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25-01-2014 11:37 am

Wow middleclass
All equipments all out.... guess u will hit 1st prize and lots of them....
Let me give u a hand, look at one counter ...let say, pick Magnum, 1st, 2nd &3rd prize.. on 15-Jan.
Mag 15-Jan-2014
8849-9764-8962 I pick one digit from each prize, 2 - 4 - 9

Now look at 18-Jan 14 top 3 results
2754-5952-2772 try matching with 9-4-2 (x=9, y=4 & z=2 for easy visions)

On 18-Jan how they looks like
1st - 2754 becomes z75y
2nd - 5952 becomes 5x5z
3rd - 2772 becomes z77z

Did you noticed that every 4D using the previous draw's 3 digits.
If you can understand it, no problem of getting 1D or 2D, and later check with Hex Chart or Pandora.

If fellow members still cannot get it, I cannot help you on that. It not easy to spot. It really takes time and hard work.

Good Luck

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25-01-2014 11:56 am

Hi BullsEye
Happy for you.
3D is one of the most effective method if you hit the right spot.
Assuming u r play STC.

Result taken from Malaysia 1+3D (1779)
Start Date = Saturday, January 06, 1990 End Date = Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Total Hits = 101 Average Gap = 39.0 Next Gap = 19
Best Month to Buy June August April November
Okay to play from gap 0 to 39 the system number may hit before the average gap.

Result taken from Malaysia 1+3D (2279)
Start Date = Saturday, January 06, 1990 End Date = Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Total Hits = 119 Average Gap = 33.0 Next Gap = 6
Best Month to Buy October, December May August
Okay to play from gap 0 to 33 the system number may hit before the average gap.
Msg #703
25-01-2014 11:58 am

Sorry, comments of numbers I have to limit each members only 2 ... I do not have much time to look up...
Good Luck
Msg #704
25-01-2014 12:04 pm

Oh BullsEye
3D 279 is a good number to keep.
Good Luck
Msg #705
25-01-2014 12:12 pm

Bro Giugno,

Thanks! That is definitely an interesting trend. I'm going to go poke that area a bit more. I'm sure this would help everybody (provided they are not too lazy to go do their homework).

To all the newbies, this January thread itself contains a few different methods. Good reading and reference material. It takes a bit of time to make sense of things. Not impossible, just need to sit down and digest it slowly with your tools (pen+paper or Excel). Best thread so far in my opinion. ^_^

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25-01-2014 12:14 pm

I hope we don't bring the forum down again with so many people accessing this thread. =P

Msg #707
25-01-2014 12:20 pm

Hi middleclass
You r a sensible guy, and have a very sharp eyes also.
Good Luck
Msg #708
25-01-2014 01:09 pm

Hi sifu guigno128,

Five numbers from that site :-

i am buying 926R for SG Pools
good luck to all here, let huat huat huat arhhhhh !!!
Msg #709
25-01-2014 01:18 pm

Hi sifu guigno128

i got these numbers from pandora.would like to know if its a possible hit.

thanks i wait ur reply.
Msg #710
25-01-2014 01:25 pm

Hi anguish123
Is a good question...and for such question required a confirm answer.The answer will be out tonite after 7 pm for sure.
Good luck
Msg #711
25-01-2014 01:38 pm

Hi BlueCat
I hv not study SGPools yet but I think 296 is not strong. 378 would b better.
Good luck
Msg #712
25-01-2014 02:34 pm

haloo sifu giugno.my target is 8038 & 3400.what do you thing? thanks....
Msg #713
25-01-2014 02:50 pm

New members,
Pls state which counter u r playing...I cannot comment without knowing which counter.
Thank you
Msg #714
25-01-2014 02:51 pm

sifu guigno128,

kumsia kumsia, will take note.
Msg #715
25-01-2014 02:51 pm

Hi giugno....
Last time I didn't hit it... So I try for this week~
For magnum and toto,
7730 and 7430 can hit or not?
At 1st I choice 773, 770 and 743, izzit better?
Need your comment, thanks
Msg #716
25-01-2014 03:23 pm

Hi Cady
347 should b better than the rests.
Good luck
Msg #717
25-01-2014 03:34 pm

hi sifu and every1.... i had done my homework and just get a strong feel in my mind ..... about this 3 digit number's : 134 ,138 and 139 which i target for toto 1st,2nd or third price appearance... sifu , i add the numbers of 4,8 and 9 actually coz i manage to 1 and 3 after i do predictions notifications.....
Msg #718
25-01-2014 03:46 pm

Thanks for your comment...
Msg #719
25-01-2014 03:51 pm

Hi nithsya,
Happy to see u r getting some 3D for your work. After adding the 4th digit, do check the number trends from 4D predicting web site. It will help u to b more firm on your findings...Good luck
Msg #720
25-01-2014 04:11 pm

tq so sifu and every1... i manage to get the 2d and then the predictions nuber which u gave such as 4,8 and 9.... thwn i add in for 3d... now aiming for the 4th num actually....
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