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Msg #1
31-07-2012 02:52 pm

Hello Best4,jazz,n superfriends,
Hope month of Aug will open more fortune doors to all of us n filled with happiness wt excellent health..cheers..
A bit of homework and study for yur fancy:
194 x
965 x
692 x
332 x

Msg #2
31-07-2012 03:40 pm

Counter SGPools.
0147 System or iBet.
(Master Sifu)
Msg #3
31-07-2012 05:14 pm

Hello Members,
I fancy these numbers for Wednesday's draw....
Play the combination you fancy but must cover IBet/MBox/IPerm
Goodluck :-D
Msg #4
31-07-2012 05:21 pm

Dear ozza,


All the best
Msg #5
31-07-2012 06:34 pm

Hi frenz,
For wed draw, kind of close to Best4. I m looking at 1672 and 6132 with permutations, but expensive lah with 24 nos.
Msg #6
31-07-2012 06:59 pm

Hi.. eviantonmi,n all
same wt u for 3324
others as 1942,9654,6927,
my sketch also show 660???
thanks eviantonmi..we hv till tomm to decide..thx to all who post also..Do take care..n be safe
jazz where's yours..
Msg #7
31-07-2012 07:07 pm

hi guys,how about my 4D numbers,,,,,2835,3586,1835,6789,3786,5324?????????????
Msg #8
31-07-2012 08:35 pm

Hi jury140881,
I ada nampak 5324. tapi kalu pau rm24. kena tengok baik-baik loh.

Hi Ozza,
eviantonmi punya 3324 pun ada kelibat. looks cheaper to pau only rm12. still got time to decide til 2moro.
Msg #9
31-07-2012 08:40 pm

Hi Bro MagnumPI. Kalau Pau mahal main mBoX aje la. Kalau main 2 sets, taruk RM$5Big cukup. So Total per Draw baru RM$10 aje. Masih murah tu.

Kalau dapat trim down to 1 set lagi Better. Main 1 set aje. Taruk mBoX RM$10Big. Cukup. Kalau kena Special pon at least RM$80 masuk jugak.

Good Luck.
Msg #10
31-07-2012 08:45 pm

Hi sha,
Betul tu. Lupa abt MBox lah. Wil try that, at least kurang kos. Sha, kalu i beli 12 ticket ada cara utk cari yg baik kah?
Msg #11
31-07-2012 09:37 pm

Hi ozza,best4 n all forumer..i'm always wait 6748 at damacai as best4 said last time.beginning until 10 august,hehe.also 9124 my lucky number follow 7 race already..tomorrow how about:
1869 thkz ozza 7143 mag ive got mbox rm10.
Msg #12
31-07-2012 09:37 pm

omg, so many numbers .. confuse oledi which one to choose .. any good numbers for damacai counter only? thanks
Msg #13
01-08-2012 12:08 am

thats true ravejinx182,bikin confuse lah @ keliru.terlalu banyak la dorang post number 4D,i pun dah jadi bengun @ pening lah,,,hi guys beri la petua yang benar x2 akan keluar pada hari draw tersebut,saya dah banyak kalah dalam 4D ni,harap x2 lah you guys dapat beri penunjuk yang sebenarnya,dapat beri kita tips @ clu yang benarx2nya,,,,,,,,,,,,,TQ,,,i really hope your sincerely guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Msg #14
01-08-2012 09:10 am

Hi, today my prediction would be 1257 and 0459 .. Good Luck
Msg #15
01-08-2012 09:17 am

Bro..takda jalan pintas untuk kemenangan...u kena study the number and then baru beli...dioarang pun just ramal aje bukannya betul betul keluar sebijik...u kena study and adjust adjust skit.nombor ti
Msg #16
01-08-2012 09:21 am

Hi MagnumPI. Ada cara tapi tu la mau nengok budget per Draw. How much $ u playing per draw. Mau kira suma. Nengok nak main berapa draw lagi. Nie main number mau ada target then tembak. Kalau main tembak sembarang takde target susah la nak kena.
Msg #17
01-08-2012 09:34 am

Kalau Predict predict pon susah kena juga aku rasa kau main 10 numbers(type ABCD[24]) MBoX at RM$1 each bagus. More bullets and more targets. Cepat sangkut. Pakai yang 24 perms aje. Jadi 24x 10sets = 240 Permutations. Kan banyak tu? 1 keluar tunggang terbalik tergolek pon kena jugak. Mana mau lari...

Kalau kena 1st PZ ada juga duit sikit. Dulu sekali aku main nie macam. Kena 1st PZ iBeT. Dapat $83 aje. Jadi la. Kawan aku cakap rugi siak pasal dia tak tau main 4D. Dia ingat senang ke nak jejak 1st.
Msg #18
01-08-2012 10:34 am

Hello sha n guys..i'm a new here.sha whats ur number predict for today.share withme plz!
Msg #19
01-08-2012 11:04 am

Dear Best4 ,Jazz, Sifu n members..
My closing predictions for Wed:
0561,9369 :-m
I noted that we are spoiled by choices, well,stay calm n dont put yur excpectation very high,,chill guys..we are at the first battle for Aug n still very early..individual result will prevail n i'm sure we all do our best to win n help each other... the way i see it ..aim small..miss small..haf your own, (for yur own satisfactions)haf which u think the best frm this forum..first aim n go for the challenge then the $$$..Its a GAME so PLAY RESPONSIBLY....
Msg #20
01-08-2012 11:30 am

Hi ozza..thanks for ur number.i hope its mylucky day todays.
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