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Msg #1
30-10-2014 03:21 am

hi captain hope ,

here my UFO for this Saturday and Sunday (1,2/11/2014)

1458 - 2450

2370 - 2390 - 3450 - 3490 - 3590 - 4590
Msg #2
30-10-2014 08:08 am

@coolboy, tqvm for the numbers. guess everyone's still at the Oct 2014 section, they'll soon arrive here.

Hopefully sifu giugo 128 can bless us with blue-white and yellow houses stargate pandora this month soon.
Msg #3
30-10-2014 07:44 pm

Hi All
Hope to see new Pandora ssoon
Msg #4
31-10-2014 04:36 am

Hi lighthse,
U ran very fast huh,
must inform our general n captian first
Msg #5
31-10-2014 04:55 am

Redirect all reports from 30 Oct

From Gen Luc

Msg #1007
30-10-2014 22:23:46


#246 is a medium-range size mothership. Eta could be within the next 3 draws.. Bullets head go to use are "3", "8" and "9".

Msg #1013
30-10-2014 22:58:44


Ref MSG#1007....bullet head "0" also a powerful one....take note.

Msg #1004
30-10-2014 22:12:32


from my own computation, #128's eta may only be in the middle of next week from the 5th onward.....however if you have a strong gut feeling abt it u may give it a go. I sud say its a 20-80% matter....80% being dependent on Luck factor.

Bullets heads "0" and "5" NOT advisable as they had been very much over-used. May be losing its killing power by now. Take a look at its last few strike results, bro.

To all Yellow House Fighters

Motherships #871, #631 ́and #833 is hovering towards your region, kindly prepare to intercept.

May the force be with you !!


Following Motherships reaching our aerospace now...
Mothership #246
Mothership #321
Mothership #960

Fellow fighters, is time we give them a taste of SInga-Swings..

@Gen Luc

Radar picked up "Our Good Old Friend" for 2 seconds only. Guess is in invincible again.... Ready to take him down by yourself ?

Msg #6
31-10-2014 05:49 am

(Every draws there always some hits....)

Forming your System 4D numbers as follows:
a) Choose only ONE digit in each Column to form 4Ds.
b) 4Ds formed are system numbers.
Examples: if Choose Magnum Pandora (Malaysia)
Choose Column W: 5 Column X: 7 Column Y: 2 Column Z: 1 to form 5721
Choose Column W: 6 Column X: 2 Column Y: 8 Column Z: 7 to form 6287




Msg #7
31-10-2014 06:05 am

Hi Master Guigno128(Sifu)

Thanks for posting November 4d Pandora.

Thanks in advance,wishing Good Luck.
Msg #8
31-10-2014 06:22 am

Hi sifu128,

Wow yr Pandora sg so many double ones....

Tqvm for yr posting. "Shen ti jian kang"

Msg #9
31-10-2014 06:38 am

Yap... Pandora SG specially designed to Smash Motherships this month.....

Msg #10
31-10-2014 07:04 am

'69' will strike again on Malaysian counter this saturday.
Msg #11
31-10-2014 07:07 am

Capt hope,
007 here, I am going after the triple-snake-head 9 with my walther P99.

Tell moneypenny I will be back for candle light dinner, will you ?

Roger out !!
Msg #12
31-10-2014 07:10 am

Thank you deepblue ..

Roger 007..
Msg #13
31-10-2014 07:37 am

Report ...
Mothership #774 also approaching fast.
Msg #14
31-10-2014 08:12 am

Hi sifus,

Just confirming if mothership "6" still good to bombard this month?

THanks sifu giugno128, will smash them with stargate pandora!
Msg #15
31-10-2014 08:47 am

Still good...
Msg #16
31-10-2014 09:21 am

giugno128 (Sifu),

thank you very much
Msg #17
31-10-2014 10:28 am

Wahh...we have a new command center now....the old one was looking rather worn down already eh...

@ capt hope -

Yup our old pai-kai (one legged) friend had made a few blinks in my radar too, if you were to go by the date-of-the-month analysis....if its first appearance date of the mth was like last mth Oct's and in Feb's too, then we may see him hobbling in tmr.

But the main cluster of its 1st mthly appearances seem to be pointing towards next Wed as its ETA. But I will still be covering some of its series tho. Dun wan this old bugger to escape when he does lands in podium. However, I'll be scaling down all my firepower for the next draw....wont be using any heavy artillery for the next battle coz first week of a new mth is tricky to score. Next week just one or two draws before the end of the 10th, the weekly cycle will be much more clearer. Thats when heavier ammos will be utilized again.

This coming battle is just to stay engaged with the enemies and have some shooting practices only.

If the old bugger does appear tmr, bullets heads "2", "4", "7" & "9" would be sufficient enough to bring him down. "9" is the most powerful one , followed by "7".

Just saw in the last Oct forum, someone was mentioning bullet head "7" for our old friend.....geezzz....hope that openly-announced 4d number doesnt jinx it in any way.

Msg #18
31-10-2014 10:49 am


Bro, triple-snake-head 9 is GOOD for this month. Will def see that serpent raising its head in Nov for sure. It may slithers in only around mid mth though....earliest would be during the next weekend.

Can try a few shots at it this weekend if you like, just in case it decides to show up before schedule.

Powerful bullets heads to use for stopping it in its track will be "3", "5" and "6".

"6" the most powerful of all, followed by "3".

Miss Moneypenny would surely loves you to death if you can slaughter this beast. Will be more than just a candle light dinner that you can look forward to, mate. ;P

Fyi, if you are interested in hunting the triple-heads, there's another one with the figure "4"s on its head thats even more "anxious" to appear in this month, more so than the triple-snake-head 9, if I may say so.

No way this one wont show up in Nov and probably would not just be one time only.

Bullets heads good to use for the kill will be "1", "7" & "8".

If you enjoy blowing up snake's head to bits and pieces, bullet "8" will surely gives you a kick. Its loaded with dynamites just for this triple-snake-head 4 serpent. You will def looks like the great game hunter to Miss MoneyPenny with a kill like that. :)

Good luck hunting....Ssssssss....
Msg #19
31-10-2014 10:57 am

@ capt hope

Your target of Mothership #960 looks good......you go for it, captain ! It makes a very good target for shooting practices. As I am scaling down my operations for tmr battle , I'll leave this one to you, mate. I have only the bullet head "4" for this only, as that bullet also is the same one waiting for our pai kai friend. Take note though, for the next draw, this bullet is the MOST powderful one for the old fella.
Msg #20
31-10-2014 11:04 am

Someone was asking abt the nmb fourfourzerosix n threesixsixeigh......yup they are still in range, esp.the threesixisxieight.

Fourfourzerosix is also good for the next draw, as we will most probably be seeing 44xx tmr, and also 1DTP for podium will be a "0" too. Go for it.
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