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01-09-2013 05:56 am

All the members here...how about september???
Comon...we started with today 1/9/13.
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01-09-2013 07:36 am

A very good morning to Best4 Master Sifu...
i wanna get some opinion from sifu about 4102.
Thank you.
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01-09-2013 03:13 pm

dear try4luck, thank you for starting this new month
forum. Some member just continued from end August.

Best4(master sifu), not in the forum since 31/8/13
many are starting to miss him including me. Aiyah, all
can go away for a short/long/very long leave except
Master sifu.
Master Sifu, take times off as u need them but don't quit
on us. Wishing you healthy, happy & wealthy . Last but not
least have a big heart to put up with all of our OKs & not
so OKs requests/enquiries.

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01-09-2013 04:42 pm

Hi Lucky93, any luck after your trip from KL . As i have mentioned earlier that Cupin's number will pop up and it did for DMC 6398 3rd placing.I did buy that number but on Mag. It looks like every one are still in a holiday mood.Here are some numbers 5629, 5713,6973,9109, n lastly 4482. Good luck.
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01-09-2013 08:59 pm

Wonder how is sifu. Hope he is doing fine. No news from himi since yesterday.......

Hey guys guess what. Most of the number I bought for 31.8 n 1.9..
Most of it my numbers was in the draw!!! Unfortunately I dun pao the numbers bcz of budget. If not I'll be winning so much.
I missed 1st 2nd 3rd prizes in all 3 counters respectively. .n a few special n consolation prizes. Maybe no enough of prayers I did. Lol. Haha. Its ok. I know I will win some day. Almost there! Im always shocked. Cz of the numbers all will appear.

Hope Sifu and all will guide me....
N of coz God pls help me trough..not being greedy but in need of it.
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01-09-2013 10:15 pm

Dear SIM,

Your message caught my attention though am new here but it doesnt hurt to share experiences. Just follow ur heart and ur instinct on d numbers that you buy thats what I did.. I would buy numbers following my instinct.. Everyone wants to win thats for sure but when you buy numbers dont think of winning for a sec Luck normally comes when you least expect it. I was like you before buying numbers hoping that I would win but I didnt until one fine day I stopped hoping that I would n I did.. Ever since then I get to win on most of the draws for the past few months be it the top 3, special or consolation prizes..

So in other words dont drain out all ur energy into winning as it will make you very upset and ur energy are all drained out..

I wish you and all the other members all the best.. The good things will come to you if its fated,, cheeerrriiioooo... :-)

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02-09-2013 01:34 am

Hi, pom how sure r u in picking up the number to be in
the next 4d draw? I used to thinki its any body's guess.
Until I read this forum that some member can hv it on
the dot, but some are quite a far cry. It take it that
these people just hv the mind for numbers.
Thank you for your numbers, I too wonder, is it not ever
possible to just work on 5 numbers & to make a win?

By the way, if Best4(master sifu) is in your neighbourhood
pls pop in & see how he is doing? May be got to ask this
Cupin man.
(Master Sifu)
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02-09-2013 11:42 am

Hello Members,
Sorry to put you people in suspense.....was very busy the whole of yesterday as I have visitors in town..they left this morning.
Well i will be going away this Saturday for a week to Perth, to attend my daughter's graduation ceremony..7th September till 16th September..
Not to worry, I will post some predictions for members to try their luck before I leave on Saturday..
(Master Sifu)
Msg #9
02-09-2013 12:11 pm

Hello knagu,
You wrote in a few days ago and asked for your wife's lucky reading....one of her lucky number was drawn "direct" at Toto yesterday ..Sunday 1/9/13...Number drawn was 8812 2ndPrize..
Hope you bought the number..
Msg #10
02-09-2013 01:57 pm

Dear Sim & Zaras 68,
Maybe you can share your lucky pick with us and also0 what are the counters you buy?
Msg #11
02-09-2013 02:22 pm

I was so stressed up with the current water situation that I forgot about toto instead Im played in magnum. what a waste anyway tq Master. Hope This comming special draw I will try the no you gave me for my son. His birthday is coming very soon hopefully I can get him something special.

Msg #12
02-09-2013 03:06 pm

Dear peter,

I normally buy numbers out d blues if my instinct says that the numbers would come out whenever I see d numbers it would be it the top3, special or consolation prizes..

Just follow d numbers that Master Sifu gave n most of his numbers do come out sooner or later.. For instance d number 0496 dat was given by him on d 28/8/13 didn't come out on that day but it did came out 0964, 2d prize on Toto on d 31/8/13.

My favourite counter is Toto but last Sat 31/8/13, I hit d 3rd prize on Damacai with my number 3689 (came out 6398), 3rd on Magnum of d number 4123 n Master Sifu's number 0496 2nd prize on Toto ( came out 0964) along with his number predictions 3569 n 3951 ( came out 3956 n 9513) apart from magnum numbers.

So in other words, play Master Sifu's numbers as it will bound to come out as I too am learning from him (right Master..???)..

Ask Master Sifu as he is d Master of 4d game peter.. Follow ur lucky periods n always have faith that if the winnings are fated then it totally urs but if its not then its not peter..

All d best and have faith in urself.. Once u have that all d good things will come to u,, cherrriiioooo...
Msg #13
02-09-2013 03:07 pm

Hello, Best4(master sifu), its a blessing just to read your
replies to the members, in fact, its just great that u are
back !
Even greater is that you daughter has graduated, my
sons all don't want to further study after SPM, even
when the
result is seven straight 'A's. I had so much pain then...
but life has to go on....
Master sifu, god is blessing you always for your hard
work/effort to all, family, friends & many...
Congratulation master sifu.
Msg #14
02-09-2013 04:24 pm

Hi pom, good day to you .How come Cupin's predicted
6398 is for DMC and u bet magnum, is it because u think
it has greater chance in magnum? or like zaras68's gut
feel ?
Why u say 'ervery one ' is still in holiday mood, I don't
feel JB has much of a holiday, kind of quite.
The numbers u gave, is it magnum or DMC or ...
Msg #15
02-09-2013 05:15 pm

Hi Lucky93, As to your questions 1) Wish Best4 (master sifu) is near my area.He was when he bought the Lucky Cat. 2) I don't guess my method is orthodox, with Cupin system, i generate the input number/s. Also counter checking from previous draws. 3) I usually concentrate only on one. As i do check for similar digits from the break down method i have done.
It's along and tedious method but worth the effort.For infor i have never struck 3 1st podium before but did so last month although it's not my lucky period, all back to back, followed by 2 3rd placing n 1 2nd all these three are LP tickets.
Missed the 4th 1st on 27/8 bought it one race earlier.
Msg #16
02-09-2013 05:17 pm

hello everyone...
how about this number best4 master sifu 5416
can anyone teach me how to use cupin number application...
lucky 93 and sim please teach me your technique in predicting number...because you all talk about this in august forum but don't understand well...cupin application is by using 1st 2nd 3rd prize for certain counter and buy at that counter or buy at all...please teach me...thanks in advance for all your knowledge and may god bless you...cheers
Msg #17
02-09-2013 05:23 pm

system7 sim and lucky 93 please teach me your cool skill in numbers...yesterday system7 number 4496 came at dmc as 4494...cool
Msg #18
02-09-2013 05:27 pm

Hl Best4 (Master Sifu) before you leave for Australia i will post some numbers for your comment.
Hi Lucky93 you are very fortunate to have 3 great sons ,they didn;t want to further their studies as i am sure they don't want to burden you financially.
For this comming draw, 8517, 7167,8617, 0841,2607,7963, Master Sifu which is/are the better choice. Tq.
Msg #19
02-09-2013 05:36 pm

congratulation best4 master sifu on your daughter graduation
Msg #20
02-09-2013 06:26 pm

Toto 7435- 7735 7576-7976 1224-1024 7130-7138 8125-1258,8512
damacai 6398,-6396 1825-8512,1258 1187-1837 9513-9512 3956-3965 2567-5672,5762
magnum 6358-1358 6506-5106 0969-6396 9354-9374

This is the numbers drawn and what I bought on 31.8.2013.
Try to go through most numbers r from cupin,n sifu lucky number based on my dob. . I missed sooo many of it. Haha. My luck.
Thanks zaras68. Yes me too normally buy when I have the feeling..
Or it bothers me to buy.
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