bragging without proof is easy. It's best to let the coming results to answer that question.

Now for m12 nos for draw #904

3039 - 7 hits

7899 - 4 hits

1080 - 4 hits

1886 - 5 hits

2204 - 5 hits

4947 - 6 hits

Total m12 4D in draw #904 = 6

Lowest OCT hit count = 4

Highest OCT hit count = 7

Average OCT hit counts = 31/6 = 5 hits average

Frequent hits = 4 and 5 (both record 2 hits each)

For m12 no when 3D 367 is used as base, there is no 4D that meet the average hit or frequent hit category. But this is based only from 1 draw where 3 draws is more suitable to be use as sample pool. To do this manually will take a lot of time. It's not as easy as choosing 3D where you set the criteria and where to look. But on average this month, m12 4D are in the 5 draws range with 4 or 5 hits are the frequent no. Is 367 suitable to be made into m12 4D?. No. Remember, this is only prediction. It is definitely not something that magnum had rubber stamped their approval as being to correct and only way to choose 4D.

Have I been wrong before when 3D is correct but I did not choose the 4D because it did not meet the average and/or frequent hit total? Of course yes. Normally for m24 4D, anything below 6 hits or over 11 hits will be ignored. For m12, below 2 or over 6 will be ignored too.

I blabbered too much already. Until next time then.

Msg #65
24-10-2017 05:09 pm

I don't have much work to do now so I will continue with msg#65.

This time 3D 359 is the sample and m12 4D is the focus. The data for m12 4D with 3D 359 in it are :

3593 - 4 hits

3595 - 9 hits

3599 - 6 hits.

If the pool sample shows that 4 is the frequent hit and 5 as the average, only 3593 meets the criteria. If 359 do comes out tomorrow and m12 is the 4D format, then most likely 3953 will be the 4D.

Now we look at m12 4D that has 3D 678

6786 - 4 hits

6787 - 3 hits

6788 - 9 hits

Of course 6786 meets the criteria. But, that 4 hits total includes the 1 that came out early this month (7/10 draw#896). What is interesting here is that do m12 4D NORMALLY appear again after a short appearance gap? For m24, yes it is normal but for m12, it seldoms happen. So, 6786 meet the frequent hit total but a big risk to choose for tomorrow's draw.

The key word here is patern or trend. It's the same when there is a special draw. M6 and M4 4D are the top pick by punters because that is its normal behaviour/patern/trend. Try buying m6 or m4 numbers at 6.00 pm and above on a special draw day. Most likely the 4D is sold out at both legal and BM.

Msg #66
25-10-2017 12:15 am

Hello again everyone. I just finished checking m12 4D for draw #902 ~ #904. The average hit is 5 and the frequent hit is 4. There's a good number of 6 hits as well. We can say that choice for m12 4D could be based on those having 4 - 6 hits. 

M24 I'll post them by 2.00 pm. If anyone is interested using this method of selecting 4D, do a quick check for draw #901 ~ #903 and compare the result to draw #904.

Msg #67
25-10-2017 09:24 am

Here are the result for m24 4D from 3 draws (#902 ~ #904)

Average - 8

Frequent - 6

Safe 4D to bet are those 6 ~ 8 hits time in the month of Oct.

Base from this, the 4D that I'ii be buying today are

359 + 2, 3, 4

367 + 1, 4, 9

678 + 0

Those are box no. I'm terrible at getting the straight no.

Msg #68
25-10-2017 09:45 am

Correction :

367 + 1 4 only.

Msg #69
25-10-2017 05:37 pm

Last minute addition

367 + 2

Msg #70
25-10-2017 08:51 pm

Result update :

2D - 35 3rd

3D - 678 consolation x 2

This is scary moment for me. The positive to take is for my podium 2D. The scary part will be 3D prediction method/criteria/patern. 678 came from my new method. Does this mean that my normal method had reached its trending end? 

My 4D prediction method did work today. Will it continue to be effective in the future? I still trust them but to convince others to start using my method is still too early. So far, only 1 hit. Next msg will be my 2D and 3D prediction.

Msg #71
25-10-2017 09:22 pm

Missing podium digit - 9

Starting podium digits - 1 3 7

Possible podium 2D :




Possible 3D - normal:






Possible 3D - new method :



There are 7 sets of 3D. Too many actually. Since I'm doing this manually, I can't give a final set just yet. It will have to wait until tomorrow. I need to update my data first. Once it is done, I will provide a slimmer 3D prediction and the hits count for both m12 and m24 4D. This will be a permanent feature in my prediction.

Btw, even though 678+0 hits 2 times today, I only manage to get back my betting amount - RM 10 x 6 4D. I only bought box number today at BM.

Msg #72
26-10-2017 12:11 am

Re-update 2D result

Actually there are 2 of them hitting podium today. 35 and 85. They form 3D 358. It is something interesting to look at and study. If collecting 2D using my way, combining 2 sets of 2D to becomes a 3D is very much possible. Need to do some  checking on previous draws to see if it does provide a good and consistent result. It is not a very straight forward process. Need to find what are the criteria to set before that 3D can be selected. It is not just for podium. What matters most is that it must provide a consistent hit. 

Staying in the 2D subject, 2D 11 still has not appear on podium. There are only 3 more draws left for this month. It could make an appearance any time soon. Since it could only be in m12 or m6 or m4 4D, the payout is quite big even when playing mbox only especially when it hit podium. 

Msg #73
27-10-2017 12:42 pm

Good afternoon every one.

There are 2 sets of 3D that I see have a better chance to hit tomorrow. Before that, there was 1 3D was left out from my list previously - 169. Below are the full set of possible 3D (total 8 sets)









From above, the 2 sets of 3D that shows a better posibility are :



I will update further if there are any more 3D with better chance for a hit later on. If I can spare any time today, I'll try buying some TC. Otherwise, I'll just rely on my data.

Msg #74
27-10-2017 02:46 pm

There's a typo for the above list. It should be 159 and not 156. The list for 3D with better possibility also has a typo in it. it should have been 079 and not 279. before more mistakes are made, these are my final 3D for tomorrow's draw.






The hits count for m12 and m24 4D are as below (stated as OCT hits count for the rest of this month)


Average : 8 hits

Frequent : 8 hits

Best selection range for m24 4D should be those with 7 ~ 9 OCT hits count


Average : 5

Frequent : 5

Best selection range for m12 4D should be those with 4 ~ 6 OCT hits count.

Msg #75
27-10-2017 03:17 pm

Possible 4D for the selected 3D are

169 + 1, 6

369 + 3, 5, 6, 8, 9

189 + 1, 7

389 + 6, 7, 8

079 + ??? - + 5 seems good but 0795 has 13 OCT hits count already.

My focus will be on m12 4D for tomorrow's draw.








That's already 7 sets of 4D. Since they are m12 4D, each will be boxed for RM 5.00 = RM 35. IF any 1 of it hit at consolation, it will only give a return of RM 33.33 at BM - a loss of RM 1 ++ which is acceptable compared to a total loss. So hopefully at least 1 of those 4D will hit tomorrow.

Msg #76
28-10-2017 01:15 pm

Not much to add here except for 3D 159. I forgot that I still got RM 66.60 balance in my BM acc. So I will add 1159 as another m12 4D. Not sure what else to buy using the remaining balance. Maybe 2 m24 4D boxed for RM 13 each. At this stage, 0795 the most likely 4D. Another 1 still searching for it or I'll just pau 0795.

Good luck everyone.

Msg #77
28-10-2017 08:03 pm

Result update :

2D podium - none but 11 did appeared.

3D - 

139 - 3 hits - 2 special 1 cosolation

079 - 1 hit consolation

159 - 1 hit special

369 - 1 hit special

389 - 1 hit special

That's 5 sets of 3D out of the initial 8. Hopefully my luck in predicting continue on after this.

It seems both my methods are producing result. I will list both from today onwards. On a personal note, I did hit special with 3697 - boxed for RM 13.00 - not a bad return. I tried combining 2D 97 and 93 to form 3D 379 and combined with 369. My podium 2D prediction all went to longkang however when digit 9 still missing from podium.

Later on I'll post my prediction for 2D and 3D.

Msg #78
28-10-2017 09:44 pm

Good job

Msg #79
28-10-2017 09:48 pm

Next draw I guess 196/194

Msg #80
29-10-2017 12:47 am

Thanks bro ALAS and welcome to the forum.

Before going any further, I need to thanks master g128 as well for his data. Even though I said that I won't buy 3679, but that was the only possibility left when combining 379 with 369. Through his data, I felt confident to spend money to bet on those numbers. And thanks also for bro ALAS for his prediction. I will list them together with mine later on. 

For Sunday's draw, here are the predictions :

Missing podium digits - 0 6 8 9

Starting podium digits - 1 3 5

Possible podium 2D

10 16 18 19

30 36 38 39

50 56 58 59

Possible 3D - normal












There are already 10 sets of 3D. It will be useless to add anymore using my new method. 

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