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3D for Magnum - Oct 17

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Msg #21

11-10-2017 12:08 pm

Hello again.

2D and 3D prediction for Wed are as below :

2D - 12 14 19

3D - 012 125 127

That's what my data provided me with. Still need to buy TC to see if those 3D really do have a chance for a hit. It's also interesting to see if those 3D could still hit podium at Sandakan and Sabah88 as it were for the previous 2 draws.


Msg #22

11-10-2017 12:40 pm

Based on my observations those 3Ds are good for pod also.

Using sifu g128 strategy podium pairs may have




Digit 3 may appear in pod also.


Msg #23

11-10-2017 03:14 pm

Today's 2D and 3D prediction are :

2D - 12 14 19

3D - 127 and 689

M6 no might make an appearance today. Yesterday I'm very sure all M6 nos were sold out. My choice will be 11xx. Most probably box and roll all digits beginning from 0.


Msg #24

11-10-2017 05:31 pm

Ànother nice prediction 11xx seems good.


Msg #25

13-10-2017 09:36 am

Morning to all.

Last Wed could not post anything. Web page was block by my anti virus. Hopefully everything is fine now.

Here are my 2D and 3D prediction for tomorrow's draw

06 08 09

36 38 39

46 48 49

Initial 3D prediction are :






Msg #26

13-10-2017 02:06 pm

Just checking if can post comment


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13-10-2017 05:33 pm



Msg #28

13-10-2017 05:56 pm



Msg #29

14-10-2017 01:09 am

Checking if can post


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14-10-2017 12:43 pm



Msg #31

14-10-2017 06:07 pm

From observation podium may have hese pairs 




1 and 6 may also appear in podium tonight.


Msg #32

15-10-2017 01:28 pm



Msg #33

15-10-2017 01:32 pm



Msg #34

15-10-2017 01:33 pm



Msg #35

15-10-2017 05:17 pm

Below are my 8 magnum predictions maybe play 2 or 3:

5084  6528

5731  6523

9480  6928

9137  6923



Msg #36

18-10-2017 01:50 am

Finally able to post again. Below are my prediction

2D - 07 08 47 48 57 58

3D - 248 579


Msg #37

18-10-2017 01:53 am

Weird dream I had. 0139 came in 3rd but not very clear which counter. Most probably will buy all 7 counters. Btw, dreamt it was a straight no - 0139.


Msg #38

18-10-2017 01:34 pm

Did not buy any TC for today. I'm just trusting my data and stick with those 2 sets of 3D. Only 3 numbers will be bought today.

8642 - 3D 248 - straight and box

7559 - 3D 579 - straight and box

0139 - no that 1 dreamt. Will buy staight at all 7 counters.

If any of you guys are aiming for podium, it's best to look at all the previous podium results for this month. There's a pattern that can clearly be seen especially on 3D. Avoid 025 and 258 as these 3Ds had multiple occurance at podium. Look out fot those very near to todays draw that haven't appeared for the 2nd time this month. Below are the list of 3Ds that has not appeared for the 2nd time this month

023 026 036 236






These 3D are strong possible candidate for podium for the next 3 draws.


Msg #39

18-10-2017 01:50 pm

If any of you guys bought TC using the above 3D, look out for G5 22125. It strongly indicate that 3D is there in your TC. Normally it will appear in special but there are times this month the 3D are for podium. L codes containing tripple digit or alphabet are normally indication for consolation nos 3D. G5 22125 on LP is slightly different - they normally are for consolation prize 3D.


Msg #40

18-10-2017 03:33 pm

Digit position when arranging your 4D. This only applies to podium nos only and paired with the missing digits.

The fist digit of podium numbers from the immidiate previous draw - in this case draw #901, digits are 0 4 and 5 - should be at the hundred or tens position.

x0xx or xx0x

x4xx or xx4x

x5xx or xx5x

Most of the time, that is where the digit that were at the beginning of the previous draw would be arranged in the next draw. Please remember that this ONLY appliy to the sets of 2D that I provided.

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