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21-01-2014 11:44 pm


Thank you for your replies to me.
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22-01-2014 08:17 am

hello sifu giugno128
i use your tips to see past podium result and for the past ten draw always miss first prize by one number always get 3d only...no luck maybe
how about the number 4217 thanks
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22-01-2014 09:11 am

Good morning Lovecats

Result taken from Malaysia Magnum (1247)
Start Date = Thursday, April 25, 1985 End Date = Sunday, January 19, 2014
Total Hits = 301 Average Gap = 16.0 Next Gap = 62
Okay to play from gap 24 to 92
This usually means the system number may hit at long gap.
Best Month to Buy : December, March, November, May

Normally, this number do appeared every month in 2013 until November 2013. Was rather strange even last Dec with NO HIT. January was not the best month but due to no hit in dec, this number may appear any time in late Jan or Feb. Pls box or ipem.

Good Luck
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22-01-2014 09:22 am

Hi LoveCats & All members

Pandora 4D for Wed 15-Jan-2014
Magnum - 2nd 9764 & 3rd 8962

Magnum : No Top hit

MAGNUM:................1ST - 4594...2ND - 9644

Pandora 4D has been in this forum for months, as past results shows a particular patter in each individual counters. An example above, for Magnum, first on 15-Jan, 2nd & 3rd hits, on 18-Jan, no hit and on 19-jan 1st prize.

Compared with other counters, also, some all top hits. Therefore, members need to do a bit of look out on no. of top hits in each counters. This wed, may be magnum will have 1 to 3 top hits and one counter will have no hit at all. This shows that the podium numbers been circulating between counters and most of the time we hardly see same numbers appeared in the counters on the same draw date.

One hint on Pandora, if you see a full top hit in your counter, the next draw, more likely the top hits will be 3D or one digit shifted from the counter you are playing. Try to look into past record with that shifted digit (the digit is in the Pandora but appears in one of the selected column, two digits in one column...).

Good Luck

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22-01-2014 09:56 am

sifu giugno128, i miss my car number 2772 twice this month in magnum, already check the past draw for toto, sgpool and sarawak cashsweep. but not quite get it which counter will come out next.. can sifu help me check please?

how did sifu get the best 2d? is it you count all possible 2d from all the 23 set of numbers each draw? then did you get the best 2d out of many many draws or just a single latest draw?
remember about the old man i mention the other day, i got the photocopy of ticket he won on a draw and i think he is also getting best 2d and 3ds. too bad cannot post the photocopy of all the tickets he bought. is it ok i it email to u, so you can analyse see if it as same as your method of using other method?
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22-01-2014 10:16 am

Hi latindancer
My system has all the past data for SGPools & Magnum, SGPools's data the best can search for best 2D based on top 3 or all and can search for any draws.. Whichever draws, there always a frequency, next gap, ave gap to look at and will never change even I do a 30 draws, 50 draws etc. My system can listed out 45 2Ds in best frequency on top all the way down.

As I always said, top 3 came from past consolation/special, I do compared both 2Ds for top3 and only consol/special. Most of the time, I separately do one digit analysis. Which means I listed down all 1st prize, 2nd prize & 3rd prize for the past 5 to 10 draws, look at individual digit trend. Example, SGPools, I saw lots of digit 0 on wed, I predicted the Sat, digit 0 will not appear in top 3, it happened.

Remember MSG#117 or MSG#661, those numbers I pulled out from seasons trend, quite a few hits there....

If you playing Magnum this Wed, pls pay attention to Pandora's number....

For your number, 7227 in Magnum, it just hit consolation on 19-Jan and 3rd on 18-Jan. So do not buy.

Result taken from Malaysia Magnum (2277)
Start Date = Thursday, April 25, 1985 End Date = Sunday, January 19, 2014
Total Hits = 56 Average Gap = 84.0 Next Gap = 1
Estimated Gap is 21 to 126.
Best Month to Buy January, March, September, December

Good Luck

u can e-mail to giugno128 (at) G M A I L (dot) C O M

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22-01-2014 10:38 am

Hi latindancer
The old man very certain that the DIRECT numbers will appear on that day.... he is good. I have not figure out exactly how he do that yet. Will posted if anything new discovered.

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22-01-2014 11:07 am

ok, thank you bro sifu giugno128, i got a shop near by and he always come buy a 35cent small square exercise book every month.
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22-01-2014 11:25 am

pls comment on 5371 magnum for today pls sifu gigiuno tnx in advance
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22-01-2014 11:34 am

Hi latindancer & members

Based on one 28-Dec-2013 Jackpot tickets, using SGPools data, i noticed that the old man uses the Oct/Nov/Dec 2013 draws results, consolation/starters strike on SGPools. Most of the selected numbers hits 2 to 3 times during these three months in SGPools. But few numbers are cold... Therefore, his selections are not from SGPools.

Taking into consideration that all his numbers appeared before in other counters.... hmmmmm.... interesting.... seems that he uses past draws from Damacai, STC and 88 ..... he selected numbers with 2 to 4 hits within 3 months....when he compared the digits, he selected the least or no hit numbers as direct number.

Lets compared with Pandora....

6678- hit consol 28-Dec at Magnum...... Pandora - 3D
6779- hit consol 28-Dec at toto ...........Pandora - Yes
2466 - hit special 28-Dec at 88 .............Pandora - Yes
7811 - hit special 1-Jan at toto .............Pandora - Yes
4458 - hit consol 29-Jan at SGP .............Pandora - Yes

It appears that the old man very good at selecting his buying numbers....

So members, one simple rules if you are buying Malaysia's counters... Look into the past draws on special/starters/consolations numbers for coming draws....look for at least 2 to 3 hits on the same numbers for about 3 months... more likely the number will appear soon. Pls check with Pandora also..

Thank you bro latindancer for letting me study the tickets...

Good Luck all....
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22-01-2014 11:39 am

Hello ramkiwin

Result taken from Malaysia Magnum (1357)
Start Date = Thursday, April 25, 1985 End Date = Sunday, January 19, 2014
Total Hits = 236 Average Gap = 20.0 Next Gap = 8
Okay to play from gap 5 to 25
the system number may hit near or slightly after the average gap.
Best Month to Buy March, April, October, January

Good Luck
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22-01-2014 12:44 pm

sifu giugno128
i think ur number 4270 for mag counter is strong for today.
thats just my opinion...hehe
0 or 1 which is better
sorry for asking a lot of question
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22-01-2014 12:54 pm

Hi Lovecats
No problem for asking question for few numbers...

For top, digit 0: Next Gap 5, Ave Gap 2.5
For top, digit 1: Next Gap 4, Ave Gap 5
For top, digit 4: Next Gap 1, Ave Gap 0.71
For top, digit 2: Next Gap 1, Ave Gap 0.83
For top, digit 7: Next Gap 1, Ave Gap 0.71
Rearrange strong to weak 4-7-2-0-1

But do not buy direct 4720 based on strongest to weakest.... wrong concept. Check the direct numbers hit for other counters... choose the least 1 or 2 for direct, must box or ipem.
Good Luck
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22-01-2014 12:57 pm

Hi Lovecats
Pls remember about Hot Cold....
weak means cold
strong means hot
A strike number is the mixture of Hot/Cold...
Good Luck
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22-01-2014 12:59 pm

Hi Lovecats
Do not forget the overdue digit.... 0, so long that it may be the 1st digit of a 4D... check 1st prize favours which, same for 2nd and 3rd

Good Luck
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22-01-2014 01:23 pm

Hi Giugno128(Sifu)

How about this two numbers; 8149 & 0694

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22-01-2014 03:01 pm

Hi Giugno128(Sifu)

I'm newer here, I read this post and I have discover some method you have provide to us, it's really helpful, I learn a lot from here.... I really appreciate~ thank you^^

Here I have a number which is 9802, might to ask this is cold or hot number in this months? Thanks for comment~
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22-01-2014 03:59 pm

Hi mrkatak & Cady
In future pls state which counter u r playing...

Result taken from Malaysia Magnum (1489)
Start Date = Thursday, April 25, 1985 End Date = Sunday, January 19, 2014
Total Hits = 281 Average Gap = 17.0 Next Gap = 16
Best Month to Buy December, july, March, January
Okay to play from gap 4 to 26
the system number may hit after the average gap.

Result taken from Malaysia Magnum (0469)
Start Date = Thursday, April 25, 1985 End Date = Sunday, January 19, 2014
Total Hits = 251 Average Gap = 19.0 Next Gap = 4
Estimated Gap is 5 to 24
the system number may hit near or slightly after the average gap.

Result taken from Malaysia Magnum (0289)
Start Date = Thursday, April 25, 1985 End Date = Sunday, January 19, 2014
Total Hits = 239 Average Gap = 20.0 Next Gap = 34
the system number may hit after the average gap
Best Month to Buy April, November, August, March

Good Luck
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22-01-2014 07:58 pm


SGPOOLS : ........ 1ST - 9523
TOTO 4D: ......... NO HIT
DAMACAI 1+3D : 1ST - 3921
MAGNUM : ........ NO HIT
SABAH 4D: ....... NOT HIT

Too many no hits..... :(
Have to change to a new Pandora 4D

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23-01-2014 07:56 am

Good morning All Members

Yesterday was a big hit on Pandora, is the first time Pandora encountered lots of no hits, it does not happened before in SGPools. Guess, the sudden trend change by Bro Bothers....

Here, a new Pandora 4D (23-Jan 2014)...
Hope can give members Ang Bao for the coming Chinese New Year.


Using columns WXYZ to prevent confuse of 4Ds positioning ABCD.

Good Luck All

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