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4D Prediction make money for November 2014

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


Msg #41

01-11-2014 05:46 am

No2morrow..i more worse de...recruit oso cannot...super slow :)


Msg #42

01-11-2014 05:57 am

Malaysia recon team has obtain some intel report that most likely fife zeero niner or seven zeero niner is approaching blue and white house. maybe you can choose the appropriate course of action to prevent from becoming suprise later.


Msg #43

01-11-2014 06:03 am

Roger deepblue... thank you, will look into it.


Msg #44

01-11-2014 06:14 am

@hasta, me too, super slow. But soon, we will see the light.

@no2, I aiming at the three stoogees this time haha..

@deepblue, tq for the report. @Capt Hope, based on the report by deepblue, coupled with mothership 6, plus your ufos "seektoozero" and "seekzeroniner", I will be going for "ninerseeksifenzero"...


Msg #45

01-11-2014 06:20 am


Yup...no2morrow is right on the spot with his MSG#36. Thumb up, no2 ! U catching on fast with the lingo now.


Msg #46

01-11-2014 06:25 am

Thank you to all.
Today everybody must win the battleship.


Msg #47

01-11-2014 06:38 am

@ capt hope

Woahhh...this ufo$026 is a real hot one for November, sia !!! It is a medium-range Mothership too !

ALL COMMANDERS AND TROOPS ARE ADVISED TO HAVE IT IN THEIR RADAR FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER. IT IS DEFCON 1 FOR THIS BABY !.......(I dun usually type in Cap....so u guys know what it means huh).

Yup capt hope, I have missile with twin head "6" trained on it too. Thats one of the bullet heads for it this month.

BUT the powerful ones will be, bullets heads "8", "9", "3" and "7". The 1st is loaded with MOST power and MAX kill, followed by the 2nd the 3rd ones. Last bullet will probably be most effective around mid-month range.

First round of easy kill-zone for this target will quite certainly be within the first 3 draws of the month (or before the 10th of the mth). Thereafter intermitten attacks on it in mid month will be more prudent. Last round of easey-peasy slaughter will be from the 3rd week onwards.

Take note troopers. This is as clear as I can get on this one.


Msg #48

01-11-2014 06:44 am


Tks for the intel, mate.

Yup both are potential targets are within short-term killing range. Ufo #079 is my preferred choice. It is actually one of the medium-to-long range Mothership that I am currently monitoring in my radar.


Msg #49

01-11-2014 06:45 am

Thank you Gen, is a boost for me too when I saw your comments...
007, I will be riding beside you yaaaaahoooooo !


Msg #50

01-11-2014 06:49 am

James Bond is busy preparing his hunting guns for the triple heads devils......he's looking forward to that candle-light dinner (and more) with Miss Moneypenny....lol. ;)


Msg #51

01-11-2014 07:06 am

@Gen Luc, will surely take note of that mothership from capt Hope, shall we call it mothership "2"? or "call-sign 2"?
But will still heed your advice to lay low for the first few draws but not too low until disappear haha..

Gd luck to everyone!


Msg #52

01-11-2014 07:07 am

Hi sifu @ master
Need ur opinion on 3d
On yellow house... t.q


Msg #53

01-11-2014 07:36 am

With regards to #42.
White and blue house refers to sg one or msia?
Kindly assist. Or someone can enlighten?


Msg #54

01-11-2014 07:48 am

Red = Sport Toto
Blue = PMP
Blue + White = SG Pools


Msg #55

01-11-2014 07:58 am

Thanks for the speed reply deepblue. Appreciate it. Will find the last number.


Msg #56

01-11-2014 08:41 am


good to note that you are taking my advice seriously. Sometimes after posting a detailed analysis and not getting any corresponding replies to them it makes me wonders whether am I really wasting my time here... Lol.

Anyway, troopers.... Kill as many enemies as u can while the sun shines, coz this Gen here may be 'posted' to other battleships soon. Service is being called for urgently there. Without leadership and command, they are being slaughtered unmercilessly by the enemies now.

For this draw, let's see this battleship we have here can bring down how many ufos!

Hoo-hah, marines!


Msg #57

01-11-2014 09:02 am

Hi sifuluc,

Don't worry, yr words carry heavy wt. Is only some come look look n see see then don't response to u . ROGER hehe.

hi lighthse,
i m waiting for my angel to come n visit me... they are good angels too. U know why alot of uncle n aunties sure rem them so easy as ABC ..


Msg #58

01-11-2014 09:10 am

Hi general luc,

Why u want to post out?? U can't leave yr soldiers here. Sob!!
Can tell us which camp u are going to?


Msg #59

01-11-2014 09:24 am


my attention is divided between online and outside followers....sometimes can be quite time-consuming. My outside "troops" do not have any commanders to lead them at all, thats why they are bleeding quite badly in every battle if I am not there at times.

This battleship here is doing quite ok. Many second-in line of command can easily take over, like capt Hope and the Maj. No much prob really.

But no worries, I still have some times left in this round of duties on this battleship.....so lets get 'em while the going is good ! Killing the enemies....thats what I do best !


Msg #60

01-11-2014 09:28 am

@Gen Luc, this soldier's been heeding your advice, the more detail the better. There were so much treasure in your posts and those from other sifus too. Like bro no2 said, really hope u dont have to post out... u're very much needed here...

@no2, yah the angels always very hot. Today, direct numbr "ontootreefor" sold out like hot cakes alreadi.. SOmetimes I wonder, if number sold out so early on, usually not a good sign??

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