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My Incomplete 4D Prediction

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01-10-2016 11:07 am

Hi guyz... long time no update this topic..

Here something to share.. My method of making decisions selecting 4D.. First of all i start with 1D..

1D can be obtain from various method.. stick with method that give u consistent result. I use SifuG teaching that is missing pod nos.. you must find the behavior of this missing 1D and make it as guidelines.. like mine

4-5 draw missing digit - die die will out

3 draw missing digit - sure out

2 draw missing digit - it will out

1 draw missing digit - better watch out this nos

Hope my guideline can benefits others.. It is better if u can find ur own guidelines.. 


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18-02-2017 07:12 am

Hi Brother Asusah

Mind sharing ur excel with me. Thanks,new in learning. Thanks


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05-03-2017 06:35 pm

hello Asusah

i do research, and got same with your tips. im using programming n computer control system to get 4 number and rearraged it to be ABCD position. straight 123. if you wanna some tips email me better come see me a lot explanation


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11-04-2017 02:59 pm

Hi guyz..

I've sent my spread to those who left ur email here. Waiting feedback from u guyz..


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02-01-2020 02:42 am

Hi everyone,

I come back again to this post of mine to left a footprint in the 2020. Happy new year everyone. Makes me smile again when thinking about this. The journey i've been through during the year of 4D'ing. Starting from 2013 my 1st step for 4D prediction and learning Excel formula from the GOOGLE teacher for 3 years. The fruit of my own hardwork of study "the incomplete my 4d prediction" is born. Around mid of 2016, in the midst of yearning to improve my method i stumble into Cupin.net which hold a lot of tressure of prediction method and greatest, honest and dedicated sifus. I read all post in this forum twice then begin to dechiper and analyze all the info to improve my prediction method. A lot of sifus here like SifuG, moosang, SifuBest, Dragon, SifuDeng whose are very dedicated persons teaching and guiding people to learn to be a professional punter. I thank you all for meeting you even if just your footprint in this forum, i really glad. The knowledge learnt is precious and thier wisdom is vast. Last i dont remember his name, the one who give the quote "The Law of Average" really left a deep impression in me in my journey of punting. Then, SifuG come around to guide me and other fellow friends also combining and sharing all thought together in search of breakthru in prediction. I see a lot of friends here becoming more and more sharp and keen in producing numbers by thier own style and method. All are because the sifus footprint in this forum. I thank you all the sifus here. 2017 coming, my prediction sure are getting better and more accurate, but is the consistency that will pay us in punting. On mid 2017, i got my 1st podium using all the teaching and guideline from here which have been interpreted into 4DLogy method by me. Juz 1 year after i stumble to Cupin.net. Its much faster achievement during my starting of punting from 2013. 2018 come due to my nature of work, prediction becoming hard for me, due to the time constraint and my focus of commitment to be divert from prediction. I stop doing prediction and out from SifuG small groups prediction and never heard news from all the brothers. Now 2020, Cupin.net become ghost forum, no one insterested to discuss and finding breakthru in 4D prediction. I search and read again my post and other post in 2020. Make me smile and remember all the step i took before. Thank you fellow Sifu's and brothers. A footprint from me in the year of 2020. Happy New Year and god bless us all. 

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