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Msg #41
07-03-2012 05:54 pm

today most likely stike 9112....
Msg #42
07-03-2012 08:09 pm

Congratulations to who won 5579 magnum special, 6786 toto consolation today based on my prediction. I won some hehe huat Ah!
Msg #43
07-03-2012 08:13 pm

And 1 more 0579 toto special, congratulations to whom which lucky number is 0, since I predicted 579x. X= lucky number
Msg #44
07-03-2012 08:22 pm

Pautrahmalar congratulations on hitting 1364 and 1359 on kuda both consolation.
Msg #45
07-03-2012 08:47 pm

i just realize its so hard to win!
Msg #46
07-03-2012 09:55 pm

Im so happy now..
From sadman to luckyman like master sifu says before..
Guys i win today strike first prize at magnum 6466..
So happy now..thanks for all chatter in this forum..
Now my life so happy..i fell can't sleep this night because i want to collect my money tomorrow..
Its so amazing today..hehe
(Master Sifu)
Msg #47
07-03-2012 10:20 pm

Hello Luckyman,
Congrats on your striking 1st prize.
You see now the world has one Sadman less.Now with money,you can always be happy and remain lucky.
One word of advice,dont simply punt your money away.
Do you need bodyguard to escort you to claim your prize? hehehe
Msg #48
07-03-2012 10:47 pm

Best4 sifu..
Thanks for your advise..
I win 1st prize because your advise to change my nick name sadman to luckyman..
Hope my life is getting better from..
I wish all can change their life like me..
One more thing,my prediction on this saturday at magnum and toto is 146x..
Good luck everyone..
Msg #49
08-03-2012 02:56 am

hi master any prediction for me?by the way im getting marry this 31/3 :) it help a lot for my wedding
(Master Sifu)
Msg #50
08-03-2012 08:14 am

Hello newbie,
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.
We believe that newly weds are lucky cause wedding is an auspicious and joyous occasion.Where there is joy and happiness,it will attract goodluck.
You can try buying your wedding certificate number and 3133 and 3138.
Msg #51
08-03-2012 11:22 am

Hi Evy 4D Sifu, I am new here. Please teach many many..

All the best
(Master Sifu)
Msg #52
08-03-2012 12:13 pm

Hello leong8888,
Welcome to the forum.
Are you new to the game of 4D? Or you intend to start playing?
If you have not started,my advice to you is to stay away from this game.
4D is like drugs,once you get hooked,it is hard to stay away.Stay clean,work hard and enjoy life.
Do not be mislead by stories like Sadman(now Happyman)he happened to be one of the few lucky ones.
Life is full of happiness,it is us who bring unhappiness to ourselves by getting involved in gambling.
Take my advice and you will have no regrets.
Msg #53
08-03-2012 02:20 pm

Hi Sifu,
Thanks for your advice, how to say, but i playing 4d for a while, only hopeful to get extra, not a big player.

And also hopeful to get some "Sifu" tips.
Msg #54
08-03-2012 02:22 pm

Oh ya Sifu,

I prefer to play cash sweeps in sarawak, but no see any tips for this one.

(Master Sifu)
Msg #55
08-03-2012 03:27 pm

Hello leong8888
Ahhh! so you are already "hooked" So be smart, and dont bite deeper.What I am trying to say is,"you must control your betting,set yourself a limit for every draw" and stay out of trouble.
Let me know your birthdate,month and year. Will let you know your good stuff. But you must believe, and use it as a method to control your betting.
Msg #56
08-03-2012 03:48 pm

Hi master sifu.
I want to try the number 1238 this sat. Is it lucky number. ?I always buy this number only. I know my lucky number is 1 and 8. Thanks hear from u soon arigato!
(Master Sifu)
Msg #57
08-03-2012 06:09 pm

Hello Takashialex konbawa,
After striking 0138,did not hear from you anymore. Seriously speaking,are you Japanese?
Yes,1238 is a nice number.In Cantonese it is "yat yae san fatt" Translated directly to English,it stands for "day,night alive and prosper" You also can try 1468. But must box them.
Check on your lucky period.
Msg #58
08-03-2012 08:47 pm

Hi master sifu
Wow just now having dinner .in front of my car .car plate no is 1846.. I will try this sat with ibox. . I am mix with Japanese and Chinese .my mother is japanese my father is Chinese. Last two I won some number . Last sunday I won first. 3872. I'm 38 yo. Born 72. And my car plate no 9211 that is second prize. Not much just bought rm 1. But lucky right. . Thanks master sifu.hear from you soon good luck .
Msg #59
08-03-2012 08:48 pm

LUCKY9 : Hai am new to this wesite and small time gambler.........
Msg #60
08-03-2012 08:51 pm

Hi, Master Sifu

Can pls help to guide as this year so far no luck.........
Hope to hear from you soon ..............
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