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31-12-2014 12:37 pm

Happy New Year to ALL.
Hope 2015 will give better returns!!


Pls give some tips whenever able.

Thank you once again.
(Pandora Master)
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31-12-2014 01:40 pm

Hi everyone...

HAPPY NEW YEAR.... Sifu John, bro High, sis alcyd, and everyone

No matter good, bad or urgly, let's welcome the brand new 2015...
May this 2015 will bring more positives and joys to everyone of you in here....

May the winning force be with you all always !!

Good luck will fall on good ppl.

Greetings from Sifu giugno128...
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01-01-2015 02:31 pm

Hi Master Guigno128(Sifu),

Thanks for ushering into New Year 2015.
Nice to hear from you as we need your
advice and guidance in this forum.
Peoples in this forum always need you.
Once again thanking you.
Wishing blessing and good luck rest upon
you and all Sifus.thks.
(Pandora Master)
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01-01-2015 05:51 pm

Happy New Year..
Thanks for the supports... but i an rather very busy on the other forum....
You all already in good hands of Sifu John....and sis alcyd..
Further, time to time Dragon also popping here...

Just pop by to give best wishes..

May the winning force be with you ALWAYS!!
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02-01-2015 04:04 am

Hi everyone,
Happy new Year to all.
Sifu Giugno128, it's great to hear from you.

Wishing each and everyone a very best New Year.
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02-01-2015 11:30 pm

Any prediction for today?
(Kekeke Master)
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03-01-2015 01:50 am

Good day...

Posted by a friend in AB..

Prediction of numbers for 3 January 2015


8875 8775 8755

ABCD (Suggested)

1049 8135 4578 4678

ABCD (Recommended)

1046 8159 1258 8157
8156 8753 8752 2467

suggested 3D for 100% hit

158 157 247 135
156 467 578 019
128 357 149 457
278 258 049 138
168 358 378 014
125 458 257 568
178 267 246 478

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03-01-2015 07:19 pm

Good morning!

WELCOME 2015!!! Cheers for bro luc... CONGRATS on your winnings!!! Got the top 3 in yesterday's draw. Really, the fruits of his labor and lady luck on his side at the start of the year!!!

Sgpools results 03/01/2015:

1st prize. - 7039
2nd. - 0397
3rd. - 2631
0634 0746
1629. 2001
3072. 6770
7967. 8742
9767. 9787
0955. 2776
2784. 3359
5809. 6163
7586. 7747
8373. 9061

Congrats to all the winners!!!!@

Hi Sifu Giugno 128! Thanks for acknowledging me. We need your
guidance here.
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03-01-2015 07:31 pm

Have you noticed that the results of the last draw of
the year 31/12/14 and the 1st draw of this year 03/01/2015
the podium winning numbers came out twice....

31/12/2014. - 2nd prize. - 2701
3rd. - 2017

03/01/2015. - 1st. - 7039
2nd. - 0397

Hmmmm.... any comment????

Though i have some winnings, too!!!! Cheers!!!!! Thanks Master Best 4!!
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03-01-2015 07:44 pm

Thanks Luckplus for starting this thread!

For sgpools for today's draw:

Missing 1ds from yesterday's draw: 4, 5, 8
2ds good for all prizes. : 02, 70, 71, 72, 91, 97

03, 06, 33, 36, 39, 93

3ds. - 970, 972, 913, 067, 034, 027, 158, 129
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03-01-2015 07:53 pm

I just posted around 8:00am but the time of postings here still have some problems. Can someone on this site correct the time here.. please.....please....please.... THANKS!!!!
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03-01-2015 10:04 pm

Hello all,

Its been a long time didnt post or share anything here.

I was wondering, where's the prediction for magnum? And the toto supreme, woww. Getting high and high the "treasure".

Wish i could join to buy sgpool too. *sobsob

Thanks and have a nice day everybody.
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04-01-2015 01:10 pm

Hi sifus.im new here.im kinda confuse with ABCD AND AABC method.Can any sifus briefly explain to me.Thank u in advance
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04-01-2015 10:27 pm

Hello hma and all,

Copied from ryanguy74 post on 18/5/2011

there are various method of analyzing 4d number,

System Pattern - ABCD, AABC, AABB, AAAB
Direct Pattern - ABCD, ABDC, ACBDâ.¦etc
Sum Group - Adding all the 4 digits into a sum value.
OE Group - Distinguish each digit into Odd and Even.
BS Group - Distinguish each digit into Big and Small.
NG Group - Study the Next Gap value hit pattern.
Pairing Group - Study the related pair.
Digit Group - Positional Digit Grouping.

System ABCD
There are a total of 210 sets of system numbers.
Each system has a permutation of 24 direct numbers.
Which made up of 5040 sets of direct numbers, 50.4% of the 10,000 numbers.

System AABC
There are a total of 360 sets of 4-D system numbers.
Each system has a permutation of 12 direct numbers.
Which made up of 4320 sets of direct numbers, 43.2% of the 10,000 numbers.

System AABB
There are a total of 45 sets of 4-D system numbers.
Each system has a permutation of 6 direct numbers.
Which made up of 270 sets of direct numbers, 2.7% of the 10,000 numbers.

System AAAB
There are a total of 90 sets of 4-D system numbers.
Each system has a permutation of 4 direct numbers.
Which made up of 360 sets of direct numbers, 3.6% of the 10,000 numbers.

System AAAA
There are a total of 10 sets of 4-D system numbers, 0.1% of the 10,000 numbers.

Each system will have it unique performance when the statistics are probably layout.

have u guys ever play roulette?
there are 37 numbers on board, divide by 2 colors, divide by two side on board, dive by 3 types of 1st 12 2nd 12 and so on... what is the probability of certain number to pop up or show up? its 100 percent for each of it.. then it makes around 3700 percents of acumulated percent. what if, u take out 1 percent or even half a percent out of each number, and leave one number un intact? the probability of the unintact number is gonna rise? it same principal with magnum i guess.

This is very interesting. So far, quite understandable.

(Kekeke Master)
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05-01-2015 02:24 am

Good morning bobby..

Nice joh.. but is very basic thingy..
If you can, try to form or derive the links between each draws especial the podium... That's will be the good thing to start with...

(Kekeke Master)
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05-01-2015 02:25 am

Where is Sifu John..... did not see his post recently..

Gone holidays?... snow sking....?? Making snowman ???
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06-01-2015 03:26 am

Hi guys and sis,

Thanks for wishes giugno128,Dragon and members

Took a long vacation,hehe didnt do any prediction.............
Yup PMP 2nd prize direct 31/12 made my vacation hehe worthwhile...................hope i could go skiing too Dragon hehe

Now I'm back

Today Special

Predictor M'sia Counter


6 5 8 1
4 4 6 7
3 2 4 3
7 3 2 2

3D PMP(Strictly For Damacai 3D Game)

2D worth trying



Cheers and good luck ppl
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06-01-2015 03:27 am

Thank u bobby for your help.
Msg #19
06-01-2015 06:39 am

hi johnxx,
long time dint see your prediction.
i took some from your prediction.
good for the special draw. fyi i never strike in special draw.
Msg #20
06-01-2015 08:06 am

Hello Sir, Johnx

can you explain more how to use your prediction.

Thank you.
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