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25-07-2012 09:04 am

Hi Admin,
Can you setup for all threads, with the last page first, instead of current setting.

This will helps to go to the last page for the latest contribution by members of this forum.

Hope this feedback helps.

Msg #2
29-07-2012 01:18 pm

Hi Admin,

I agree with D17A,for contributions and for the monthly predictions please maintain only 1 permanent prediction thread on the front page each month not like this month we got two July Prediction and 4D PREDICTIONS FOR JULY 2012. MAGNUM, TOTO. PODIUM.

Msg #3
03-08-2012 09:56 am

No reply from Admin. after 1 week ?
Msg #4
24-03-2015 08:19 am

hi sifu ,can u please share to me the pandora for march plss
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