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Msg #81
06-08-2015 12:59 am

Good morning

Is good to see some good members (sis Drakey, sis liana1337, bro tuD, bro 2wteh, bro risd etc) putting and sharing their work here..

Keep up the good work and positive minds in here..
Not to worry too much sis Drakey, lots of ppl some have jobs (being forced to sign up as contractors from their previous regular jobs), but being positive, will bring unexpected surprizes in life. It will happen to you too... a true situation whereby many of my members later do benefits from it.

Cheers and good luck
Msg #82
06-08-2015 04:26 am

hi good morning sifu g128!

we will keep it up!

HUat ah!

Msg #83
06-08-2015 10:52 am

Hi Sifu g128,

Thank you for your kind words.

Life and things are really unpredictable but as you had mentioned...being positive will bring unexpected surprises. I certainly look forward to it.

And to everyone, (Sis Liana, Bro tuD, Bro 2wteh, Bro risd and all....) thank you for your support and advices too!

Fa Cai! Fa Cai!
Msg #84
06-08-2015 02:16 pm

hi all nro.sis,
i m having my holiday in singapore rite now, good to see all are being positive including myself...thanks sifu128 dropping some words hete, which motivated a lot for us being more and more positive towards our life...especially sis darkey...keep it up and dun give up, things will change as u believe urself, be more confident..soon or later u will see it.cheers and good luck
Msg #85
06-08-2015 04:38 pm

Hi Bro tuD,

Many thanks for the encouragement.

Since it's SG50, I hope that you enjoy your holiday here (^-^)

Best regards.
Msg #86
06-08-2015 05:28 pm

hi all,
this saturday ive got open house so maybe i'll be a bit busy. so i think i'll post early my prediction.

ive already change my prediction on sg since the last one have a big gap on hit any number. so this is a new one.




anyone can help me filter this numbers? thanks :)
Msg #87
07-08-2015 02:36 am

hi good morning everyone!

here is my preidction for Saturday magnum:

don't have missing 1d.

1d 8 already in pod 6 draw and digit 5 already in pod 5 draw, maybe out.

missing 2d---22, 66, 12, 16, 27, 28

prefer 2d---66, 27, 28

good luck and cheers!

Msg #88
07-08-2015 07:40 am

sis liana1337 msg#92 ,after filtering and analysis this numbers ,I came up with this no; 5125 average hit is 70%....I hope I am right ....hehe he
Msg #89
07-08-2015 07:54 am

sis drakey try sis liana1337 ...no5125 straight or box ..you might have some luck .anyway best of luck
Msg #90
07-08-2015 08:37 am

Hello everyone. For Saturday- Magnum.

possible 3D: 360, 307, 367, 607,
562, 521, 561, 621

possible 1D: 0,1,9

always m-box to cover..good luck
Msg #91
07-08-2015 09:14 am

Hi Sis Liana,

Thank you for sending the SG Pools predictions.

I am still confused on:- what is filter, pattern and pod. Is this some kind of formula?...
Btw fyi, I am very lousy with mathematics...lol....penzzz!

Thank you and good luck!

Msg #92
07-08-2015 09:20 am

Hello kane08,

Noted for your advice to bet no 5125 straight... Xie Xie Ni!

May I ask what is box?

Fa Cai! Fa Cai!
Msg #93
07-08-2015 09:33 am

@sis liana1337, for the SGpool predictions, i like this three no:

5128, 5148, 5158

hope can get it!

good luck and cheers!

Msg #94
07-08-2015 09:41 am

sis drakey ...box is abcd 24 turn aabc is 12 turn ....you have to turn the number 12 time ..ok.....
Msg #95
07-08-2015 10:09 am

Oh! I see! :)

Noted, thank you Kane08

Msg #96
07-08-2015 11:02 am

hi all, here is my prediction for tomorrow:


1d pod: 3-4-9
3d : 894-893-712-110

here i list the most repeating spot but u still can use the one i post before. it doesnt mean sure hits..only to make shot listing.
5127-5128 ****
5145-5158-2124-2145-2147-2148-2178 ***
5125-5147-5148-5178-2127-2128 **

i hope we can compare to each other prediction and i still blur for tomorrow (^.^).
Msg #97
07-08-2015 12:45 pm

hi sis liana1337, for toto i like your no 8050.

and this is my prediction for magnum, still blur....
3d---890, 010, 319, 128, 127,910, 662

still in process......
Msg #98
07-08-2015 01:09 pm

@2wteh and liana1337..
3d prediction.magnum .take a look at 221
Msg #99
07-08-2015 02:08 pm

@bro tuD...will take a look at 221, thanks!

Good luck and cheers!
Msg #100
07-08-2015 02:17 pm

thanks bro 2wteh and bro tuD for your prediction. sry late replying since i do some home diy experiment but lack of important things, so need to stop that first :p.

ive already check other magnum player ticket too and i strongly feel 7212 will come out tomorrow.

just let u guys know how i get 1d pod almost every draw it will come out. lets take a look at magnum draw 498 result:

5851 is in the first place. so we take the first number which is 5, after that we minus 1. so we got 5 and 4, sometimes its combine both of them and sometimes its seperated. the result on 499 is 9485.

now we know the first place on draw 499 is 9485. we do the same. take out 9 and minus 1 equal to 8. so we got 9 and 8. on the draw 500, only 8 become pod number. lets try that again.

draw 500, only take the first place which 2643. take out number 2 minus by 1 equal to 1. so we got 2 and 1. lets take a look on draw 501 result. number 1 appear on 2nd number = 5315 and number 2 appear on 3rd number = 9026.

u guys can try to do it on the past month result as an exercise.

why i tell u guys? sometimes ive got a work to do and dont have much time to do a research. so i hope we can combine the knowledge we know and get strike when the draw. Fighting!!
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