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16-01-2016 10:42 am

Hi guys, 

Im new guy here. I've been predicting 4D for about 2 years now only on Magnum counter. My prediction is still incomplete coz i stuck how to move on percistent result on full number. The better from my prediction it can predict 90% of what doubles would come out on next draw day. 

The problem is 2 other digit to follow that doubles. Using my prediction always need to play with box or pau. I frequently hit 3 of 4 digit and of coz the other 2 digit i pair using my feel good feeling number.

Here, i would offer to anyone my method that i wrote in excel spreadsheet but in return to help me to complete the method with your idea n prediction knowledge.

Anyone who interested can drop your email here. 


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16-01-2016 02:51 pm

Magnum Doubles Prediction 16 Jan 2016

According to my incomplete prediction method today doubles are:

44 00 55 66 88

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16-01-2016 08:37 pm

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16-01-2016 10:45 pm

Huhu... only 1/5 doubles came out from my incomplete prediction. But its okay. Still have tomorrow.

Zeph> i'll email to you my excel file. Hope u can share with me your trick u method.

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17-01-2016 12:20 pm

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17-01-2016 04:18 pm

Magnum Doubles Prediction 17 Jan 2016

Today will play lots of doubles but my prediction still same as yesterday. Pick doubles from cold group more likely to hit today.

66 88

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18-01-2016 04:10 pm

As i expected many doubles play yesterday. My doubles prediction 4/5 came out. 

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20-01-2016 01:12 am

This forum is the best sharing knowledge method for 4D prediction so far i have read. Coincidently, after i read 4D thread on Disember 4D Prediction. I am very amaze juz what my excel spreadsheet can do for me. You can use bro moosang method with ease using my spreadsheet. What a fool i am not seeing the pattern that already infront of me. Thank you cupin for maintaining this forum, thank u all sifus for your brilliant thinking and prediction method. Thank you God to lead me here.

Bro moosang if u ever read this, please accept me as your student. I really want to master ur method. Contact me at />

Now is time to do homework.

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22-01-2016 01:20 am

Hi all, after reading again for the second time 4D thread topic December 4D Prediction 2013, i've some insight on what and how the sifus think to make their prediction. I'll share what i've found from the topic discussed and perhaps my way of undestanding the info is same with the sifus. 

1. Cupin's Method by Cupin

I believe many other member know how cupin method work. It's simply adding 1111, 2222, 3333, ....., 9999 to your number. If u ask me why +1111, +2222, ...., +9999? I dont know why. Might be its the result pattern from Cupin research and finilize it for us to use. To use cupin method one need to choose any number from past result. It can be last draw result or last last result. Here how the method work.

2658 is your choose number. Then,

2658 + 0000 = 2658 (your choose number)

2658 + 1111 = 3769

2658 + 2222 = 4870 (notice here 8+2=10, take only last digit)

2658 + 3333 = 5981

2658 + 4444 = 6092

2658 + 5555 = 7103 


2658 + 9999 = 1547

You get 10 4D sets number 2658, 3769, 4870, 5981, 6092, 7103, ...., 1547 to be play on next draw. I believe i've read that Cupin mention this 10 sets 4D number can be used until next 9 draw. He also mention his method not mean to be play straight although sometime can hit straight. Use your own method to filter those number within your range bet.

I also extract something interesting from other topics in 4D thread that to use number from consolation group of past draw and it can be from other counter or outlet to be use with Cupin method. This is because all pass result are jumping from counter to other counter as said by sifu guigno128. 

Dont stop here and just accept those method blindly. Go backtest it and see the effectiveness of this method. Test it with 10 past draw result to see why it can be use till next 9 draw. Then calculate the hit rate of this method. I suggest test this method with 25 sample test, record and see the pattern hit. Meaning you need to test it 25 times with 10 past draw results and thats covering 1 year past draw result. Record and analyze the hit rate. Do your homework.

"No Pain No Gain"

2. Number Performance by Guigno128 

This method also extracted from the topics mention above. What is number performance? Its simply the hit rate of the number either by permutation or direct. The hit rate are categorized into yearly, monthly and weekly then compared year to year, month to month, week to week to seek the pattern. How to seek the pattern? I cant teach you that but please do some reading on google "how to do pattern analysis". Once you get the hang on pattern analysis surely will pay you off. Here is the way how i interprete information given by sifu guigno128. 


Make some heading like above, then fill the hit times of your favorite number accordingly. You can use 4D2U web to ease you in filling all those hit times. Dont stop only for 1 year result, at least to 5 year result to see the pattern and extract the number performance. You will see the performance of your favorite number. You will know your favorite number is in favor for you or not according to the past result. 

After you understand your number performance, you will have confidence when to buy or chase. The number performance give you information when your number "USUALLY" hit even info of podium hit, strongest month, weakest month, sleeping month etc etc. Do lots of pattern tracking with different number until you familiar with pattern tracking. Here what i know, some number DONT favor you according to the past result. Next, you can jump into direct prediction for your number which i dont know yet how. Need further info on sifus guigno128 method 1D Tracking Analysis, Sequential Positional method and bro moosang method Hot&Cold Analysis, Group Ratio, Storyboard.

Tips from me for all fellow forumer, you can combine Cupin Method with Number Performance to increase your chance of winning. 

(Pandora Master)
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23-01-2016 10:06 am

Good morning Asusah

Is good to see still someone reading the old postings.

From what i can understand, whether y r using bro moosang method, do be precise on choosing the correct hot/cold ratio for coming draws in order to capture the right numbers especially the podium.  For the sequential method of mine, i drop it because i was struck without knowing when to stop adding the +1111... 30 to 40 numbers generated is a tough work to further deduced to capture the podiums... if u still interested in this method, the next step is to find an enhanced method that will indicate where u should stop adding the 1111.

Therre are still lots of methods in preduction.  One golden point you need to learn is focus on one counter only.  After u have mastered the skills, then it can apply to other counters.

Good luck and cheers

g128 aka giugno128

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24-01-2016 06:04 am

Waaaahhh....!!! Sifu giugno128 you still here. Im very happy just know you are still here. I thought you have already inactive in this forum. I salute you. Really admired you and bro moosang. I never read the latest forum thread so i dont know who is still active in here. The old post very interesting reading for me than the number predicted for next draw. The information is just overwhelming make me want to dig it deeper and deeper. I only manage to figure out how to use Cupin Method +1111 and Number Performance method from the readings. 

I do mention my spreadsheet can be use with bro moosang method, indeed there is the information on my spreadsheet regarding hot/cold number, group ratio, oddevengroup, combinetablecoldhotoddevengroup. But i dont quite grasp how bro moosang forming his hot/cold number that he say usually to use 25 past draw but not necessaryly 25 it sometimes can be 9,3 draw. Currently breaking my head what its that mean. Hope SIFU Giugno can elaborate that for me and others.

Ahh i see, SIFU have drop the sequential method. No worry, indeeds there are still other method to try. SIFU want to ask you how would you form your 4D if you very sure that Doubles nos will play on next draw? What i mean by Doubles nos is you know the digit for that Doubles nos. Eg: Doubles nos 77, 88, 99. This always my method to form my 4D nos. I sometimes know that doubles will play on the podium. The reason i play Doubles nos is to suit my limit budget and a little bit higher payout or boxes. 

Actually i started this thread to share my spreadsheet for others to analyze and share the findings in here because im stuck to get the right number to combine with my Doubles.  I always form my 4D number starting with Doubles number. That is because i only have clue what Doubles would come out on the next draw. as i seen the trend in my spreadsheet (the only thing i know from my spreadsheet). I dont look into direct prediction yet. For me even to get hit on permutation for 23 prizes is already hard enough. 

I learn 1 rules from Cupin & Moosang qoutes that after zero, 2-3 draw highly likely will come out doubles. At first i was shock as i thought its the same what i've found out from my spreadsheet trend. But its different view from what i know after i go digging deeper into the old post. What they see is when 0 hit the podium, 2-3 draw will come out Doubles. What i see is when digit doubles dont play on last result highly likely to play on next draw and cross checking with Hot/Cold number that have persistent hit trend will be draw to as podium. 

Hopefully SIFU would take a look at my spreadsheet and share what would you find..

Glad SIFU Giugno128 still here.. 

(Pandora Master)
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24-01-2016 09:53 am

Good morning Bro Asusah

Bro Moosang not only using the Hot/Cold method, he also studied the trend to select his numbers.  No only these, he has his own Hex Chart to fall onto. 

As I mentioned before, "All Roads Lead to ROME", whether you start your homework with 1D, double digits DD, or 3DTP (3D Top/podium), is just where you start your journey.  At the end of the road, are the strikes numbers that all of us are looking for.  All numbers, whether 1D, 2D, 3D or 4D are involved in trends/cycle that we will see them appearing again and again.  The Multi-million question is When will they appear again? This part is nothing new but still a big challenge to all of us.  I have been thru all these, and still, no matter what methods I used, still cannot ran away the trend/cycle/ pattern etc.

For your case, is it nothing wrong to start with double digits are in Podium, either the top3 will appear in AABC or ABCD the most.  Also, if possible, try to capture the 1st direct digit of the individual 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  It will certainly help you in your investments if budget is concerned.

Sorry, I cannot tell you about your spreadsheet as I do not have them..  you still can e mail them to my old NICKNAME as I always having biG MAIL AT COMpandy.

Good Luck and cheers

(Pandora Master)
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24-01-2016 09:58 am

Oh, forget to mentioned.  In the old cupin, Capt Hope is now KEKEKE Master, Dragon in this new cupin.


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31-01-2016 09:03 pm

Hi guyz.

Another extended information to look into Number Performance Method by Sifu Guigno1028.

Gap/Interval Trend in Number Performance Method

To do this you need to use any 4D software or 4D web that give hit interval data on the selected numbers. I frequently use 4D2U web to look into the cycle trend. Notice that when you search your number hit data there is interval/gap value from the last hit. Record this data on paper and evaluate the information given. From there you can catogorize the information into Max Interval, Min Interval, Average Hit Interval, Short Cycle Interval, Medium Cycle Interval and Long Cycle Interval. 

After the Cycle Interval data extracted, categorize it with year and month. You will notice the number cycle interval trend from there. Figure out which month is the best month to invest in your number from the hit cycle trend. For me, the best month to invest the number is when there is a short hit interval trend.

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01-02-2016 02:19 pm

Good Morning Bro.Asusah,

 I came aross your post here and wish to request for the  methods you wrote on excel spreadsheet ,  for me to wotk on and get back to you,

This is my e-mail add. />

Good luck and Cheers.

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10-02-2016 11:12 am

thanks for sharing.

good luck

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18-02-2016 10:50 pm

Hi Jackson,

I try ur email but its give return error. If u still interested in my spread u can reach me by email. 

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09-03-2016 09:50 am

Hi, Asusah i have sent mail to you but no response yet,

Please check


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19-05-2016 01:06 am

hi Asusah.. email me ur excel sheet.

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24-05-2016 08:49 pm

hello guys, im just new here, can anyone share 4D prediction for tomorrow 25/5/16? Thank you and have a great day everyone.

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