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(a geek)
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07-04-2011 09:57 pm

Damacai march 2010 and 2011 result
damacai march 2010 2011

I have combine march 2010 and 2011 result. From the data, we can see that one and more number from last year has drawn in this year. The example is 549, 431, 132, 585, 558, 257, 725, 032. This is one of the method that I use to predict the next drawn number based on my storyboard.
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16-04-2011 12:39 am

helo cupin

ermm cupin past will tell the future....but seing ur board....its wayyyy to past.but my question is.....is it related month to month? example u took mac 2010 n compare it with also mac 2011.
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