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21-03-2013 11:59 am

Hello Masters, Sifu & members,
not sure is this the right subject to ask. how do you choose which number to play? do you use 100% prediction or 100% math logic or 50-50?
i have been trying to find a good way and not lost money in a long run. currently i'm reading some lottery guru's math logic. it's required to buy a lot of number "box", the odds are 3 box hits to 80 numbers play per draw. the return is low base on past results and i have not buy any, all on paper only.
wondering if any player track the p&l of the games and how to make more out of it?
a lot of people just play for fun and luck but how do pro do it?
pls share your view or any strategy you think good.

Thank you.
(Master Sifu)
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21-03-2013 03:38 pm

Hello trytowin,
This is a very interesting question which I am sure a lot of members would like to know also.
Each and everyone of us has our own method of predicting numbers cause each of us perceive things differently.
I would like to share with you my method of predicting, it comprises of 4 main categories:
1. Datas/records..........30%
2. Analysing................30%
3. Intuition .................10%
4. Luck.......................30%
I have a very comprehensive system of tracking "podium" numbers of the 4 counters namely S.Pools,Magnum,Damacai and Toto since
April 2012 till now.
Why "podium" numbers?
The return is higher but more importantly record has proven that the chances of "podium" repeating are very high.
For example,take January 2013, of the 156 podium numbers drawn,136 were repeated numbers or representing a high 87%.
This is the most crucial stage which determines whether you win or lose.
By analysing the datas/records, one can see a pattern/trend of certain combinations. I have observed that certain combinations:
a....Appearing frequently on certain days Wed/Sat/Sun
b....Appearing only on odd/even months
c....Appearing in the begginning/middle/end of the month
d....Appearing after a certain "fixed" lapse
Here are examples of some 4D combinations:
All of us possess this power, but some are more sensitive and are gifted to use for certain purposes.
Knowing my own lucky days and lucky periods has an added advantage and helps me to have more confidence in making decisions on numbers.
How to attract luck:
Be kind in your words,actions and deeds.
Be helpful to the less fortunate and needy
Be charitable
Be happy and think positive
As I have mentioned before,playing 4D is like managing a small business. You must have your own plan and strategy.
This is how I "invest" my money:
90% of my bets are on combinations with 24 permutations
10% of my bets are on combination with 12 permutations
This is how I spread my bets:
90% of my bets are on IBet
10% of my bets are on Direct bets
So far this hass worked for me,not making much money but at least not burning a hole in the pocket.The important thing is ,I am still enjoying the challenge of beating the odds.
Keeping records and analysing are very time consuming,but time is what I have (as I am retired)
Goodluck and continue to enjoy the game as long as you can afford it.
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21-03-2013 04:48 pm

Thank you Best4 (Master Sifu),
You have shine some light to my path.
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22-03-2013 09:28 am

Hi trytowin,
Agree with Best4, you need to do your own analysis and build up the so called 4d instinct to see some good numbers pattern.

I have been tracking podium numbers consistently for every draws since many years back for most counters. Sometime you can see very good pattern, but it don't happen as you expected. This is luck, which you cannot control. However if you use some good advise from good sifu like Best4, use his predicted personal lucky numbers during your lucky period, your chance of winning will be very much higher.

Normally I like to play 3d repeat (ie. 3 similar numbers, whether ABC e.g. 123, or AAB e.g. 112) from last few draws. Play some direct numbers and always play ibet. This will help to recover some cost, and if hit direct, then you can reap some good monies.
I just won SG starter direct, using this method, together with Best4's lucky numbers. And since this is inside my luck period, play a bit more, and win $2.5k. Thanks sifu Best of the Best4 !
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22-03-2013 01:39 pm

Thank you D17,

I will go along this path. Now is the question of how to sharpen my "4d instinct".

I being doing some excel tracking, so many worksheet until i'm lost of what is important or what to look out for. I guest i have to rethink my strategy again.

Thank you.
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10-02-2015 01:15 am

Thanks ,Master Sifu for your write up, very interesting, the question that I want to ask is "How can I apply it to predict 6D and even 5D Numbers,
Best regards.
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