(Pandora Master)
Msg #141
12-06-2015 12:48 pm

Hello Lovecats...
No...popping often..
just you remains silent....
Master Sifu Best4 will pop in as and when he wishes...
Just leave your message here...i believe he will read it..
Msg #142
13-06-2015 02:04 am

Hi bro g128,

Good morning, want to ask ur opinion about this 3d

Thank u.
Msg #143
13-06-2015 02:05 am

Oh sorry the 3d for magnum counter.
Msg #144
13-06-2015 02:42 am

hi sifu g128, good morning,...
(Pandora Master)
Msg #145
13-06-2015 03:38 am

Good morning

Sorry bro frog
unable to check as i am now on the road without PC.
Good luck
Msg #146
13-06-2015 03:46 am

Ok safe journey
(Master Sifu)
Msg #147
13-06-2015 04:14 am

Hello Lovecats...
Nowadays I seldom drop in here....but not to worry...you are in the good hands of Sifu giugno128,Bro.Dragon and Bro.Rich88....this is the A team of 4D predictions...very innovative and reliable..
It's a pity that Sifu Luc does not stay in a forum for long... Otherwise with his experience and proven analysis skills you members will be laughing to the bank every week..
In fact I am picking up tips from both Sifu giugno128 and Sifu Luc..
Follow them...and in the long run you will benefit from their tips.
Good luck
(Pandora Master)
Msg #148
13-06-2015 04:23 am

Just a fast review on Magnum

3D 258 - for 3DTP is 5 gaps...in short term ranged is about 6 to 8 gaps..means would see couple of non-podium hits first. Can invest small .

3DTP 529 - only 1 gap..would not expect it would appear in podium in the next few draws

3DTP 964 - 9 gaps..recent normally would be in range to appear in podium

3DTP 468 - 43 gaps.. this is a juice one..do carry out further analysis and work out the 4th digits.

Good luck
Msg #149
13-06-2015 05:03 am

Hi sifu g128,

Thanks for the respond and fast review. I will create full 4 digit n check the history.

390x to play or not play...hmmm
Msg #150
13-06-2015 05:19 am

Ref bro g128 MSG#115 -

" CYCLE, another thing that happens in almost everything, not only in lottery, in life also. Numbers do have cycle, trends can be in the form of cycle, your luck can be in cycle, even your Mood, can be cycle... as many times, exploring the best method in 4D, I discovered that, even positioning of the digit, are also in cycle and it is influenced by each other... for this part, I won't elaborate much because it is not easy to put on words.... to make it simple, it is true and possible to derive any next PODIUM number, using only the last 3 podium numbers..."

Yes, "cycles" prevail in ALL aspect of our lives. It is not just confined to lottery only.

So, since we are concern primarily with whats going on in lottery here (4D game), it will be to our benefits to acknowledge the existence of "cyclical occurrences" too in the game. To ignore that, would be crippling to our analysis of past data to achieve what we are looking for, ie. the repeated appearance of a 4D number (or a hit) in the near term.

To put it more simply, 4D prediction is all about trying to spot the cycles of 1D, 2D, 3D and the eventual 4D number. All these D's are in fact 'revolving' in cycles of their own - cycles within cycles. Whenever all their cycles coincide in a single draw, that 4d number will be a hit.

Recognizing the fact that there ARE cycles (which means that events will appear again and again in a given span of time), is what prompted me to start trying to predict the next best possible number that could appear in the near term.

Without them (the cycles), it would be next to impossible to "predict" anything at all. What would our prediction be based on then ?

Some would say then that 4d prediction is nothing but hocus-pocus, or just a figment of our imagination as to what would possibly happen next - a sort of wishful thinking at best.

I have been studying the presence of Cycles in the 4D game for many years now, as that was what had started me in this prediction stuff in the very first place. Believe you me, if you look deep enough at those past 4D datas, you would be able to see all kind of cycles being repeated over and over again.
Not just the appearances of the 4D number itself. That would be FINAL result that we are all looking for.

We must be able to discern and isolate all other types of cycles within the game first, before we are able to have any accurate prediction of that elusive eventual 4d number that would give us the reward, in term of a strike.

The one who has a keen eye for spotting cycles, will probably be the one who would stay ahead of the general mass, who may not even be aware of such things.

The cycles would be in anything related to the 4D game, eg. the periods (weekly, monthly or even yearly) that a certain 1d, 2d, 3d and 4d would most often appear. Or it could be the prize groups that these numbers and digits would fall into, during a particular period in each of their cycles. Just to cite 2 examples where cycles may be found.

Those that have more frequent appearances will have a smaller cycle and those that occur less often will have a bigger cycle.

Logically, a smaller cycle is more easier to spot and identify as they happen frequently, and a bigger cycle will be more difficult to spot. The bigger the cycle, the more experience and expertise you will need to be able to identify it, and thereby predicting its next outcome with any accuracy at all.

Take for example, the 1ds and 2ds as we all know are very numerous in their occurrences, for the simple reason that these are the majority components that make are present in a 4d number.

So, having more appearances in every draw, they have a very small cycles indeed and are easy to spot. Almost anyone, who have some form of 4d prediction "training", would be able to tell which are the most probable 1ds or 2ds for the next coming draw, is it not ?

But as we move on to the 3ds and of course the final 4d (that last 4th digit), their cyclical pattern is not so obvious anymore, as they are revolving in a much bigger cycle with lesser appearances than the 1d & 2ds.

Thats where the challenge begins and is when you can tell the difference between the boys and the men, so to speak.

But big or small cycles, cycles there will be for sure. The bigger the cycles, the further back in the historical data of that number you will have to analyze.

Therefore, based on the similar assumption that numbers which happened more frequently have a smaller cycle than numbers which occur less, it is no wonder that hitting at the Starters and Conso group is much easier (the norm for most actually), as against hoping to strike at podium prizes.

In a single draw, there are 20 numbers in both the Starter and Conso group, while there are only 3 numbers available for the Top3 group. So, the cyclical pattern for the former 2 prize group is definitely a much smaller one (and easier to catch), than the one at the podium group.

Its because of this reason, thats why g128 is urging beginners to try for all prizes first, rather than jumping the gun and aiming for top3 prizes in their early steps in 4d prediction.

Am afraid that this posting had gone for too long now and may had bored some, so will end it by touching briefly on what g128 had said in one of this posting here abt Podium 3D's being a subset of All Prize 3D's.

The above statement of the Top3 3D's being a smaller part of the 3Ds in all prize group is of course true.

Therefore, knowing that, before we even wanna start playing for a Podium 3D (aka 3DTP), we must first ascertain whether that particular 3D has the capability to appear in ALL Prize group first ! Not just from the point of view of aiming and looking at hitting the podium group alone.

So, in your 3d analysis, look first to see whether it can appear in all group for that draw, and then from them extrapolate further to see its chance in hitting podium.

In this way, if that 3d misses podium it would still have a very good chance in landing in all prize group and you would still be able to get something back in return. Would not result in a TOTAL loss for that draw, which is something we all MUST try and avoid, if we wanna stay in this game long enough. Remember, the podium group is a subset of the ALL prize group in a draw.

My 2 cents worth.
Msg #151
13-06-2015 05:23 am

Hi Mike,

Just follow those numbers that I had given in my last email to you all. Will bound to have some hits and podium strike too before end of June, if Lady Luck permits.

G'luck !~
Msg #152
13-06-2015 05:46 am

Dear Sifu Lucas,

Thanks for the reminder and advise.
(Master Sifu)
Msg #153
13-06-2015 07:27 am

Hi Bro Bill...
Surprised to see you drop in to check on old friends...and share your experience with members here...
Thanks for the reminder...will definitely follow them...
Will keep you posted if I do strike...
Take care and good luck
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #154
13-06-2015 08:38 am

Hahaha... Master Sifu Best4 is going to have BBQ party !!
Msg #155
13-06-2015 11:46 am

Hi all sifu, bro and friend,

Congratulation who won magnum tonite. My table works really well tonite. Me myself won 1st but mbox only rm3. Good start to continue study the pattern and sequence.
Msg #156
13-06-2015 12:50 pm

Ref my MSG#70

"Watch out for medium-range 3DTP's zerosixseven (067) & fourfiveniner. They are potential T3-baggers in the mth of June. Some of the powerful 4d podium numbers can be found in that Pandora Box, if you know how to spot it, that is."

Yup got the 3DTP 067 at 1st Prize today - 5076. Power !!
Msg #157
13-06-2015 12:58 pm

hello all friend...i want to ask..what predicitions number come out tomorrow and where that place? can ee ma il mi ke pla n8 at g m ai l d ot c om
Msg #158
13-06-2015 02:10 pm

Big congrats to Sifu Luc, pocket full full. Haha
Are u strike the direct Number?
Msg #159
13-06-2015 02:12 pm

Hi bro rich88,

Do u receive my email?
Msg #160
13-06-2015 02:15 pm

Bro frog, what email?
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