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09-04-2014 04:55 pm

Hi LoveCats

Result taken from Malaysia Magnum (0468)
Start Date = Thursday, April 25, 1985 End Date = Tuesday, April 08, 2014
Total Hits = 253 Average Gap = 19.0 Next Gap = 1
Estimated Gap is 5 to 28 usually means the system number may hit after the average gap.

This number just hit Special Price last Sun....

Good Luck
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09-04-2014 05:03 pm

came out already....sorry
always look at podium only..my mistake
Msg #183
09-04-2014 06:24 pm

Hello members, sharing my numbers tonight for magnum
5770,4492,4036 and 6237 !! good luck everyone
Msg #184
09-04-2014 08:50 pm

Hi members

RESULTS For Pandora 4D draw on 09th April, 2014

Magnum 4D: 1st- 1654, 2nd- 2034, 3rd -5941. Home Run!!!!!
DaMaCai 4D: 1st- 5107, 2nd- 1043, 3rd -6115. Home Run!!!!!
Sabah88-4D: 1st- 7295, 2nd- 5976, 3rd -4173. Home Run!!!!!
SG Pool 4D: 3rd- 4280.
STC 4D: 1st- 0845.
CashSweep 4D: No Hit.
Sportstoto 4D: No Hit.

Congratulation to all winning members...
Msg #185
09-04-2014 08:53 pm

Master Sifu Best4....WOW! Indeed a good lucky number that you gave me and sister today based on our birth date.

Firstly, mine....It hit all 3 counters today.

Magnum - 0429 (Special)
Toto - 4281 (Consolation)
Damacai - 1977 - My year of born (Special)

I bought with minimum, box on all the counters as advised that I'm compatible with all 3 counters.

Bought all my 5 lucky numbers today given by you, 2379, 4209, 4218, 4227 and 1977.

Secondly, my sister lucky 4D number based on her birth date.

Toto - 2027 (3rd prize) !! WOW....

Thank you so much for your predictions for both of us !!

I'm very happy even though won small but hey...its our lucky numbers :)

Have good health and wish you a continuous prosperity !

Msg #186
09-04-2014 09:07 pm

Congratulation to all members who are smiling tonight!!

And big congratulation to Sifu Giugno128's pandora system hitting homerun in two counters. Thanks for benefiting all the members. And hope you hit the homerun at Sg counters in the futures.
Msg #187
09-04-2014 09:07 pm

Aiyaaa missed today
Better luck next time.
Congrats to those who won! All the best to those who trying.

Would you check for me 5/12/90

Msg #188
10-04-2014 08:30 am

giugno128 (Sifu),

bought 20 testing numbers for my prediction yesterday's race 9/10 (magnum counter)...got 10 of them 2ds..10 of them 3ds..almost hit first podium again (3ds) for the second time..
Msg #189
10-04-2014 08:58 am

Hi KenMatsumoto76
Yes, the most difficult is to get that 4th digit. It is very good that you can get the 10 sets of 3Ds, example 3D 165x... as for the 4th digit, you have to carry out the most conventional way by looking at all 10 digits, means 1650, 1651, 1652, 1653, 1654, 1655, 1656, 1657, 1658, 1659 individually. Study each number's trend/cycle, when is their best month and also look into year trend, when were the last podium hits....
Lastly, if you sorted out all these, the selected numbers will be your buying numbers.....

Playing 4D is a games with many layers, each layer is harder than then previous like finding 1D to 4D.... A lots of hard work in the begining but when you master the skill till 3D, the work load will be much lesser compared with the initial work as you had already know which 3D will be out within certain hits....

The method described above is the most logical method that I am also using it. Yesterday, I bought 4288, 4284 and 4285 and the 3rd prize is 4280.... because I was rushing, did not go thr the final search of the 4th digit...

Well, you are a learner, pretty good one.
Good luck in coming draw
Msg #190
10-04-2014 11:32 am

Hello Master Sifu,
any lucky number for me? my DOB is 06 03 1987. Start feeling unlucky for 2 years already. No hit. :(
Msg #191
10-04-2014 11:35 am

I really hope master sifu give me lucky number that gonna hit by this sat.
Msg #192
10-04-2014 01:56 pm

Sifu giugno128,

the numbers you should have bought using pandora should have been 4287, 4285, 4289 and 4280.
Just to show pandora works.
Msg #193
10-04-2014 02:08 pm

Hi LuckPlus
That's the point, rushing without checking....even forget to cgeck with Pandora....:(

Well, never put in heart... Always the next draw....
Msg #194
10-04-2014 03:25 pm

Best4(master sifu), thank you for answering my sister's dob request. It is really additional work for you. For a while not hearing from you makes many of us worry a little, but always believe God will bless the good hearted human! Did not appreciated it so much previously, but this times hope every help you offer, whatever it may, God gives you ten years of good health. Thank you again and please pop in to see this forum at least once in a while.
Msg #195
10-04-2014 03:38 pm

Lovecats, I thought you have graduated from this forum! Nice to see you back. I am always in this forum quietly reading the messages. When I saw your message, I said to myself, ah ha! Lovecats is back, overwhelm(spelling??) with a sense of happiness to see you active here again. There are still some people who were in here active, and left for quite a while, huh, wonder when they will ever do! But this forum reflects part of life, sometimes you're in sometimes out, because of many many reasons... the main reason of course is this 'BIG 4D investment matter !!'
Good luck and all the best, lovecats.
Msg #196
10-04-2014 04:12 pm

Hye sifu...
Msg #197
10-04-2014 04:15 pm

Hye sifu guigno, i learn a lot from your 2d 3d and pandora chart..n i really interested in it...i won 3draws consecutive in april after followed this forum since march...now i want to learn more bout 2d n 3d so can i have your 3dfiles?i play magnum counter..thank you in advance sifu..
Msg #198
10-04-2014 04:50 pm

Hi jelly
Can I hv your e mail pls?
Msg #199
10-04-2014 04:51 pm

Sorry is helly
Msg #200
10-04-2014 05:14 pm

Sure sifu
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