Msg #141
10-08-2015 11:37 am

@sis liana1337...I hope all is well with you.

Good luck!
Msg #142
10-08-2015 03:06 pm

Hi Sis Liana,

Have faith in yourself, you will clear the obstacle sooner than you expect.

Cheer on.... (^^)

Good luck!

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #143
11-08-2015 01:25 am

Good morning

For all counters..

Let's start from very basic.
When the results are out, you will each draw 23 sets of 4D numbers.
If you are aiming for TOP3/Podium and do not wish to look into so many digits floating around, then you need to write down just the 4D appeared in the TOP3/Podium.

Let's starts with 1D... keep a good record of all the 1D that appeared in the TOP3/Podium for all draws... if possible the complete four weeks.

For SGPools, the 1D from last draw were
Digit 1 - 2 hits
Digit 7 - 1 hit
Digit 2 - 0 hit
Digit 3 - 3 hits
Digit 5 - 1 hit
Digit 8 - 1 hit
DIgit 9 - 1 hit
Digit 0 - 0 hit
Digit 4 - 0 hit
Digit 6 - 1 hit

Sometimes, by looking at one draw is not enough, you need to look at the complete month to understand the trend of the 1D.

Digit 2 - past records show max 2 consecutive NO Hit then follows by a hit. In 8-Aug & 9-Aug, digit 2 did not appear. If the trend remains the same, then this coming Wed, higher chance for Digit 2 to appear.

Digit 0 - past records show chances of having 2 to 3 consecutive NO HIT. only 9-Aug having NO Hit. Chances for digit 0 to appear this Wed is 50%.

Digit 6 - past records show chances of repeating HIT is good eventhough some were 2 to 3 consecutively NO HIT. So, digit 6 appearing this Wed still good.

So on.... on....

If your inofmration of 1D is complete and you able to foresee or capture the best 1D that would possible to appear in the TOP3/PODIUM, then, your chances of STRIKING Top3/Podium are better then those players who just pick any numbers in the forum. Not everytimes, the given numbers posted will hit TOP3/Podium, do your homework and see for yourself.

Good luck and cheers
Msg #144
11-08-2015 01:54 am

Hi guys sorry for late reply...busy working...hi darkey...no issue... just follow as bro dragon..we need alot reseach and analysis to play...there is alot of method to predict . Choose the one that you feel comfortable and do some research on it...i took me 3 years to do the data .. i am still learning...never give up and bet wisely....
Msg #145
11-08-2015 01:56 am

Magnum prediction for tomorrow draw will update tonight..
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #146
11-08-2015 02:04 am

Thank you bro tech

Wow.... 3 years to build the data...
Sifu g128 took 3 months to build one...

But whatever it is, the most difficult is to fine tune the methods and system. Really cracking heads issue....

Msg #147
11-08-2015 05:05 am

Wa, so many database data u have…me wat data also don't have leh.
Buddy, playing hide and seek ya.
Msg #148
11-08-2015 05:20 am

Yup bro dragon...the most difficult is cracking the head....always miss one digit...i have missed so many jackpots in 1 no..now trying new methods for podium price ...still testing....but always admire g128(sifu) method....long way to go reach sifu level
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #149
11-08-2015 05:28 am

Buddy RICH88

Nurish yourself with all the positive energies at Highland.... and cooling environment... kekekek is so good.

@bro tech
Since you hae all the data in hand, you still can get the 4D correct by doing the basic steps and later do the complete 4D analysis...

Sifu taught me using basic 3D or 4D to plot and forecast when the numbers will be out. It really helps alot. It is difficult to show you how in here because cannot post pictures etc.

You still can get hold of me hopetostrike4dtoto-gmail-com if you wish to further discuss or improve your method.

In here, difficult to show you in graphs or diagram.
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #150
11-08-2015 05:51 am


For coming Magnum, the podium may have 2D 14.

Good luck

Msg #151
11-08-2015 06:14 am

hai olls..

were is magyus/ deng

long time no see here..hahaha
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #152
11-08-2015 06:17 am

hahaha... bro jackos, you knocked on the wrong door....try the next door. They are in there !!

Msg #153
11-08-2015 10:01 am

hai...bro dragon...I thought .that iam the only one talking of hits and analysis .so I start to have a low profile .....he he ....he...
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #154
11-08-2015 11:24 am

Hi kane08

Is time you change to higher gear in here...

I do not like to "talk alone", no meaning at all. I also hv other good brothers, sisters and sifus to communicate at other forums. Therefore, better to starts the ball rolling in here. U never know, when times come, sifu may invite you to his group also.

Msg #155
11-08-2015 01:58 pm

thanks bro dragon.. i definitely need extra opinion in the method that i am using currently...
Msg #156
11-08-2015 02:02 pm

tomorrow prediction for magnum (starter and consolation)
1D: 4
2D : 34,54
3D : 334, 443,554,445, 345
Msg #157
11-08-2015 03:04 pm

for podium price may try at

618-228-882-319-278-567-561 this number will be in podium this month
Msg #158
11-08-2015 03:15 pm

bro dragon ..I may be wrong but this the way ...I analysis and hits..from magnum 5/8..8/8...9/8.2015...0--6hits...4..9..3--4hits...6..7..1..5..8..--3hits..2..2hits....now coming to my system is high..hits average hits and lower hits in %tage 1d: 0..1..3..9..6..4..2...2d:01..39..64..29 ..3d:013..139..964..192..this is my prediction for tomorrow ..if I an wrong very sorry,but I have tried and hit jackpot 2 ,once and sometime 1st 2nd 3d spe and con ..sorry iam not boasting around but this the I analysis the coming hits I just want to share my knowledge......
Msg #159
11-08-2015 03:42 pm

you all see here there is on lady or wife luck only god can predict your luck so pray for you good luck but thing you can can can you will win winn..........hehe he .....
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #160
11-08-2015 04:42 pm

bro kane08
Good to hear that you are a pro player..

Good luck to you too ..
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