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Msg #1
01-03-2012 01:55 pm

Hi guys, hehe this time let me start the hot topics for every month. Good to see many SIFUs and friends share their knowledge.
SAT 3/3/12
Ibet (ibox, ibet, mbox)
7789, 8789, 8678, 7678

Msg #2
01-03-2012 09:48 pm

its friday tmr! lets get ourselves the best prediction of all time!
Msg #3
01-03-2012 10:16 pm

Tq for the prediction andrewcmf....the no. for all counter right?
Msg #4
01-03-2012 10:20 pm

try to tighten the range, cause there's 4 numbers X 3 counter . hence we should be buying 12 numbers?
Msg #5
02-03-2012 12:23 am

Bro try choose the number u like or related to u And choose the counter u want to bet. Anyway its just my predictions don't over bet. Thanks.
Msg #6
02-03-2012 01:14 am

kenny, how's your prediction so far? ok ?
Msg #7
02-03-2012 09:08 am

1269 0128 0028 0127 0288 0258 0268 0228 2689 0248

Msg #8
03-03-2012 02:42 pm

hello all,

this is my prediction for sportstoto 3/3/2012

249x 496x 962x 624x
021x 214x 140x 402x

Replace X with your lucky number. Play responsibly and good luck!
Msg #9
03-03-2012 08:42 pm

hehehe, hit the 1st prize :D

time for thai massage now theetheetheee...
Msg #10
03-03-2012 09:22 pm

yes AH SIFU. Congrate sifu. i also just a miss sifu. i took direct this number 2493 but came 3492 1st prize. tq sifu for predict number because of u we can get some money from 4d. tq sifu
Msg #11
03-03-2012 11:33 pm

hi player..thanks for the advice..i did bought ur number yesterday but din hit..any number for tmr? which operator?
Msg #12
04-03-2012 07:15 am

hi all sifu, have any number for today? thank you.
Msg #13
04-03-2012 09:04 am

Ytd My prediction on 7789 hit on toto consolation 7978.
Congratulations to who won since I won some.
today I hope we can win more huat Ah!
Msg #14
04-03-2012 09:09 am

andrew i bought it on magnum!! should have bought toto...any good number for today?
Msg #15
04-03-2012 09:10 am

which operator?thanks
Msg #16
04-03-2012 11:17 am

hey guys,

Congrats to andrewcmf for your winning.

vincentmdap: playing box is safe because your chances to hit straight is pretty slim, but if you got money to burn just play 'bao/pau' hehehe

by the way, this is my 4d prediction for sportstoto 4/3/2012

279x 796x 962x 627x

Play responsibly and good luck!
Msg #17
04-03-2012 01:16 pm

hi sifu,what number should i replace with "x"..hope can win on today..
(Master Sifu)
Msg #18
04-03-2012 01:44 pm

Hi Everybody,
Just want to update all members. According to Astrology, the ruling number for March is figure"4". To put it more simple, it means that the probability of "4" being drawn is extremely high.
If you buy any 4D numbers, and if the number "4" is inside, then your chances will be enhanced. If the total of your 4D combination, when reduced to a single digit is "4" then the sriking chance will be higher. For example take this combination 4468.
When added 4+4+6+8 = 22. Single digit for 22 is 2+2 = 4.
Take yesterday's results (The first day of March draw)
MAGNUM 1st prize 4857
DAMACAI 1st prize 3492
TOTO 1st prize 2984 2nd prize 1434
S'PORE POOLS 2nd prize 8641
Goodluck to all.
Msg #19
04-03-2012 05:35 pm

hi !!! my prediction on tdy sportstoto 2742,7668,2088 magnum 3512,3397 damacai 3102,1142,1226

Play responsibly and good luck!
Msg #20
04-03-2012 05:37 pm

don't 4get ibox or box
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