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29-04-2014 07:44 pm

Hi bro best4 . Minimum bet is 50 cents the total bet amount is abt myr32 I'm trying to find the suitable counter for myself but sometime I suspect a no @ certain counter or dream it then I bet multiple counters. I understand u mean well n i can see that playing multiple counters will make lose in the end . That's why I asked for my lucky counter. I'm trying to change my ways. Last time i started 4d I could bet rm100+ but slowly i realize it was foolish n paving the way for trouble. Its weird when I try just one counter I almost no hit. When I buy multiple then got more hits on podium. 6d is enticing to me cause pay out is 100k per ringgit . Its hard to hit though. Thank you for keeping me in check.
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29-04-2014 07:55 pm

Sifu guigno128

I won 9181-$5 ibox at magnum, thank you for your info you gave me, 9181 should i keep on bet? Sifu, would like to asks you 2908 for da ma cai.....
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29-04-2014 08:45 pm

Msg #654 28-04-2014 20:46:36

My 3d results for magnum tday ;) finally bite big fish!!! Sifu giugno 128 n sifu luc thanks to both of u i learnt all frm u guys to spot the correct 3d.


1) 164 - 6481 (3rd prize & 0146 starter)
2) 140 - 0146 starter

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29-04-2014 08:48 pm

Best master sifu, thanks for the lucky reading. I follow ur advise to buy my number on my lucky day which is tues ;)
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29-04-2014 09:09 pm

Hi firefly

Based on the past records, this number was sleeping in the year 2014, and today hits is just the begining...or a wake up call.

Further, noticed that this number's 3D, all only one hit, 811, 911, 981 still remains the same relationship with each other, all just add one value to the draw only.... So still hold to this number.....

Now look at the past trend of this number....
It has a record of 4, 6 and 10 drawdate hits after the first hit from long rest. Which means, after today's, would expect it to hit again 4 draws dates, 6 draws dates and 10 draws dates (count yourself)... (plus & minus 1 draw date to play safe).

Not only you have to box your number, I would recommend direct numbers such as 1198, 8911, 1981..

Good Luck
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29-04-2014 09:19 pm

congratz to all winners and the luckiest lady who stand at TP3. as for me..... small small consol only, gonna be more lucky tomoro, good luck to all.
(Master Sifu)
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29-04-2014 09:27 pm

Hello shimis27,
Congrats on your winnings.....
3 reasons why you strike tonight....
1.......Today (Tuesday) is one of your lucky days
2.......You are in your lucky period now (April 10th to May 27th)
3.......Both your winning combinations have your lucky numbers of
either 8 or 6
You still have nearly a month to enjoy your lucky period..go for it
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29-04-2014 09:39 pm

Sifu guigno128

Sifu, what you mean 4, 6 and 10 draws dates, it's mean start calculates dates from today 29/04/2014 till the next date fall on 4 draws date to bet? it's correct ? sorry for my slow respond understanding. actually i was bet 9118 big/small in 10/10 but won in 5 ibox.
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29-04-2014 09:47 pm

Once again, thanks Best4(Master Sifu) for your great compassion to help us. All The Best & Many Happy Returns!!!
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29-04-2014 09:48 pm

Hi lucky6719

By putting 1D next to a 3D to form 4D is not the correct concept... chances of getting missed 1D is high...

When you selected your 3D, next look at every 1D from 0 to 9 their number trends etc. Just like I explain for 9181.. looking at the 3D trend of 9181 and also the 4D trend of the numbers... if with all angles that pointed that all the 4 sets of 3D are good, the chances of your 4D number will be good (means will hit the board)..
If you are looking at top 3 or podium, that another different story and need further analysis on the 3D for podium or 3DTP. Sifu luc is very good in this 3DTP, for me just picked up the skills....

Good Luck
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29-04-2014 10:14 pm

My 3d prediction for spore pools n magnum. Hope to catch more small fish n big fish tmrw ;) btw sifu giugno128 n sifu luc, wat u think abt 1507? Im was thinking on investing more on tis number for spore pools. Any advise?

Spore pools
1) 159
2) 138
3) 981
4) 289
5) 268
6) 249

1) 152
2) 059
3) 092
4) 012
5) 124
6) 079
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30-04-2014 12:15 am

Sorry Sifu Giugno128 for not replying #661 earlier.

It was for PMP +1. However missed out 3rd Prize - 7288. Bought 7283.

Would like to thank all Master Sifu and Sifu for guiding us.
I have improved on selection of numbers,always missing by 1 number, mostly Podium! Just need some luck.
Msg #653
30-04-2014 02:30 am

@shimis27 -

Congrats on catching the big one, sis ! I caught one too on Sunday, my birthday, system 3569 (SG 2nd prize). 3D 356 was one of my 3DTPs, and coincidentally 356 was also one of your 3d predictions for Magnum which I had said look more like 3DTP for SG draw on Sunday (MSG#615).

The sys no. 4D 1507 looks VERY good for SGP for the near term, i.e. within the next 6 draws (fm now till the 1st 10 days of May). You should keep this number under your radar, sis.

For the immediate draw (today 30/4), it may however have a little bit of problem in 2 of its 3ds components appearances - 3d 157 and 057. The chances of these 2 sets of 3ds appearing today would depend very heavily on the Luck factor. More like 80% Luck as a matter of fact. So, if any of these 2 fail to appear today, sys 4D 1507 would be a miss by 1 digit. If that is the case, then the 1st 10 days of May will have a very high chance of seeing this number appearing.

Btw, I am wondering how come you can buy both M'sia Magnum and SGPool counters ?
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30-04-2014 03:38 am


"..but then i don't know how to see beyond this erm 0-9 what is the probability? and whats stopping it from repeating it self for like 3-4 draws on end? What govern the trend? is it Big brother intervention? how come coincidence car accident no. or ppl new car no. can strike 1st prize?...."

To understand why a certain number sometimes come out repeatedly like '3-4 draws on end', we must look at the bigger cycle of that number's past trend. Meaning to say that we may have to look much further back in years, rather than just the past recent months.

These numbers that appear repeatedly within a very very short period, is what is known as Short-gaps hits. Therefore u will have to know when is its probable Short-gaps, Average-gaps and Long-Gaps hits periods will likely be. For that, you will have to look at the bigger picture of a number's cycle, i.e. at that particular moment in time which types of "Gaps" is it moving through its cycle.

It is generally more difficult for most people to be able to see or identify "cycles" in a 4d number's trend, as it spans a longer period in time.

To put it more simply....(picture this in your mind)......in a single cycle that a number "moves" through, there will be trends/patterns created for 2ds, 3ds and even 4ds. These trends/patterns will be those that are being first spotted by beginners in the game. BUT that is not all there is to it. The trend that is going on in this particular cycle, at that moment, may be a cycle which is in its Short, Average or Long-gaps hits mode.

After the number had completed one mode of cycle (eg. Average-gap hit mode), it may then proceed to the next type of cycle, eg. Short-gap or long-gap hit mode, depending on what its previous cycle was like.Remember too, that while it is shifting from one cycle into the next, within the cycle itself all the trends/pattern of 2ds and 3ds of that particular number are still forming and moving along at their own steam too - cycles within cycles, all moving at the same time from draw to draw.

This is the answer to your question of , "What govern the trend?" - The Cycles of that 4d Number is.

When that 4d number moves into its Short-gap hit cycle, then you will see that number 'repeating it self for like 3-4 draws on end'.

Therefore, after mastering the art of spotting trends/patterns in one single cycle, the next step ( a much more difficult one, which most people will find it hard to 'see beyond it', as u had said), will be to spot the number's Cycles in its historical past.

From there then you will be able to know what type of numbers you are dealing with - those that have the ability to appear very quickly in close consecutive draws or those that will only appear close to their Average gaps (usually abt a period of a month or so), OR those that will have a long period of no-show in between hits (the Long-Gap ones).

Knowing which categories that the number you are analyzing on belongs to will definitely adds in more precision to your 4d prediction skill.

To explain in a more "scientifically-based" manner as to why certain auspicious numbers like people's new cars numbers or wedding cars number can appear and strike either at the general board or the Top3 prize group, the movement of that number's Cycles can also be used to explain for it.

At the particular moment in time when that new car is bought, or when someone gets married, the numbers of these vehicles had so happened to be approaching or is at that part of its cycle for it to appear. If it hits 1st Prize, then the cycle that it has arrived at will be its 3DTP/4DTP Cycles. It is then actually the luck of the person to come across that particular car's number at that particular period, rather than the luck of that number itself.

Take for example, when someone want to get married, they will surely look for an auspicious date thats thats good according to their stars and whatnot, right ? That means on that particular day he/she would be in one of their lucky periods (bro Best4 would know more abt this, I am sure). No one would pick a date to marry on one of their "suay" or unlucky period, right ? LOL.

So, being lucky on that day, whatever numbers thats associated with him that day, would have a very good chance to bring him fortune......and if you are lucky enough to spot and take note of that number too, like what most people do when they see a wedding car, then you are in fact riding on the luck of that person who is in luck at that point in time.

Dun ask me about cars thats being involved in accidents which have their numbers striking though.LOL. Cant really explain that. Just that theres something sinister in that....something not of good vibes. Its similar to like asking or wishing for something but then having something precious taken away.....just that in this case, it is the reverse. Something precious has been taken first, then something else is given in return for the tragedy. Not good, as this is feeding on others' misery.
Msg #655
30-04-2014 08:50 am

Hello giugno128

Thanks to your pandora, caught fish at TOTO yesterday : 6937

Anyway, got pandora 2D & 3D for today's draw?

Thanks and good luck.

Msg #656
30-04-2014 08:57 am

Hi bobby,
Recently, you are very lucky... keeps on striking...
Happy for you.
Pls do donate some of your rewards and pray for us.
Pandora 2D and 3D will be out soon.

Good Luck
Msg #657
30-04-2014 09:06 am

Hi members

Pandora 2D and 3D for 30 Apr 2014
Magnum 2D: 38 - 19 - 79 - 45 - 49 - 78
Magnum 3D: 028 - 568 - 236 - 247 - 012

SportsTOTO 2D: 05 - 02 - 29 - 58 - 66 - 27
SportsTOTO 3D: 018 - 258 - 137 - 066 - 788

Sabah 2D: 17 - 09 - 36 - 16 - 47 - 03
Sabah 3D: 134 - 029 - 145 - 347 - 234 - 038

Using the same Panodra 4D for the draw

Good Luck
Msg #658
30-04-2014 09:37 am

Hi Sifu Luc,

CONGRATS on ur winning. Happy for u si fu . Yea, I do remember tat u mentioned abt the 356 TP3d the other day but I missed the number bcos im was concentrating too much on another number 4xx which u gv me earlier on.
im still buying this number sifu. As for 1507, I will follow ur advise and try my luck for few weeks. Btw sifu, im staying in jb and working in spore. Travel in and out daily. 8-5 job so I have plenty of time to buy 4d both counter 
Msg #659
30-04-2014 12:05 pm

hi all n Sifu,
last draw for this month, hopefuly can catch big fish tonite, since i follow this forum, only can get conso and starter, and miss podium twice..better than nothing..hihihi..
thanks to sifu guidance, maybe my luck not yet come for the big fish.

anyway, will play 3d 948, 752 today.magnum.
Msg #660
30-04-2014 12:43 pm

Hi sifu giugno128,
U have any 3d/2d for spore counter?
Many thanks. ☺
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