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30-04-2014 12:51 pm

Sifu Luc,

I just realized that out of 3 TP3D given by u 2 already hit the top prize except for 1!!! :)
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30-04-2014 01:14 pm


3D for 948 - Feb 13 (7 hits), Mar 13 (6 hits), Apr 13 (7 hits), May 13 (10 hits), Feb 14 (6 hits), Mar 14 (5 hits), Apr 14 (5 hits). Seems that quite constant in trend.... 948 is good for Apr 14 and May 14. For top 3, the last 3rd prize hit was 15 Feb 2012, it may goes into medium gap for Top 3 hits... and expect it will happen in May 14, if 948 follows last May 13 of having around 10 hits>

3D for 257 - Feb 13 (3 hits), Mar 13 (8 hits), Apr 13 (6 hits), May 13 (4 hits), Feb 14 (14 hits), Mar 14 (11 hits), Apr 14 (7 hits). Hmmm, very good hits in 2014... Let looks into years 2011 & 2012.

3D for 257 - Feb 11 (8 hits), Mar 11 (5 hits), Apr 11 (4 hits), May 11 (8 hits). Feb 12 (10 hits), Mar 12 (3 hits), Apr 12 (8 hits), May 12 (5 hits). Still not good.. Look into 2010 trends

3D for 257 - Feb 09(7 hits), Mar 09 (6 hits), Apr 09 (9 hits), May 09(5 hits), Feb 10 (9 hits), Mar 10 (10 hits), Apr 10 (8 hits), May 10 (5 hits). Looks like a better trend selection.

For 257, it may appear in today's draw...
Good luck
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30-04-2014 01:17 pm

Hi cwho

I have not finish studying for SGPools yet.

But you can try 3D- 134, 473. Both already on my list.

Good Luck
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30-04-2014 01:47 pm

@shimis27 -

Oh u traveling frequently fm JB to SG, thats why can buy both counter. I see. Lucky u, coz it seems that Magnum is easier to strike than SGP.

Under this 3DTP method that I had developed beginning of last year, there was only ONE 3D that did not hit the T3 prize in the predicted 3DTP cycle range. ALL the rest had hit T3s more or less on the target timeframe predicted for them, i.e + and - 1 or 2 3DTP gaps. T3 hit frequency is abt 1-3 per month.

Whats really good abt this method is that it is pretty selective in churning out potential 3Ds for T3 hits. It is unlike other methods that give out so many possible potential 3Ds that the prediction actually becomes meaningless, as we cant possibly be following too many 3ds series in any one draw, right ?At any one time , under the 3DTP method, the really potential 3ds for TPs are only abt 1-3.

The last 2 were either 356 or 4xx. In term of being 'more over-due' 4xx is the one. Thats why my emphasis to u then was more on 4xx.

But sometimes the numbers can leap-frog, and those behind in the "queue" to appear can jump and appear 1st. Thats why I will cover at least more than just 1 set of these 3DTP for any given draw - max.will be 3 sets in their priorities for appearances. Usually will be 2 sets.

Dun let go 4xx now....this 3DTP seldom fails me in getting the podium prizes (except that only 1 time in a year). 1d good to match it will be 0, 1, 7 and 9. Take note and gd luck.
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30-04-2014 01:50 pm

Good luck everyone... loggin off as need to work in field the whole afternoon....
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30-04-2014 01:59 pm

For those playing SGP, 1D thats good for the Top3 prizes will be "4", "7" and "6". It will be good to have these 1Ds in your numbers for SG draw today.

Gdluck !
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30-04-2014 02:05 pm

Dear sifu Luc,

i hv nt give up on this 3d. still hunting for it :)
(Master Sifu)
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30-04-2014 02:08 pm

Hello Members,
A Happy Labour Day to all of you...let's hope that employers are being fair to all workers...especially one big employer "Singapore Pools" to pay us bonuses throughout the year...hahahaha
Anyway here are my predictions for Wednesday for Singapore Pools...
Must cover IBet.
Goodluck and have a great Labour Day
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30-04-2014 02:23 pm


"...especially one big employer "Singapore Pools" to pay us bonuses throughout the year...hahahaha"

LOL ! Yea....expecting BIG FAT bonus from SGPool today ! Haha....:)
(Master Sifu)
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30-04-2014 02:41 pm

Hello Bro luc (Sifu)
The "new" bible says.........
Hope and thou shall find,
Expect and thou shall be given....
Oh by the way you mentioned to look out for 4XX 3DTP, can you refresh me on this 4XX...is it 456?
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30-04-2014 02:48 pm

@shimis27 -

Yea hv faith in that particular 3d, sis.....if u are looking for bigger fish to fry from SGP.

This 3d is seriously underperforming for this mth, thats why it is taking longer for it to appear. Have patience and u will be rewarded for it.

3DTP method is looking at the bigger picture of a number's T3 Cycle thats been going on for decades now (since 1986). It is not easily 'stoppable' by other external factors that may prevent it from hitting T3, once it had reached its cycle to hit podium (which is NOW ! ).

So, just have to have patience for this 3D to appear again as its chance of hitting T3, as compared to other 3Ds is VERY high. I give it at most another 1-2 appearances more to hit T3 when the 3d next appear.

Today, the last draw of April, it has a good chance for coming out....if it still does not, next mth in May this 3d will go into high frequency mode, as it had seriously underperformed this month. If that is the case, then die die must follow it next mth IF you want to land in the BIG ONE !
Msg #672
30-04-2014 02:54 pm

@Best4 - yup thats rite...thats the one.

These days as I am only going for T3 prizes I dun wanna announce it so openly in the open page of this forum, for fear that Big Brother is watching and may try and 'distort' the number. This forum is getting quite popular and it may warrant the attention of the BBs.

Bro, my email is williamteo1(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)sg. U can email me anytime if you are not sure whats the number I am talking abt with some of the members here who are in communication with me by emails, k. No problems. Take note of what I had said to shimis27, mate. Gdluck !
Msg #673
30-04-2014 02:58 pm

MSG#695 -

" Dun let go 4xx now....this 3DTP method seldom fails me in getting the podium prizes (except that only 1 time last year). 1d good to match it will be 0, 1, 7 and 9. Take note and gd luck...."
Msg #674
30-04-2014 03:34 pm

3D luck today :(
Msg #675
30-04-2014 05:22 pm

Thanks to all sifus for guidance.
For today still sticking to 9231.
Sg pools magnum n Toto 6669 8732 n 8898
Toto 1037.
Msg #676
30-04-2014 07:24 pm

Hi members

Wanted to buy 1348, 3478, 3055 & 1357.
Because 1348 & 3478 is too hot in few forums and also in this post, I dropped it because got a feeling it is going to throw into the bin....

Well, at least catch some ikan by hitting consolation and missed 1D on 1357.

One reason that I like to put up in matrix, or asking members to pick the numbers themselves so that the numbers will not be MARKED... My numbers put up will be marked....

As for Blackhole,the numbers will also be marked... 3055 was one of the blackhole numbers....

Good luck in coming draws....
Msg #677
30-04-2014 07:30 pm

Today's top 3, digits 4 & 7 again no show....
Do keep in mind that digits 4 & 7 have to appear somehow but need to let things cool down first.... monitor the situations.... The other forum, one predictors posted 1348 & 3478, making it too hot... There are three predictors showsing 1348, including videos from assemblix....

So, pls learn to predict, my numbers are RED cards numbers in the eyes of SGPools & private operators now. I want you guys to gain, not to loose because of my numbers...

Good Luck in Sat & Sun.
Msg #678
30-04-2014 08:11 pm

Hello Sifu, yr 9118 shown up again at mag cons, what your view about it, will it by any way to be TP in near future.
Msg #679
30-04-2014 08:14 pm

Hi all..984 3d consol.magnum.. Why no podium? Hahha.anyway better than no hits
Msg #680
30-04-2014 10:39 pm

Hi caieast,

Expected 984 is no podium, expalined in Msg #693...

Good Luck
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