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06-11-2016 05:12 pm

Good day...
Is been some times after the last post in Oct 2016 due to some problems loggin into this forum...
Well, seems now is back to normal.  Thanks to th Admin to rectify the problems...

Before starting any new postings, will posts some of the results and winnings from the group...


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06-11-2016 05:24 pm




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06-11-2016 05:26 pm

New predictions will be post on request...for Magnum counter

If no one is interested, then shall let this forum be the GHOUST site..


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06-11-2016 09:54 pm

Numbers purchased by members for Magnum 6-Nov's draw

Congrats to all winners !!

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07-11-2016 12:00 pm

Good morning Sifu g128

Congrats on your winning strike.

Can you teach me how to fish? Lately, catch no fish Sifu:( 

When I stop buying the nos, its strike.

May I know how you analyse the oncoming nos. that wil appear and how many draws to follow the nos that I buy. Is it 5 draws?

And hints how to target Top Three. Yours Pandora Box is very good. 5 stars rating Sifu.  You don't post it in open forum.

Hopefully Sifu could post the Pandora Box for the month of Nov. I really appreciate it Sifu.

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07-11-2016 10:52 pm

Good day Alang...

The concept is not difficult to understand...All numbers has their own cycle, and these can only get it from past results data ... like myfreepost, 4D2u, 4Dpredict, etc...

The only information that you depended on also the past results.... nothing else..

Second, you need to think, with the data in hand, how are you going to see the pattern, whether 2D, 3D or 4D... this part, not many ppl really see this patterns or trends...

Therefore, you need to create some sort of systems/filters/ maths/ etc to help you see these trends...

To answer your question how I analyse the oncoming nos...
Well, is a long long story and long long process for me to reach the current stage... I can get podium 3D within 1 to 2 draws... and from there, I work accordingly to get the 4Ds.  Normally, also depending on which counter, (SG or M6), I will have approximately 6 to 10 sets of 4D worked out... and the final selections will be looking at the 4D performances ... eg. whether the 4D already hit the podium quota this year, or whether there is chances for the 4D to appear as non-podium first...

Many ppl targeting podium numbers.. so do I.  But most neglect the possibilities of the 4D numbers that could appear in all prizes... if so, then the next step, to see whether the number will appear in podium.   If the 4D number do not has any chance to appear in all prizes, then what's the point to play for podium...

There are not fix formular on how many draws one should follow... 5 draws? 3 draws? etc..  This can only achieve thru understanding the system that you are using or the system you created.  Also, the behaviour of that particular 4D....

You can contact me, may be will check or fine tune your method. 


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08-11-2016 11:38 pm

Results for 8-NOV-2016


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09-11-2016 12:49 pm

Good afternoon

Magnum 3D/4D Predictions for Wed 9-NOV-2016

Good Luck All

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10-11-2016 01:04 pm

Good afternoon

Since the responds is so poor in this section, may be will leave it alone for the time being...

Going for long holidays after some hard time collecting the $$..

Good luck to all members here...

Hmmm..... where is Sifu Dragon, did not hear from him for a while since his last trip to USA.....

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17-11-2016 10:29 pm

Greetings sifu.

It's very interesting to read your explanation to alang regarding 3D trend. What interest me the most was the last part when you talked about understanding the 3D behaviour. This is an area where I'm really lacking. Btw, I only play the m6 counter only.

Presently, what I'm doing is selecting 3D that have a missing digit in podium from previous 2 or 3 draws. From there, I searched the history of several selected 3D and combined them with digit 0~9. Selection is based on frequency of the 4D appearing in this month (Nov 2006 until now). 

a. ABCD format, I select those that have hits between 9 ~ 12 times for that period - 9 or 10 times are the better choices compared to those that are higer than 12.

b. AABC format, initially I choose those with higher hit frequency (6 or more), but after checking the numbers that were drawn, I found that those with 3 or 4 hits for that period usually have a bigger chance to come out in the next draw.

The way I'm choosing my 4D is fairly easy BUT every time when I do the selection process, I'm looking at a lot of possible numbers that met those 2 criteria that I mentioned above!. It's financially draining if I were to buy all those numbers.

That's why when I read your explanation (Msg#6), it really hit me hard because that is the missing link in my selection process - understanding 3D behaviour. Fyi, my method above did produce some result (1 podium 2nd - AABC, 2 special (ABCD and AABC) and 1 conso (ABCD) this Nov. There were lots of near misses (e.g 2086 but number hit is 4086 or 1787 but act no is 1707). The embarassing fact is that my actual 3D were 862 and 877. Completely wrong 3D selection.

If sifu is reading this, please help me to learn about 3D behavior. Otherwise, I'm just like those who stop to take down vehicle reg no that are involved in accidents = buying numbers blindly.

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18-11-2016 08:41 am

Good morning tykosam

Hahaha...First of all, I will not buy any numbers that involved in vehicle accidnets.  Bad Karma in fact.

As what I have read, your method is fine, you managed to see a certain pattern on the ABCD / AABC format.  This is a good observation, keep it going... later stage you may add a few more to fine tune your method.

Same, Pandora system has been everchanging for better, these takes years as in between the process, lots of new discoveries or new methods been created.  But, those methods that are totally new, and has produced good results (example, above 70% hitting rate), can consider a good method to put your feet down firmnly.  It may be individual method from the previous methods that one has taken. 

The 3DTP or Podium 3D method was learned from Sifu Lucas, during the process of using the 3DTP, (may be I did not get the full methods of 3DTP/4DTP), I noticed the pros and cons of it.  Understanding one method strong and weak points, I further trying to find other methods to fill in the missing holes. 

No matter what methods, any method that can achieved good hitting rate of above 70% are consider good method. 

3D behavior, seriously talking are the behavior of individual 3D.  just like 000, 574, 882.  Each of them has a certain cycles within 1year, 3 years, 5 years etc.
Just take  example below

When you read the above table, you see series of performances on 4D 9164...  this table tells some good information about the performances 9164.  If you look at whole years, you noticed on the extreme right column (pink), you see the hit rate for the one year... the min 6 hits to max 16 hits per year.  You also noticed, when previous max hits, the next following year will be most likely low (except 2011). 

If you look at monthly performances, Jan, Feb, ... Nov, Dec.  you also noticed average every month this 4D had 2 hits.  Only those with higher hits (above 3, 4 to 6), that will contributed to the max yearly hits as well.

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Msg #12
18-11-2016 08:53 am

Continue from previous MSG#11

When you looked at more detail break down for 3D 916 like above data, you have to create your way to see a pattern.  Some would like to create a hit rate data based on 3D 916, some would like to plot a graph instead.  No matter what method, all these methods are helping us to see the 3D performances or 3D trend or 3D cycle for 916...

If you can re create 3D 916 tabulated table just like the 4D 9164, you can actually see the 3D performances of 916... same, you will know the min to max hits per year/month.  etc.

As you goes along the process of creating your own system, you will noticed that each ABC, AAB  (AAA, I normlly omiited in my system)...  then you will noticed each format, ABC and AAB are toally the same except AAB will have bigger and wider range..

Initially preparing the 3D data is a painful process, but with the computer system and software (like Excel), you can almost semi-automate all the calculations at the later stage.

Simple Gold Rule,   any podium 4D with ABCD format, will have a combination of 4 sets podium 3D.... same, any podium 4D with AABC format, will have a combination of 3 sets podium 3D.

Once you are cleared with such, you also noticed when a podium 4D strikes the board, it will have a certain mixing pattern between the sets of 3D..

Hope the above is clear for you to proceed further from where you are.

Have a good weekend and Good Luck



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18-11-2016 09:09 am

For this coming draw (Sat 19-Nov-2016)

Initial Stage

There are three groups, pick one digit under each column to form 3D.

Combine sets of 3D to form 4D if necessary

Example... like below

Good Luck

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Msg #14
18-11-2016 09:14 am

Opps... wrong draw date...

Good Luck

Msg #15
18-11-2016 01:10 pm

Greetings again sifu.

Thanks a lot for the above explanation. I feel I can now move further forward in trying to shorten the list of possible 3D to select from.

I don't know if I'm really right about this, M6 have a tendency to change pattern after a max of 5 draws (Depending on what sort of pattern one is looking at?). Previously the pool of possible 3D to hit in the next draw came from 2 previous draws but now has changed to 3 previous draws. When it was for 2 previous draws, any 3D that has more than 1 hits combined from those 2 draws had a bigger chance to appear in the next draw. Then it changed to those with single hit from 2 draws. This week, the pattern seems to be those with a single hit from the previous 3 (e.g draw 730, 731, 732 - a single hit in 730 and none in the other 2. Usually the earliest of the 3 draws. This week it would be 732, 733 and 734. So those with a single hit in 732 and nothing in 733 and 734 have a better chance).

Another interesting matter to consider is that gigit 1 never appear in consolation for Wed draw. Previous occurance similar to this was last month draw where 9 never appeared in conso and the next draw, 9 is in podium. So for Sat, based on my first two method (Msg#10) and those that explained above, my choices are down to just 2 set of 3Ds - 621 and 941. I will keep u updated of it's outcome (hopely nothing embarassing) and perhaps further advice on how to correct my mistakes. 

Thanks for the pandora sifu. It's hard to ignore when knowing how good you are, but for Sat draw, I will stick with those 2 3Ds. Hope it will not turned to be a stupid thing to do.....

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Msg #16
18-11-2016 01:26 pm

Hi tykosam

Is is good you keep monitoring the changes for Magnum draw by draw.  Changing is common.  But the changes may not be the M6 HQ itself.  Sometimes, is just cycle changes.

Pandora is just a reference, still need your own homework to make it more interesting.
As long as you has a heart to continue improving, I will not say any of your work STUPID if it turned out the wrong way.  Sometimes, it is good to see wrong way rather then nothing.

Pandora is not wonder, it also has iti's up and down within a month. 
As long as it constantly can get podium 3D/4D is good enough.

Good luck in your work...
We all are heading towards the SAME GOAL... HAHAHAHA... COLLECTING $$$



Msg #17
18-11-2016 03:15 pm

Hello again sifu.

I re-look at your pandora and compare to my method of choosing 3D for this coming draw (only for this coming draw - next draw depends on the outcome of Sat draw), there is one more 3D that fits the criteria that I set for myself (Msg#15) AND is in your pandora which is 441. There are other possible 3D as shown below. For the benefit of those that are reading this thread, all this are from M6 data

a. 441 - single hit at draw# 732

b. 541 - single hit at draw# 733

c. 544 - single hit at draw# 732

d. 841 - single hit at draw# 733

e. 851 - single hit at draw# 733

f. 854 - hits at all 3 previous draws

g. There are other possibile 3Ds but none are in the list of 3 previous draws that form my pool of possible 3Ds.

Of course the findings above will make my head go further haywire, but it is something that just couldn't be ignored. IF i were to ignore any of those 3Ds, it would be 854 due to it's occurance for 3 straight draws. Frankly speaking, my head is about to explode right now. I wont ditch 621 and 941 but I would certainly give the other five 3Ds a thorough look before I narrow down my my choice of 4D to just 5 (5 being the max no I'm going to bet on). The only choice that I have is to trust my own method of selecting 4D. 

Thanks again sifu. Your response to my questions are really helpful. Wish you all the best with lots and lots of $$$$$$ sign on this coming draw.


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Msg #18
19-11-2016 01:55 pm

Good afternoon

Pandora for Osaka 4D has been doing very well ...


Hope tonight Magnum and SGPools can do the same..

Good Luck

Msg #19
19-11-2016 08:34 pm

Greetings sifu.

First and foremost, I salute your powerful pandora. 3rd for 3D and 2 specials straight.

I have a very mixed feelings right now. I don't know whether to be happy or mad. My selected 3D hit consolation and I did manage to score a straight hit (1994). On top of that, hit box 2x with 8114. The thing that's bugging me the most was missing 2 possible podiums. My number was 1954 and 1924, but it turned out 1953 and 3129. Looking at the digits, it's easy to say that I missed 1 number but when looking at the bigger picture, I totally got the 3D wrong. My other 3D was 621 and it went straight to the dust bin. No showing at all for today's draw.

Focussing on 9 is a no brainer since it has been missing for 2 consecutive draws (podium). I was right (in a way) to give more focus on 1 and the whole result today are littered with that digit. 2nd prize derived from 3D that are a single hit from previous 2 draws and perhaps it is something to be studied upon for tomorrow. I don't think I will be able to even look at my data anymore tonight. Maybe after collecting my winnings tomorrow I could feel better.

Thanks again for your guidance and those powerful pandora. Hope sifu is greening from ear to ear tonight with lots of winnings.

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Msg #20
20-11-2016 03:16 am

Good morning tykosam

Is good to hear you won even it is a small sum.

Pls put a portion aside for Charity

You are on the right track, just need to continue to explore more on both your method and new if you find one.

Here, another Pandroa for Sun 20-Nov

Good Luck

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