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01-07-2015 12:53 pm

Hi new month new begining, HUat ah!

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01-07-2015 01:44 pm

everybody Huat...
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01-07-2015 02:56 pm

Hi bro tuD!

And wellcome for sifu g128, bro Dragon, bro rich88 and others sifu

and other bro give the advice and comments, much much


HUat ah!


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01-07-2015 04:12 pm

This is the month for AABC format for magnum counter. Sets of 2Ds to watch out for are 00, 55, 66 and 88. Good luck everyone. I'm smiling from ear to ear today since i managed to hit 2 special (6963 and 8515) and 1 consolation (0883) for today. It helps to ease the pain I suffered last month when my predicted 2D (11) hit the podium 3 times but every time, missed by 1D. Thank you sifu guigno for the pandora for last month. It was very useful.
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01-07-2015 11:01 pm

good morning everybody, waooo..bro.tykosam...congrat.to u...win 2 prizes...
(Kekeke Master)
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01-07-2015 11:57 pm

Good morning everyone

Thank you bro tykosam, certainly good to hear at least Pandora is working for you. How about the rests?

Good luck
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01-07-2015 11:59 pm

morning guys,,,all sifus n masters,,2d n 3d masters,,,new month new hope,, i hope dis month will be d best month 4 every one,,
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02-07-2015 01:08 am

hi bro.dragon, good morning, i had dropped out a question on june topic, pls feel free to give some advice...thank you
(Pandora Master)
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02-07-2015 01:52 am

Good morning everyone

Your Question
"Msg #350
02-07-2015 07:33:09

just like the last draw...i predicted it comes out 5942 and it came out 9942, does it means... a number has fews character...it could be 2, 5 or 9...ï¼ÂŸpls advise me bro.dragon, sifu g128 or any others sifu..."

Most of the time, I believe members do managed to hit 3D or some said Aiya... missed 1D. Most 3D can be determine in advance even before the few draws ahead, and often missed that 1D when the results are out.

This particular 1D, most of the time, are moving or very actively very much depending on the previous draw. Some of us using the missing podium/top3 1D as power 1 digit, this is just one example, but not very accurate if you wanted to look into 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The method of looking this 1D is not going to be as easy as 123, that is reason why various methods or charts to help members to grab this 1D instantly especially when dealing with double digits- AABC format.

For start with and back to basic as always mentioned, look back into one or two previous draw results. This 1D may not appear obviously 1D for you to spot, it may appear in sets of 3D instead.

Example, Magnum 1st 5919. Quite few of members did managed to predict 3D 159 because of it's recent very short 3DTP gaps. But did not hit 1st because of the double digits 99, which is not obviously easily being spotted. Some members, even has their own 2D method to predict double digit 99 but getting the wrong 3D, 993 instead of 995 or 991.

How to spot this 1D? as many will ask.
Beside the regular podium missing 1D method, another way/method would be using the 3D from previous results. An example,,1st 5919 is made up of sets of 3D, 159-599-199. Using this concept, look into previous 28 June's draw. Try to list out any 3d hits that can form sets of 3Ds 159-599-199.

Just list a few here... these 3D sets will be:

1st 1953 - 159, Spec 0995- 995, Consol 5197 - 159
So the 3D components 159-559-199 based on 28 June's results hits are:

3D 159 - 2 hits, 3D 599 - 1 hit, 3D 199 - no hit.

Also, 3D 159 is podium hit, you need to look back into 3DTP 159 to check whether possible to have another very short range hit. The past records of 3DTP 159 showing possible to have very short range hit.

Doing the same for other 3D's components also. If all 3D components showing good indications that the mixture of these components to form 1599 is a good number may land on the podium platform, just put this 1599 in your LIST for final check.

The final check, the yearly/monthly checks..
This 1599, being a double digit (AABC) format, will give a very wise cyclic trends. You may need to look into years of data to figure out the possible trend/cycle. This 1599, showing only two hits in Jan & Feb 2015, both non-podium hits. The average yearly hits 4 to 7 hits... The last podium hit was 3-Aug-2015 and will see at least one PODIUM hit. Although monlty analysis showing 1599 only one hit July 2004, and being sleeping in July since this 2004. Also notice that when there was a JUNE podium hit, there won't be a JULY hit in the same year. The wonderful thing is this year 2015, only Jan & Feb hits. The only past year to have this few hits in the first half year was year 2007. By looking at all these records, the chances for 1599 to hit any time after non-June 2015 hit is very high. This could be the main reason that this 1599 hit yesterday in the rare month of JULY.

Yes, is certainly a hard work to find one good number that may hit PODIUM for the coming draw.

Therefore, whichever method you may have, always fall back to the results and back checking whether still working well, one or two times your method may missed the ball, but could be not more than 5 times missing it. If it so, could it be the method is wrong? The answer is NO. Method could be not wrong if previously proven working, is the trend that chances. As I always say... ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME. Should learned as many good methods as possible and continue in improving them.

Cheers and good luck
(Pandora Master)
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02-07-2015 01:56 am

Sorry, Typo error...

Should be....
The average yearly hits 4 to 7 hits... The last podium hit was 3-Aug-2014 and will see at least one PODIUM hit
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02-07-2015 03:19 am

thank you sifu g128, ur clear cut explaination and illustration are very helpful...thank a lot for sharing....now we should have a big clear picture on what to do next...as a whole the historical data are playing the main role..as i say many of us are lack of the hand on historical data, beside the myfreepost and 4d2u, no doubt it can give us the result...but not all that we can get like sifu mentioned 3d....anyway, do more homework, analyse and observe the 3d trend..at the end we should be able to acheive our goal...cheers..and good luck
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02-07-2015 04:12 am

congrats to bro tykosam won 2 price!

Thanks sifu g128 for sharing your concept and giving us a big clear picture to do our homework and analyze.

will try to catch up the trend..

Have a nice day!

Cheers and ....HUAT ah!
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02-07-2015 05:52 am

Good afternoon g128

Your method of analyzing is very similar to mine. Its almost a duplicate of what I am doing over here actually. Thats why it is no wonder sometimes both our groups have the same hits.

To add on to what you'd said - in order to finetune the accuracy of the ETAs of the numbers (3Ds/4Ds), besides just looking at the Yearly/Monthly Tables, it will be good to go even one step deeper and extrapolate from the data there, their Weekly appearances too.

That would hv the effect of zooming in to their probable appearances for the week(s), instead of just the whole general month. But I believe you are also onto that too, as I'd seen you giving predicted ETAs of the numbers before.

Isolating the data of a number down to its previous past years Monthly hits, and from there further spotting its Weekly appearances is hard work indeed. But at times it has been proven to be very effective (accurate), esp. when mirror images can be identified through this method.

One last point to add, is that, they way we view and analyze data and its trend/cycle may differs from one another. We all hv the same data to look at and form an opinion of the pattern that it is showing us but the final interpretation of that analysis that we have, may not be the same though.

It is like looking at the same thing but with different set of eyes. It is here where experiences matter and is something that hv to be learnt by our own past encounters and aptitude to reading of a mass of data. It is something that cannot be easily taught but can only, at best, show you which is the right direction to look at.

Btw bro, theres a 3DTP that have a good 90% chance of hitting podium in the month of July. It is the only longest-gap ABC 3dtp left, at Gap37. I'm sure you know which one it is, mate.

The near-term ETA of this one is on the 4/7, which is the next coming draw. 1ds thats good to match it for this Sat draw will be "0", "3", "4", "5", "7". ( "3", "4" & "5" is the most powerful 1d for it).

Good luck !~
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02-07-2015 08:12 am

KEKEKE, thanks sifu giugno & sifu lucas for the teaching. Can study back again on the method.

Sifu lucas get any big fish yesterday?
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02-07-2015 08:28 am

Hmm, am need to study the direct method already. Anyone have any idea on that?
(Pandora Master)
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02-07-2015 09:26 am

bro RICH88

You have forgotten that for direct method, you can use the STRIKER's 4D. Just compared all the TOP3 draw by draw, then you will spot the position A in box ABCD will be in Xth position for the next draw. Try it out yourself, you will get the picture.... Hmm, why you ask this question over here ?? Strange... playing banana again right !!
(Pandora Master)
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02-07-2015 09:34 am

Hi mate Lucas,

Well, what being described above is just few methods used in the past. You know I am an explorer and search for good method, and you also aware that currently trying to fine tune the 5E Full method, which a few times during backtesting, it really computed one-for-one direct number. Just something still missing in the process of transformations for sure.. If sucessful, will drop you an email of the forecasted numbers.

Good luck mate !
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02-07-2015 09:54 am

Sifu, i had been lost track somewhere else. Trying to ask some question here to see whether someone who willing to share some idea on the direct, then can study it, no matter the method is just work for one draw or more. Just can study it. Yes, for the striker 4D i had been study it, plus some belacan combining with the FB and the mirror, some hit some not, still studying.
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02-07-2015 10:00 am

@ RICH88

The last 3 draws the big fishes from the podium had been escaping from the hook and ended up catching the smaller ones instead.

Sat (27/6) - Starter 5033 & Conso 9121 (Missed ALL 3 top prizes by a horse's whisker)

Sun (28/6) - Starter 8179 & 2 Consos of 4926 and 8188 (Missed 1st & 2nd prizes)

Wed (1/7) - Conso 9711 (Missed 2nd & 3rd prizes)

@g128 -

Looking forward to your forecasted numbers. Would be interesting to check them against mine.

Thanks and g'luck, mate !~

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02-07-2015 10:34 am


Btw what happened to the AB forum ? Went in yest to take a look and its like a ghost town now except for the horse racing posters. Even our "friend" APA (aka Shama) has also disappeared. Probably died of jealousy with others' success, I supposed. Or kena drowned in that pot of crapsz that he had been stewing back then. LOL.
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