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Msg #101
10-03-2012 08:12 pm

Hello master sifu
Tonight I won Second prize at da ma cai and the number that u gave me. Thank a Lots. Share the luck and happiness to everyone. Thanks sifu.
Msg #102
10-03-2012 08:13 pm

wow win 3572 toto 5372 yes and toto 2332 >2323 yes
Msg #103
10-03-2012 08:15 pm

11.03.12 toto 3380,1085,2386
magnum 3047,2008
damacai 4272 4333.1082

good luck everyone!!!!!hah hehehehe
(Master Sifu)
Msg #104
10-03-2012 09:00 pm

Hello Takashialex konbawa,
Congrats again for scoring a double (2nd and special prize)
I think I must change my name to Besto Yon (Best4 in Japanese right?) hahaha
Keep up the lucky s---t---r---e---a---k.
Goodluck again.
Msg #105
10-03-2012 09:57 pm

Sifu Best 4, any good prediction for tomorrow? 1890,9038, and 8255 (mbox) will be my choice tomorrow.
Msg #106
10-03-2012 10:15 pm

Hello master sifu.
Yes sifu. U can call besto yon . Good name. Will bring luck to u always. Sifu tmr I still continue to buy that number ? ..I got feel tmr will come up with top 3..hehe 0189 is nice number.
Msg #107
10-03-2012 10:43 pm

Hi sifu best4, i'm indeed busy at work but i do check this forum almost everyday. hehe.. just browsing thru the posting for something interesting. sometimes the posting the also funny. :-) .

On the my 'deposit' to magnum, the "pin number" i enter at Magnum ATM today slightly missed, so cannot withdraw the money yet. hehee. nevermid, let the "interest" grow big

Anyway, today magnum 2nd prize is 3531 but i bought 3314 and 3305... next time then...
(Master Sifu)
Msg #108
10-03-2012 10:58 pm

Hi Takashialex sama,
Follow your "lucky streak" instinct and go ahead to play that number.
Msg #109
11-03-2012 01:12 am

Yes today strike 3rd price toto 6789.
Msg #110
11-03-2012 08:25 am

sifu i'm been playing this 4d almost 9yrs but never won any prize...sad me
(Master Sifu)
Msg #111
11-03-2012 08:37 am

Hello andrewcmf,
Congrats on your 3rd prize windfall.
I told you that your lucky period started yesterday,and that the podium prizes will be "waiting"for you.
1st and 2nd prizes still up for grabs,go for it young man.
No news from Lucky and Jason, presume they did not strike the 1st prize at Magnum "6397"
(Master Sifu)
Msg #112
11-03-2012 08:50 am

Hello newbie,
Try this,give yourself a break (stop for the time being)and start again after your wedding which is just round the corner.
Dont get desperate and sad,cause it will make things worst.
Goodluck and cheer up:-D
Msg #113
11-03-2012 09:28 am

hi all..i'am new here..teach me how to get luck number
Msg #114
11-03-2012 11:30 am

nice andrewcmf
wish u good luck!!!!!
Msg #115
11-03-2012 12:27 pm

Hi all

congrats andrewcmf and pautrahmalar

today my prediction for sportstoto 11/3/2012

091x 914x 140x 409x

good luck!
Msg #116
11-03-2012 01:43 pm

Dear Master Sifu Best4,
Sorry yesterday I'm very busy and not enough time to buy numbers.but today I'll hope that u can give me numbers for today draw.

Msg #117
11-03-2012 02:40 pm

Hi master sifu
Today I bought 1238 1123 1468 0189 I got feeling the numbers Will come out tonight .. Especially the 1468 and 0189 will come up top 3 . But as u said before. Mibox will be safe. Good luck everyone. And wish everyone can win a big $ tonight.
Msg #118
11-03-2012 03:18 pm

thank (Sifu)
Msg #119
11-03-2012 03:23 pm

Today buying 2569 and 0679 ibet on Magnum, these 2 sets with total sum ending single digit 4, which is the lucky number for March.

Hope can continue the lucky spree of winning top prizes tonite.

Huat & Cheers !
Msg #120
11-03-2012 05:36 pm

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